Top 10 Wedding Color Combinations Using Electric Blue

Electric blue is a great color for weddings! Its vibrant color profile provides electrifying energy to any ceremony and reception, but because it’s technically part of the blue family, it’s also a cool color that simultaneously brings feelings of calmness and relaxation. It’s the best color for brides and grooms who want their guests to feel comfortable and ready to party!
But electric blue is also one of the most challenging colors when it comes to creating a color palette. Your color scheme can quickly go from classy and fun to cheesy and gaudy if you aren’t careful.
Whether you want to keep things light and bright or you’ve got a darker, more mellow affair in mind, we’ve got you covered.
Here are 10 of our favorite electric blue wedding colors.

White Hydrangeas in Electric Blue Vases on a Zigzag Tablecloth: Modern Wedding, White Cake Decorated With a Ruffled Blue Flower: The Budget Savvy Bride, White Color Palette: Pantone Connect

If you want to keep things classic, but you love the idea of a pop of color, try a combination of electric blue and white at your wedding.
Finding unexpected ways to use these colors will make this color palette more interesting. For example, use bright blue flower vases or fill clear bud vases with blue water before filling them with white flowers. Patterns are a big trend in 2024 and look especially striking with two vividly different hues, like white and electric blue.

Celestial Themed Reception Table With Blue Goblets and Crystals: Green Wedding Shoes, Blue Constellation Plate With Cake Server and Moon-Shaped Place Cards: The Knot, Celestial Blues Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Celestial Blues
Celestial themes are popular with brides and grooms, and there’s no better color to add to your moon and star-themed celebration than electric blue.
This all-blue wedding is about choosing a range of shades that complement celestial-themed décor. Incorporate greyish-blue geode table number holders, dark navy flora charger plates, and blue frosted glass goblets. You can go as obvious or as understated with this color palette as you want, incorporating a lot or a little electric blue, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

Bridesmaids Wearing Bright Blue Dresses With the Bride Holding Fuchsia Bouquets: The Knot, Purple and Fuchsia Floral Centerpiece on a Blue Velvet Tablecloth: Elizabeth Anne Designs, Fuchsia and Purple Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Fuchsia and Purple
It’s a Barbie world, with many brides and grooms choosing bright shades of pink for their wedding. If you love the idea of using a bold color like fuchsia, pairing it with electric blue wedding colors and shades of purple will give your color palette a more dynamic look.
Vibrant orchids are right at home in this color palette, as are other tropical flowers like anthurium and ginger lily. Add texture to your wedding with vibrant blue velvet table runners, textured blue taper candles, and incorporate fluffy details, like feathers or bunny tails in your centerpieces.

Ceremony Space Decorated With Marrigold Chains Near the Beach: Bride Story, White, Pink, and Orange Flowers in Electric Blue Vases: Intimate Weddings, Pink and Orange Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Pink and Orange
If you’re searching for a cheerful color palette, look no further than the blue wedding color combination of electric blue, pink, and orange!

This bright color palette can just as easily be dressed down for a farmyard affair or dressed up at a seaside resort. Think mismatched blue bottles full of handpicked wildflowers at a barnyard reception or blue glassware and hanging marigold chains at a beach wedding. This color palette is also a great choice for those who want a wedding with a little Indian flair, as it’s a popular color palette with many Indian brides and grooms.

Iridescent Tablescape With Hanging Holographic Cellophane Centerpiece: Wonder in Every Day, Color Change Fork and Spoon on a Glittery Tablecloth: Southbound Bride, Opal Rainbow Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Opal Rainbow
These electric blue wedding colors are all about mimicking the look of an opal in your color scheme. One of the easiest ways to do that is to incorporate iridescent items into your décor.
Set tables with iridescent charger plates, create stunning displays with holographic cellophane, or have fun with color-change silverware. It’s the perfect color palette for brides who want to embody their inner mermaid or couples that want to add a little shimmer and shine to their big day.

Blue Wedding Shoes on a Mossy Green Chair: Intimate Weddings, Reception Tables Covered in Tropical Green Foliage With an Electric Blue Background: Eddie Zaratsian, Forest Green Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Forest Green
If your heart belongs to the forest, go green with your blue wedding colors. This palette is perfect for outdoor forest weddings, whether you’re in a jungle in South America or you’re up in the mountains in Montana.
This color palette is perfect for all-green bouquets and centerpieces. Choose greenery that’s native to where you’re getting married, whether that’s monstera leaves for a tropical celebration or boughs of evergreen at a winter wedding. Incorporate pops of electric blue through the use of ribbons, table napkins, and hanging fabric.

Gothic-Inspired Floral Arrangement With Hydrangeas, Poppies, and Amaranth: Caitlin Gerres Photography, Blue Wedding Cake on Burgundy Velvet Dripping in Black Icing: Ruffled Blog, Gothic Black, Purple, and Burgundy Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Gothic Black, Purple, and Burgundy
Electric blue is a bright, vibrant color, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a deep, dark, and moody blue wedding color scheme. Go gothic by combining bright blue with shades of black, purple, and burgundy.
Your gothic wedding can include macabre details, like skulls and antlers, but it doesn’t have to. Understated gothic weddings that feature black taper candle holders with dark colored candles dripping with wax, moody florals like cascading amaranth, and wine glasses full of deep Bordeaux wine can give your wedding a dark, romantic vibe without being too goth.

Personalized Lemon Pops on a Table Decorated With Blue Patterned Porcelain: Bella Bridesmaids, Small Chapel With Blue and Yellow Stained Glass Windows: Medium, Light Yellow and Shades of Crème Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Light Yellow and Shades of Crème
Yellow and blue can be a tricky combination to pull off, but when done right, it can be a refreshing way to celebrate a spring or a summer wedding.
The best way to combine blue and yellow wedding colors is to amp up the blue to its brightest, most electric shade while downplaying the brightness of the yellow details you incorporate. Crème rounds out this palette nicely. Try incorporating blue and off-white porcelain patterns, lemon slices, wooden details, like birch disks, and patisserie-inspired pastries, like cream puffs.

Thistle and Eucalyptus Flower Arrangement on a Copper Pedestal: Glamour and Grace, Reception Place Settings With Copper Charger Plates and Blue and Seafoam Details: Wedding Wire, Seafoam and Copper Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Seafoam and Copper
Wedding colors with electric blue and seafoam have traditionally been associated with beach-side weddings, but we think this color combination can be adapted to almost any celebration, regardless of its location, when you also include copper details.
Avoid the use of sea glass, unless you're next to the sea. Instead, incorporate seafoam-y greens through the use of unique hobnail glasses and chiffon table runners. The use of copper, whether by using hammered copper charger plates, copper candlestick holders, or copper chairs at your wedding ceremony will bring this color palette down to earth, giving it a more masculine feel.

Lavender Flowers in a Bright Blue Vase: 100 Layer Cake, Two Grooms Exchanging Vows at a Triangular Altar Covered in Blue and Purple Flowers: Equally Wed, Lavender and Mint Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Lavender and Mint
If you’re searching for a blue wedding color palette that’s perfect for spring, look no further than electric blue, lavender, and mint!
Take this color palette literally by including actual sprigs of lavender in your décor and serve refreshing mint cocktails at your reception. Electric blue makes this color palette extremely modern, especially if you’re brave enough to wear a striking blue suit or blue statement earrings. This color palette is perfect for incorporating succulents into your floral arrangements, as well as adding a scented aspect to your wedding through the use of lavender candles and spearmint essential oils.
Electrify your guests with the use of electric blue in your wedding color palette! Check out all of the wedding décor items we have in shades of blue that will complement your wedding perfectly.

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