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Top 20 Spring Wedding Do's and Don’ts

A wedding is a wedding, isn't it? Nothing could be further from the truth! Although there are many similarities between celebrations, the do's and don'ts at a fall wedding are different than the do's and don'ts of a spring wedding, while summer and winter weddings have their own rules to follow if you want to avoid disaster!

If you’re planning a spring wedding and want things to go as smoothly as possible, you have come to the right place. Here are 20 of our favorite spring wedding do’s and don’ts.

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Do Consider Spring Holidays

Don't plan your wedding on Easter weekend or Ramadan if you want all your guests to attend. It's a good idea to avoid April Fool's Day, while a wedding on Arbor Day might be perfect for an eco-conscious couple.

Do Let the Season Guide Your Menu

Mulled wine and pumpkin pie aren’t good choices for a spring wedding. Instead, choose fresh seasonal favorites like rhubarb pie, sangria, and salads made with baby greens.

Do Be Mindful Of the Grass

There’s nothing like seeing crisp green grass sprout from the ground, but it can cause trouble if it’s wet or it has just been cut. Make sure you hike up your dress to avoid grass stains.

Do Make Sure to Choose the Right Shoes

Whether it’s cut grass, puddles, or soft ground, the shoes you choose have to be more than just comfortable. Avoid heels if you’re planning a garden wedding, and consider bringing boots if it’s supposed to rain.

Do Have a Plan for Chilly Weather

Spring weather can be unpredictable. Hope for warmer weather, but have a plan for chilly temperatures. Bring a stylish jacket and give your bridal party shawls to wear during the ceremony.

Do Have a Plan for Rain or Snow

Because the weather can be unpredictable, it can be cold, but it can also be rainy or snowy. Have a plan to cover your outdoor celebration or bring the party inside if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Do Inform Your Guests of Your Wedding Day Plans

Because the weather can change from day to day during the spring, make sure guests know if you plan on hosting any part of the day outdoors so they can dress accordingly.

Do Keep Your Vendors in the Loop About Ceremony and Reception Locations

Vendors need to know exactly where you’re hosting your wedding, especially if any portion of the day is taking place outdoors. That way, they can plan accordingly ahead of your big day.

Do Consider Access and Logistics

Planning a park wedding, planning a backyard ceremony, or planning a party out in nature? Make sure you consider access for your guests, but you also have to consider logistics for vendors who need electricity and room to park their van.

Do Have a Plan for Protecting Food and Drinks at an Outdoor Wedding

Vendors can help you protect the cake on a rainy day, but there are things you should do to protect food and drinks as well. Make sure the bar area is covered, rent a tent, and choose food that can be served in covered bowls.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Rain

Worried it’s going to rain? Don’t let it ruin your day! Many brides and grooms find that rain at their wedding actually made the day much more magical.

Don’t Assume Your Ceremony and Reception Have to Be Indoors

Rain shouldn’t keep you from making your vision come to life. Rent tents and supply guests with umbrellas and you can still have an outdoor wedding in the spring.

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Choose a Pastel Color Palette

Pastels are beautiful in the spring, but they aren’t a requirement for a spring wedding. Bold, vibrant colors, as well as neutrals, can be used in a spring wedding color palette too.

Don’t Assume Flowers Have to Dominate Your Décor

Some flowers at a spring wedding is always nice, but don’t think they have to dominate your décor. Fruit, feathers, candles, and more are all right at home at a spring wedding.

Don’t Wait to Plan Your Wedding Until the Last Minute

Spring is a popular time to host a wedding. If you wait until the last minute, you aren’t going to get what you want. Plan at least a few months to at least a year ahead of time.

Don’t Forget to Take Pictures Outside

Don’t let the weather stop you from getting great outdoor shots! Wedding pictures in the rain and fog under the clouds can look magical!

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Go With a White Dress

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with bridal colors besides white. Try a soft pink wedding dress or choose a gown covered in colorful flowers.

Don’t Wear Heavy Makeup

Glam makeup may be gorgeous at an indoor New Year’s Eve wedding, but it isn’t appropriate for a spring wedding. Not to mention, the rain and humidity can ruin your look really fast!

Don’t Choose a Complicated Hairstyle

Not only can the rain and humidity ruin your makeup, it can kill your hair. It’s much better to choose a relaxed, less fussy hairstyle than it is to go with a complicated updo that won’t make it to the reception.

Don’t Forget a Signature Wedding Scent

There is no other season where a signature wedding scent is more appropriate than spring. Choose a perfume with a fresh, clean scent, or choose flowers with a distinctive smell to remind you of your wedding every time the spring season rolls around.

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