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TRENDING: Top 10 Modern White Minimalist Wedding Decor Ideas

White is a classic wedding color, but it can also end up looking a little dull and dated. If you want to skip the satin and tulle décor that can make your wedding look like it’s straight out of the 80’s, you’ll want to consider modern white minimalist wedding décor instead. It will give your wedding a clean and polished 21st century look.

The question is, exactly what kinds of décor should you be looking for? Here are our top modern white wedding décor ideas, starting with complementary colors and ending with white details that will make your decorations pop.

Simple White Reception Tables With All-Green Centerpieces: Wedding Wire

Combine White With Green

An all-white color palette is a beautiful option, but if you’re looking for a slightly more dynamic look, consider a modern green and white wedding. Use glossy green leaves in your wedding bouquet, create a photobooth backdrop out of faux boxwood, and decorate tables with strands of eucalyptus garland.

Reception Centerpiece Featuring White Flowers, Candles, and Gold Vases: WedLuxe

Combine White With Metallics

Modern white wedding decorations also look beautiful with metallics. Think tall bronze taper candles, copper charger plates, and geometric planters that can be hung from the ceiling. If you really like sparkle, this color combination can also look beautiful with glittery details.

Black and White Reception Table Featuring Black and White Poppies: Brides

Combine Black and White

If you are striving for a formal affair, nothing is more classic than modern black and white wedding décor. Black and white flowers, like poppies, are very beautiful, while choosing unexpected black details, like drinking glasses and stemware, will make this color combination look contemporary.

Bride Holding an All-White Wedding Bouquet Featuring Orchids: Hello May

Modern White Wedding Flowers

Whether you choose a complementary color for your wedding or not, nothing looks as crisp and clean as modern white wedding flowers. White roses are popular, but so are orchids, baby’s breath, and peonies.

Dried florals are also popular at white weddings because many dried blooms have been bleached bone white. Mix white bunny tails with fresh flowers or create an all-dried bouquet featuring white pampas grass.

White and Green Floral Arrangement in a White Compote Vase: Martha Stewart

White Vases

Choosing white flowers is only the first step. You should add white vases to your modern white wedding décor! You can choose vases with classic silhouettes if your wedding is a bit more traditional, while tall, modern vases are great for trendier brides. If you’re searching for drama, decorate with compote vases.

Not only will they look beautiful on reception tables, they can be reused after your wedding day is over.

Aisle Décor Featuring White Pillar Candles and Clear Hurricane Vases: Marry Me Tampa Bay

White Candles and Holders

Using candles is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to incorporate white into your wedding day. Think skinny white taper candles, stout pillar candles, and flameless tealight candles.

White candles look great in clear candle holders, but you can also find white candle holders that are made out of porcelain or clay. Frosted candle holders can be quite beautiful as well.

Simple Ceremony Space With White Chairs: Elegant Wedding

Simple White Modern Wedding Chairs

The chairs you use at your ceremony and reception may not seem like a big deal, but when you put dozens of chairs into a space, they can quickly take over the décor—and not in a good way.

White modern wedding chairs will elevate the look of any space. Their simplicity is best when left unadorned, which means there’s no need to hang décor from the chair backs if you don’t want to.

Plain White Wedding Table Setting: Once Wed

White Place Settings

Classic white details are right at home when it comes to place settings, but there are things you can do to elevate the look of your modern white wedding. For example, instead of covering the table in satin, consider simplifying the look with a white chiffon table runner. Glossy white plates are a beautiful and affordable choice, but you can zhoosh things up a bit by layering them with faux marble charger plates.

White Wedding Balloons Held in Place by Green Vines: Elegant Wedding Invites

Decorate With White Balloons

Balloons are making a huge comeback at weddings! They are also a great way to make your modern white wedding décor a little more fun and a little less stuffy, if you want your wedding to be whimsical and lighthearted instead of formal.

Oversized round balloons can line the aisle, they can be arranged as décor in entry ways, and they can even line reception tables. Use traditional balloons in an arch at the altar or hang garland from doorways.

Clear Acrylic Sign Covered in White Roses and Greenery: Always Flawless Productions

Incorporate Acrylic Details

Although not technically white, acrylic details can look very beautiful at a modern white wedding. Acrylic chairs can make white reception tables shine, acrylic signs can feature messages printed in white, and acrylic pedestal stands can help white flower arrangements take center stage.

Whether you choose an all-white color palette or you want to throw in some sprigs of greenery, gold, or black, there are many ways to incorporate white details into your modern wedding for a polished, contemporary look.

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