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Top 10 Winter Wedding Hanging Flower Chandelier and Decoration Ideas

On the search for winter wedding hanging decorations ideas? Look no further than our hanging flower chandeliers and decorations!

The great thing about all of the ideas on this list is that flowers and greenery can easily be incorporated into each and every one. However, if you want to keep your winter wedding hanging decorations a little simpler, many of the ideas on this list can be modified without live blooms without losing their beauty, elegance, or impact.

Large Winter Floral Wreath: The Rose Shed

      1.  Floral Wreaths

When it comes to winter wedding hanging flower decorations, there are a million ideas out there. If you’re intimidated by the cost of a custom arrangement or don’t think you have the patience and creativity to create a stunning floral arrangement that floats in the air, start with a wreath.

Winter wedding hanging decorations that feature wreaths give you a quick and easy base to attach flowers. Not to mention, wreaths are most at home during the winter season. Keep things natural with a base made of branches, or opt for a round metal chandelier as a base.

Baby’s Breath Hanging Flower Balls: Confetti Daydreams

      2.  Flower Balls

Wreaths can make hanging flower arrangements a little easier to make at your wedding, but so can flower balls.

A wedding decoration made from a hanging flower ball can give you a quick and easy base to attach blooms. Floral foam is a great option, as it can be moistened to keep the blooms looking beautiful all night long. They are stunning winter wedding hanging decorations when multiple groups of balls are hung from the ceiling together, and especially if different sized balls are used.

Wreath Chandeliers Featuring Round Tea Light Holders: Fab Mood

      3.  Candles

Nothing is better than candles if you’re searching for winter hanging wedding table décor! Not only can they create the perfect ambiance at your reception, they are also extremely useful, as the sun goes down and it gets dark early in the winter.

Simple hanging candle holders can be hung from branches, floral arrangements, or they can be hung alone in clusters from the ceiling. If you're searching winter wedding hanging decorations that are a little different, consider round tea light holders. Some can hold candles, while others can hold blooms and seasonal décor.

Indoor/Outdoor Gazebo with Hanging Flowers and Lights: The Knot

      4.  Hanging Aisle Décor

Winter wedding hanging decorations aren’t just for your reception. They are great for your ceremony too!

Winter wedding aisle décor that hangs from the ceiling is easiest to do when you’re having an indoor wedding, but don’t think it isn’t an option if you’re getting married outdoors in the snow. Floral arrangements, chandeliers, and other items can be hung from the branches of trees, shepherd’s hooks, or homemade arches.

Hanging Lantern Centerpiece: Country Living

      5.  Hanging Lanterns

When it comes to winter rustic wedding hanging décor, it doesn’t get any better than lanterns. The great thing about using winter wedding lantern centerpieces is that nearly anything can be placed inside them.

Place candles, lights, flowers, and pine cones inside each lantern. Smaller lanterns can be placed directly on tables, while more dramatic lanterns make the perfect winter wedding hanging decorations.

Hanging Branch With Berries and Greenery: Justina Blakeney

      6.  Branches and Naturals

Continuing with the concept of a rustic theme, branches and naturals make for great winter wedding hanging decorations. Think wispy winter wedding décor branches constructed out of pampas grass and single blooms hanging from bare driftwood.

Don’t forget to incorporate pine and fir branches at your winter wedding! Winter wedding décor using branches from evergreen trees looks stunning when hung from a wire floral rack, or they can be incorporated with candles in a rectangular floral chandelier frame.

White Paper Flower Chandelier: Happy Chantilly

      7.  Faux Flowers

Figuring out winter wedding venue decorations isn’t always easy. There are many rules you have to follow, which means figuring out how to hang live blooms can be nearly impossible. You can make your winter wedding hanging decorations a little easier to manage by using faux flowers instead.

That might mean using silk flowers, but a DIY flower chandelier can be made entirely out of homemade paper blooms. If you’re crafty and artistic, you can consider beaded flowers, while a glam bride may opt for glittery flowers or winter crystal hanging wedding decorations. Wall panels can also be hung from the ceiling instead of the wall for a dramatic effect.

Hanging Geometric Planters With Small Blooms: Rock My Wedding

       8.  Geometric Planters

Geometric details are having a real moment in weddings and home décor, so it should come as no surprise that they are popular winter wedding hanging decorations.

Hanging air planters hung above tables make for winter-elegant wedding decorations. They can feature air plants, but for a wintery twist, consider incorporating items like pine cones, cranberries, snowflakes, and single buds of white roses.

Hanging Roses Tied With Ribbon: Ruffled Blog

      9.  Ribbons, Lace, and Fabric

Winter hanging wedding reception decorations can be quite involved. They often include the use of frames and they have to be assembled, either by you or a florist. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit simpler and can be made ahead of time, consider hanging decorations that feature ribbons, lace, and fabric.

Winter wedding hanging decorations can feature white branches with lengths of ribbon that cascade to the floor. Strings of lace alternating with strings of blooms can look quite stunning, as can draping panels of heavy velvet and other seasonal fabrics to create separate areas within a larger reception space.

Hanging Upside Down Christmas Trees: Free People

      10.  Upside Down Christmas Tree Inspiration

If you’re searching for winter wedding decorations that your guests aren’t likely to ever see again, look no further than upside down Christmas trees!

Although upside down Christmas trees can be used as winter wedding hanging decorations above every reception table, they are much more impactful when used sparingly, especially since they can be difficult to hang. Consider placing one near the dance floor or above the head table.



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