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Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Dried Flowers in Your Wedding


  Photo: J Wells Photography

Find out the top five ways to make dried flowers a part of your wedding. From bouquets to floral hair wreaths, dried blooms are a versatile choice.

Imagine a wedding without flowers. Hard to do, right? Flowers are one of the most important aspects of any wedding. They add delicate beauty, they tie in the colors, and they can make or break the aesthetics of the event. But flowers can be incredibly expensive, and, unfortunately, they are pretty wasteful. A flower will only live for so long, and most often that isn’t much longer than a few days after the couple has left for their honeymoon. They cannot be re-used, and most often end up filling the trash can. So, what’s a couple to do when they want to save money, save the Earth, and incorporate stunningly beautiful floral arrangements in their wedding? Dried flowers are the way to go.


Quality Dried Flowers – Changing the Wedding Game


Gone are the days when you had to buy out your local florist to have a wedding that stands out. These days, dried flowers for weddings are elevating the wedding game, in more ways than one. If you are on a budget, you can cut costs tremendously with dried flowers. Depending on the brand you choose, you can find beautiful, high-quality dried flowers to add some wow factor to your wedding. Since they are already dried, they will last for decades, so no matter how you utilize them in your ceremony or at your reception, you’ll be able to keep them for years to come.


Another important reason why dried flowers and herbs are such an excellent option for weddings is that they add a unique aesthetic to any event. Flowers that have been dried have a certain faded-out hue and make the vibe of the celebration a little more vintage, or even bohemian. Romantic and chic, natural elements like flowers that have been dried lend a certain something special to the day.


Types of Dried Flowers to Try

If you are looking to add a vintage, laid-back element to your wedding with dried flowers, how do you know which ones will look the best? According to One Fab Day, some of the best varieties to try include:


  • Fronds – Think palm leaves and even ferns
  • Grasses – Wheat, Purple Fountain grass, and the ever-popular Pampas Grass
  • Leaves – Chrysanthemum and Eucalyptus are always a hit
  • Dried Flowers – Chamomile, Baby’s Breath, Hydrangea, Amaranthus, Roses, Lavender, Delphinium, and more
  • Plants – Artichoke flowers, Gomphrena, and Craspedia
  • Seed pods – Lotus seed pods, poppy seed pods, and physalis
  • Branches – Cotton, Tallowberry, Lunaria, and Pussy Willow


All of these are great choices for dried flowers and greenery. Whether you make them yourself, or you purchase high-quality flowers from a professional, you’ll find that there are many beautiful options out there to try.


How to Use Dried Flowers in Your Wedding

So, how can you specifically incorporate dried flowers and herbs into your wedding day? There are many ways, according to an article on The Knot. As they explain, “…take advantage of the nostalgic romance of dried flowers by including them in your bouquets, boutonnieres, wedding signage, and reception centerpieces.”

 And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using flowers that have been dried in your event. Read on for the top 5 ways you can transform any wedding with chic dried flowers.


1. Bridal Beauty

Clockwise: Nail Artist: Unistella,  Hairpiece: Papaver Flower Co.  Flower Crown: Rosehip & Wren 

All trends have their moment, and dried flowers seem to be having theirs. And for good reason, of course. With the lasting beauty and no-need to water them, using these types of florals in bridal party beauty is a great way to add that extra special touch of femininity and romance to wedding day beauty looks.


One of the most popular and visually appealing ways to utilize dried flowers petals and stems is in making flower crowns. Think of the Princess Bride or any other ethereal maiden, whose easygoing, nature-inspired beauty is easy to emulate with floral crowns.


A flower crown made of mixed dried flowers doesn’t have to be hard. YouTube is chock full of videos helping you to create the stunning floral crown of your dreams. Or, check out this blog post by A Sweet Violet Bride, which offers a handy, easy tutorial for how to fashion your floral crown. The bride isn’t the only one who can elevate her style with these gorgeous crowns; these can turn up the romance ante when the entire bride’s side of the wedding party is wearing these beautiful crowns. From the flower girls to the maid of honor to the bride, everyone can rock a floral crown made of dried flowers. Plus, they are easy to make and, unlike bridesmaid dresses, they can be worn again for everything from photoshoots to festivals.


