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Top 10 2024 Wedding Decor Trends

Wedding fashion goes in and out of style, and so does décor. What was cool and trendy just a few years ago is eventually replaced by new color palettes, new centerpieces, and new textures.
You should choose decorations that you love for your wedding, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the latest trends too. You just may discover something new that you want to incorporate into your big day!
Without further ado, here are the top 10 wedding décor trends for 2024.

All Yellow and White Floral Garland With Leaves and Dahlias: Inspired By This

Bold Colors
Brides and grooms have been getting braver and braver when it comes to color. Traditional color palettes, like navy and burgundy, pastels, and timeless favorites, like sage, are giving way to color palettes with cheerful yellow, avocado green, and Barbie pink.
In 2024, brides and grooms will especially love choosing monochromatic colors. So, a Barbiecore wedding might include shades of bubblegum and fuchsia, while a blue wedding may feature shades of dusty blue alongside electric blue and cornflower blue. You may also choose a single bright shade, like yellow, to stand out among a more neutral palette of tan, cream, and white.

Reception Table With a Patterned Tablecloth, Napkin, and Plate: The Bold Americana

Patterns in Your Palette
Brides and grooms have traditionally focused on choosing the perfect wedding colors. One of our favorite 2024 wedding décor ideas involves getting more creative with patterns.
This trend encourages couples to incorporate patterns into their wedding day décor. You might use patterned tablecloths, napkins, or even charger plates with a bold pattern. If you really want to have fun and be funky, try incorporating patterns into your attire. Go bold with a patterned gown for the bride or keep things simple with patterned ties and socks for the groomsmen.

Two Brides Standing in Front of 70’s-Style Ceremony Décor: Green Wedding Shoes

Retro Styling
One of our favorite 2023 wedding themes was decade-inspired décor. We still love this idea for weddings in 2024. Just don’t feel like you have to theme your entire wedding after a particular decade.
Instead, incorporate your favorite retro details. Disco balls are especially popular with brides, grooms, and guests alike. You might play around with a retro color palette, like a combination of orange, yellow, and green, or you might incorporate old records into the décor among more modern details, like concrete vases.

Rectangular Reception Tables Angled Together in a Curved Shape: Martha Stewart

Unique Configurations
Wedding aisles no longer have to be straight and reception tables no longer have to be rectangular. In 2024, brides and grooms are set to play around with unique configurations.
You could create a winding aisle with twists and turns or conduct your ceremony in the round. Unique seating is especially popular, with poufs being arranged in groups at wedding ceremonies and mismatched chairs being used at receptions. Reception tables can be set side by side and curved for an organic look, or you might create a unique shape by angling rectangular tables side-by-side.

Reception Table Setting Featuring a Pearl-Dotted Tablecloth: Hey Wedding Lady

Vintage Touches
One of our favorite 2024 wedding décor ideas involves vintage touches. We especially love this idea because it’s a great way to incorporate meaningful, personalized details into your wedding.
From pearl-studded tablecloths to pearl-dotted wedding cakes, the pearlcore trend is alive and well in 2024.
You can decorate with vintage images of family members, finally put your grandmother’s old China to good use, and create a self-serve beverage station with vintage carafes. If there’s a vintage detail that is important to you, your partner, or your families, it’s a welcome addition to your 2024 wedding.

Mini Bridal Bouquet Featuring Three White Peonies: Martha Stewart

Go Mini
Covid showed many couples that big weddings aren’t necessarily better. Although wedding guest counts are back up, oversized decorations aren’t.
Mini details are thriving at weddings, but these mini details pack a punch. Wedding decorations with flowers include small posies for the bridesmaids and single blooms in bud vases on reception tables. You can serve special treats in dainty champagne glasses and serve mini cakes in lieu of cake slices at your reception.

Wedding Cake Featuring Textured Lines and White Flowers: De La Rosa Cakes

Layered Textures
2024 Wedding décor trends are all about going beyond your basic color palette and looking for unique ways to set your wedding apart. We already mentioned patterns, but textures are going to be big too.
It's all about engaging your guests’ senses, which means giving them reasons to want to reach out and touch your décor. Layer velvet table runners over tulle tablecloths, use hammered charger plates at each table setting, and add embossed details to menus, place cards, and invitations. Textured wedding cakes are especially lovely.

Wedding Invitation Suite Featuring Understated Moon and Star Details: The Knot

Celestial Hints
If you’re looking for more specific ideas for wedding decorations, try incorporating celestial details into your décor. The key is to incorporate hints of the heavens throughout your ceremony and reception without going overboard.
You might hang star lanterns above reception tables or incorporate moons and stars into your wedding invitations. Crystals and mystical details, like tarot cards, are also a great way to add a little celestial magic to your wedding décor without making your theme too obvious.

Industrial Wedding Reception Space is Oversized Windows and Brick Walls: Arastasia Photography

Let Your Venue Shine
More and more couples are choosing unique and unexpected wedding venues. Not only does this set the stage for an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, it also means you don’t have to do a lot of decorating.
You might hang a few chandeliers from the trees at an outdoor wedding or focus on a few impactful centerpieces, but leave the walls bare in an industrial space. Not only does this enable the beauty of the space to shine through, it also saves you money on decorations!

Boho Wedding Ceremony With Pampas Grass, Rugs, and Macramé: Brooke Nalani

Boho is Here to Stay
Boho details have been around for a few years, and they remain among the top 2024 wedding décor trends. Fluffy pampas grass, hanging lanterns, and layered rugs are here to stay.
If you’re looking for other boho details, try incorporating feathers, macramé, and wildflowers into your wedding. Don’t think you have to go all neutral either. Colorful boho weddings are just as beautiful as earth-toned celebrations!
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