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Top 20 Wedding Décor Ideas With Trees

If you’re having your wedding outdoors, making the surrounding trees part of your décor is a great idea. It’s an even better idea if you want to use a particular tree as a focal point for your ceremony. The question is, exactly how do you decorate trees for a wedding?

There are many creative ways to answer this question! Here are some of our favorite wedding décor ideas with trees so you can be inspired to create your own stunning tree display.

Large Tree Draped With a Single Length of Fabric: The Every Last Detail, Tulle Draped From Tree Branches Pooled on the Ground: Green Wedding Shoes

Swags of Fabric

Using swags of fabric is a classic tree wedding decoration. Soft, flowing fabric is best. Drape a long piece of chiffon fabric over a single branch to create a makeshift ceremony arch or create a layered look by using multiple lengths of tulle that are draped across multiple branches.

Bride and Groom Under a Tree Wrapped in Lights: Gabbinbar Homestead, Wedding Reception With Trees Covered in Dangling Strings of Lights: Once Wed

Light it Up

If you’re planning a sunset ceremony or your reception is taking place outside among the stars, consider tree decorations with lights. You can wrap strings of lights around the trunk and branches of the tree, but we especially love the look of lighted tendrils that hang down from the branches overhead.

Lanterns With Floral Arrangements Hanging From a Tree: Wedding Wire, Round Paper Lanterns Hanging From a Tree: Style Me Pretty

Hanging Lanterns

Lanterns are a great way to decorate wedding trees! Rattan lanterns are great for a boho wedding, while paper lanterns are perfect for whimsical weddings. You can fill the lanterns with candles, fairy lights, or even floral arrangements.

If the forecast predicts wind on your wedding day, hang lanterns closer to the branches. That way, they are less likely to catch the wind and swing around.

Candles Hanging From a Tree in Geometric Candle Holders: Inside Weddings, Candles in Different Hanging Holders: Wedding Chicks

Candles in Hanging Holders

Candles are a timeless wedding decoration. They are especially stunning when candles are placed in hanging tealight holders and hung from the branches of a tree.

The weather is something you’ll want to consider with this decorating idea as well. If you’re worried about wind, you can make sure you aren’t creating a fire hazard by using flameless tealight candles.

Boho Dreamcatchers Hanging From a Tree Branch: Nearly Newlywed, Hoops Decorated With Pictures Hanging From a Tree: Rock My Wedding

DIY Decorative Hoops

If you’re on the hunt for DIY wedding décor with trees, you might want to give decorative hoops a try. Hanging plain metal rings from tree branches is one idea, but you can also create any look you want by decorating the hoops. Turn them into wreaths, hang pictures in the center of each ring, or make homemade dreamcatchers to hang from the tree.

Photos Wrapped Around the Trunk of a Tree: Happy Wedd, Pictures and Frames Hanging From a Large Tree Branch: Boho Weddings

Frames and Photos

Photos are always a great choice for wedding decorations in general, but you can make your display even more interesting by turning them into wedding tree decorations. You can hang framed photos from the branches of a tree or you can string them together and wrap them around the trunk of the tree.

Large Floral Arrangement Decorating the Trunk and Branch of a Tree: Martha Stewart, Wedding Vignette with a Couch and Flower Covered Tree Trunk: Rock My Wedding

Flower-Covered Branches

A very underutilized tree wedding décor idea involves actually covering the trunk and branches with floral arrangements. When placed carefully, you can create a design that provides the look of an arch, which is great for a ceremony or a photo booth.

Single Blooms Hanging from Fishing Wire: Home My Design, Flower Arrangements in Hanging Bottles: Style Me Pretty

Hanging Flower Arrangements

Flowers can decorate the branches of large and small trees, but they can also hang from the branches themselves. String single blooms on lengths of fishing line, place petite flower arrangements in hanging mason jars, or hang bunches of dried flowers and pampas grass from the branches upside down as if they are being dried.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony With a Hanging Chandelier: Tyler Speier, Rattan Chandeliers Hanging Above an Outdoor Reception Table: Wedding Chicks


An outdoor wedding with tree decorations lends itself well to rustic celebrations. If you want to dress up your tree for a more formal outdoor affair, hang chandeliers from the branches.

Antique chandeliers can look stunning hanging from the branches of a tree, but you can also find rustic chandeliers made out of wood, macrame chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, and more, depending on the vibe you want for your wedding.

Bride and Groom Under a Tree Full of Blowing Ribbons: Bridal Guide, Seating Cards on Ribbon Wrapped Around a Tree Trunk: Style Me Pretty


If you’re looking for tree décor for a wedding with a festival vibe, it doesn’t get any better than ribbons! It’s a cost-effective solution too. You can hang lengths of ribbon from the branches so they sway in the breeze, you can drape ribbon from branch to branch, or you can wrap it around the trunk and branches of the tree. It can even double as a way to display your seating cards!

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