Floral crowns aren’t the only way to elevate your bridal beauty with dried flowers. They can also be woven into braids or other hairstyles for a boho-chic look and feel. You can tuck a bloom or two behind your ear, or affix them to a hair tie to add a feminine vibe to the look of any ponytail or updated style.


Hair isn’t the only part of the body that can be adorned with dried flowers.  Dried flowers on nails are taking the beauty world by storm. Pinterest has some breathtaking nail art creations that showcase dried flowers. Check them out here. You can, of course, do these nails yourself, or take the flowers you’ve chosen to your manicurist to get a unique wedding look that’s sure to turn more than a few heads.



Replacing live flowers with dried flowers for the bouquets and corsages is a no brainer. There are so many beautiful flower types out there that look simply breathtaking when dried, and it can add a specialness to your day when everyone is carrying bouquets of dried flowers. But there’s also something else that you can add to make your wedding pictures look vintage and have a certain aesthetic—Pampas Grass. Pampas grass that is dried has become the talk of the wedding scene, taking over the latest trends with a vengeance. It looks great in bouquets as an accent, or there have even been brides who have used it as their main bouquet.

2. In Bouquets and Corsages

Clockwise: Bouquet: Lily Red Creative, Boutonniere: Eucca, Floral Cuff: Amy Nicole Floral 

If you’re planning to take the dried flowers route for your bouquet and the corsages, remember that less is often more here. Edit everything to look clean and sophisticated, like many of the examples found on The Budget Savvy Bride.


Another thing to note is that unlike live flowers or greenery, dried do not need to be watered. This means that you can create your bouquets ahead of time without having to keep them watered. No one likes a wilted bouquet, but they do love a pretty and ultra-romantic dried flower. As an article on Martha Stewart Weddings points out, “One of the benefits of using dried product for large-scale floral pieces-like wreaths, chandeliers, or garlands-is that you don't need to worry about how to keep them watered.”


3. In the Décor

Clockwise: Tablesetting Photo: Stefanie Keeler Photography, Backdrop Aisle Photo: Sara K Byrne, Table Setting: A Fabulous Fete 

Ahhh, the décor. One of the most important parts of any wedding. Whether you are using a wedding planner or are working on the décor on your own, you want to make sure that this is where you really where you spend a lot of your time. That’s because the accents, centerpieces, the arbor, and more are what everyone will notice when they first walk in. You want to really wow your guests while sticking true to the design that you like the best.


Your first step to using dried flowers in the décor is to look at what colors will work best for your chosen theme and the hues you prefer. For instance, you might want dried flowers that are yellow to incorporate with a larger theme of yellows, creams, and pinks. Whatever particular color palette you are using, look for dried flowers that fit within this.


You’ll also want to decide exactly where you’ll be putting dried flowers. Maybe you’ll have them sprinkled on all of the tables, with a larger creation of dried flowers and Pampas grass centerpiece as the focal point of each table. Don’t forget to put small flowers and other natural accents at the end of each chair at the wedding ceremony, and add them to the arbor for a hippie-inspired look as you say your vows. You can also have your flower girl toss out dried flowers as she walks down the aisle for a sweet touch.


Add dried flowers and pampas grass throughout the reception venue. These look amazing at weddings that have an outdoor, laid-back vibe, but they can also add elegance to a more upscale wedding as well. The choice is yours as to how to bring your décor to life with the beauty of dried flowers. One thing that Martha Stewart Weddings points out is that while flowers that are dried are beautiful, it does help to have some fresh flowers mixed in as well. This can add softness and richness of depth. As the article states, “In other words, just like you and your fiancé, dried and fresh flowers are better together.” Incorporate both and you get a truly beautiful look.


4. As Wedding Favors or Bridal Party Gifts

Clockwise: Favors Photo: Rad + In Love, Phone Case: Always Top, Dried Flowers Soap Favors: Soap and Roses

 Gifts are an essential party of every wedding as well. From wedding favors for the guests to gifts for the bridal party, you’re going to need some special things to show your friends and family that you care about. But if your décor and your dried flower wreath celebrate flowers that have been dried, can you continue the theme with your presents?


