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Top 2021 Wedding Color Trends for Spring and Summer

Every year, Pantone releases new colors of the year that are expected to trend in fashion and interior spaces, but these colors also drive wedding trends. If you’re planning a wedding this spring or summer, considering the latest 2021 wedding color trends can help inspire you to plan a beautiful wedding that will look gorgeous in person, as well as on Instagram.

This year, it's all about bright, cheerful hues, which are perfect for spring and summer weddings. According to Pantone, these hues were chosen to help everyone "immerse themselves into a world characterized by colors that reflects hope and optimism." These colors were specially chosen in "floral hues reflective of gardens in springtime" which can bring much-needed cheer to your wedding after such a dreary and uncertain 2020.

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for spring wedding décor ideas or you’re just getting started on assembling wedding ideas for your summer 2021 nuptials, we’re here to help you make sense of the 2021 wedding color trends announced by Pantone so you can create a timely and beautiful event.

Best Spring Wedding Colors in 2021

Hues from Pantone

Mint and Cream Bridal Bouquet: Carats & Cake, Greenery, Roses, and Ribbon Chair Décor: Gather Design Company, Wedding Centerpieces With Greenery and Buttercream Roses: Five Fourteen, Green and Blush Boutonniere: Wedding Wire, Marbled Green Wedding Cake: Wedding Forward

Spring is when shoots of green start to poke through the soil, reminding us that Mother Nature is slowly waking and bringing warmer weather our way. Using this classic hue in shades of Mint and Green Ash from Pantone’s list of 2021 wedding color trends is perfect for a spring wedding. Adding in a core classic from the 2021 collection, like Buttercream, can round out this monochromatic scheme. This scheme is an especially great way to make sure early or late spring wedding flowers match your wedding colors. There is no shortage of choices when it comes to greenery and off-white blooms at the start of the year!

Hues from Pantone

Blue and Green Tablescape: Style Me Pretty, Cerulean Blue Bouquets and Bridesmaid Dresses: Alayna Parker, Gray Suit and Boutonniere: Petal & Glass Photography, Blue Wedding Cake with Green Flowers: Wedding Sparrow

If you're looking for a little more depth to your spring wedding décor, try combining Green Ash from the previous scheme with soft Cerulean blue and class things up with Ultimate Gray from Pantone’s 2021 wedding color trends. Choosing a shade of gray can make selecting attire for the groom and groomsmen a breeze, while a hue like blue can help you incorporate colorful spring wedding flowers in your bouquets, boutonnieres, and ceremony décor.

Hues from Pantone

Raspberry and Chocolate Desserts: Martha Stewart, Rustic Raspberry Tablescape: The Southern California Bride, Raspberry and Rust Ceremony Arch: Elegant Wedding Invites

If you love the color pink, but want a more modern take on this traditionally girly hue for your 2021 spring wedding, choose a shade like Raspberry Sorbet. It’s a much more sophisticated version of pink, so all the guys in the bridal party won’t shy away from wearing pink ties and boutonnieres with pink blooms. When combined with rustic neutrals, like Desert Mist and Willow, these 2021 wedding color trends will help you bring out your girly and sophisticated sides at the same time.

Best Summer Wedding Colors in 2021

Hues from Pantone

Sunflower Ceremony Aisle: Venue Look, Cheerful Yellow and Orange Wedding Cake: Our Love in Color, Bouquet in Shades of Yellow, Orange, and Pink: Lace and Lilies Flowers, Yellow Shoes: Trendy Bride

Spring 2021 wedding colors from Pantone's list of colors are soft and a bit understated, but the 2021 wedding color trends for summer really pack a punch. If you want a bright and cheerful wedding that matches your bright and cheerful disposition, look no further than Marigold, Illuminating, and shades of Buttercream.

Yellow flowers, like sunflowers, daisies, and lilies are perfect for a sunny wedding, while accents in shades of orange will add depth and interest to your décor. Buttercream is the perfect complementary neutral color because it will take on a golden hue when placed next to shades of yellow and orange.

Hues from Pantone

Blue Wedding Shoes With Garter: Complete We Do, Dramatic Blue Table Setting: Wedding Forward, Groom in Blue and Black Suit: Confetti Daydreams, Wedding Reception With Blue Lighting: Inside Weddings

Even though the summer season is known for long days and cheery colors doesn’t mean you can't create a moody event using 2021 wedding color trends from Pantone. Shades of blue, like French Blue, navy, and cobalt are popular wedding colors, especially when paired with the deep shade of blackened blue called Inkwell from Pantone’s 2021 wedding color trends list. Think moody reception spaces by candlelight, dapper groomsmen in inky blue suits, and dark, yet gorgeous, bridal bouquets and accessories.

Hues from Pantone

Colorful Ceremony Arch: The Wedding Playbook, Modern Floral Wedding Cake: Soul Cake, Submerged Purple Orchids: The Knot, Moody Purple and Gray Flower Crown: BuzzFeed, Purple and Orange Bridal Bouquet: Belle the Magazine

If you aren’t interested in putting a new spin on an old trend, as is the case with a black and blue wedding, you may want to consider new wedding color trends instead. A truly unique color combination includes Amethyst Orchid and Burnt Coral from the list of 2021 wedding color trends. It’s the perfect, refreshing, one-of-a-kind color combination that the guests at your upcoming summer wedding aren’t going to expect.

Branch out a little bit to add depth to your color palette by including neutrals. Keep things light and airy with shades of Buttercream, or add some drama with Ultimate Gray.


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