Absolutely!! Dried flowers aren’t just for looking pretty in the centerpiece or bouquet. They can also elevate boring old regular items with a touch of retro vibes and can tie in nicely with the look and feel of your wedding. What kind of presents can have dried flowers on them?


Plenty! But you’re going to have to get out your crafting hat—and probably your glue gun. One of the most popular bridal party gifts out there right now is a personalized phone case. And what better way to elevate this idea to wow-worthy status is by making a dried flower phone case. How can you do this? It’s easier than you might think!


First, you’ll need to get a clear or slightly tinted phone case that is still mostly clear. Once you have done this, you can start gluing dried flowers throughout. Use a hot glue gun so that the flowers stay right where you want them! Create a fun look that everyone in the bridal party is sure to enjoy!


Don’t put that glue gun away yet! You can also create presents for your family members or even your future spouse by gluing dried flowers onto creative items. Aside from dried flowers on your phone case, you can try adding them to a basic picture frame to make it pop. Or, you can add to any glassware, flask, or even a PopSocket. One flower on a PopSocket can add an extra feminine touch to your phone case.


Dried flowers can also be used on photo albums, make-up compacts, and so much more. Think outside the box for your bridal party presents and add a fun touch to any wedding present you gift with these fun additions.


For wedding favors that you give to all of the guests, consider dried flowers and dried herbs in a pretty iridescent bag for some smell good potpourri. You can also try gluing them to anything small that you can give out, like adding them to tiny boxes of treats or on mini photo frames that you give out. Don’t forget about vases or even jewelry for unique creations that are a stark departure from the ho-hum everyday wedding favors everyone is giving out these days.


No matter how you use dried flowers or even dried herbs in your presents for the bridal party, for family members, or even for wedding guests, you’ll be able to offer something special and handmade that no one has.


5. On the Cake/Deserts etc.


Clockwise: Wedding Cake Photo: Michelle Hepburn Photography, Tarts: Janice Lawandi, Dried Flower Martini

Another attractive way to add to the vintage or natural look of your wedding is with dried flowers on your cake or even on desserts at the reception. Dried flowers are a beautiful addition to any cake. As this Brides.com article points out, “Pretty blooms are the perfect accessory for your reception confection.”


When you add dried blooms to your wedding cake, you can create almost any look you want. If you’re making your cake, experiment with which colors you’ll mix and where you’ll add the flowers. If you’re working with a bakery, make sure to discuss what you like as far as colors and designs. They may even want you to bring your own dried flowers with you.


You can also add a touch of femininity to cupcakes, decorated cookies, and more. You can even use them as a pretty garnish on your signature drink, or you can add one to each dessert plate for a (non-edible) touch of beauty on every single plate.


You can also use a small arrangement of dried flowers on the top of the cake as your topper. No matter how you used dried flowers with your cake or desserts, you definitely can’t go wrong.


Save Stress, Time, and Hassle with Dried Flowers


It’s no secret that wedding planning is more than just picking a venue, grabbing a dress, renting a tux, and heading down the aisle. There’s so much that goes into every aspect of plans, and for many, it can be quite an overwhelming—not to mention expensive—experience. Hence the reason so many couples turn to wedding planners. But not everyone has the budget for a planner, and not everyone needs one. That’s especially true if you have a design aesthetic in mind. If you’re leaning towards a more romantic and feminine look, consider using dried flowers for everything from your hair to your nails to the cake. You don’t need a wedding planner to help you plan out your wedding with the incorporation of dried flowers, but you do need to remember the above ideas so you can have a breathtaking wedding that your guests, and of course you, will remember fondly for decades.


No matter how you incorporate dried flowers into your wedding, you’ll soon find that it’s a lot easier to work with them than you thought! Try some of these tips and make sure you use high quality dried flowers, herbs, and pampas grass to ensure they last from the first steps down the aisle until long after you’ve returned from the honeymoon. Start crafting and enjoy your bloomin’ wedding!








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