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TRENDING: Top 10 Rattan Wedding Décor & Backdrop Ideas

Rattan wedding décor is a huge trend that brides and grooms are harnessing to turn their wedding day into a dreamy boho escape. There are many wonderful ways to use rattan décor at your wedding, but first, it’s important to talk about exactly what rattan is!

The Southeast Asian climbing palm is steamed and molded to create a variety of rattan products from furniture to home décor. If you look at rattan products and think they look a lot like wicker, you wouldn’t be wrong! Although things like cane, raffia, jute, and wicker are technically made of different materials, the appearance can be indistinguishable.

For the purposes of this list, we’re going to source plenty of rattan wedding décor ideas for you to use at your nuptials, but you’ll also discover items that are made from similar fibers. All of these ideas will fit right in with any rattan items you use to decorate your ceremony or reception space.

On this list you’ll find:

  • Rattan decorative balls
  • Decorative baskets and trays
  • Rattan furniture
  • Lamp shades
  • Rattan chargers
  • Ceiling and hand fans
  • Jute rugs
  • Space dividers
  • Woven gift bags
  • Bookcases, bar carts, and tables

Decorative Rattan Balls Hanging Above a Table: Leo DJ Photography

Rattan Decorative Balls

There isn’t anything you can’t do with rattan decorative balls! Hang them from the trees, sprinkle them on tables, or string them up with fairy lights. To keep things interesting, mix rattan decorative balls with moss balls, wooden balls, and balls covered in sea shells.

Hanging Rattan Backdrop With Seating Chart Details: Green Wedding Shoes

Decorative Baskets and Trays

A rattan decorative basket at your wedding can do everything from hold gift cards to silverware and ceremony programs. If rattan baskets remind you of your grandma’s house, go a little bit more modern and use a rattan decorative tray wherever you might use a basket.

Get really creative and use rattan baskets and trays to decorate a picture backdrop, to display table numbers, or enhance ceremony décor. Turn some into mirrors by hot gluing reflective glass inside for rattan wedding décor with a little more pizzazz.

Rattan Inspired Lounge Area: Junebug Weddings

Rattan Furniture

Lounge areas are more popular than ever at weddings. Create intimate spaces for your guests to connect with others by using rattan wedding chairs. You can also use them at your ceremony, behind the head table, and as reception chairs instead of using folding chairs.

If you can’t find rattan chairs, don’t panic. Many other materials, like cane and wicker, look very similar to rattan and will fit right in with your other rattan décor.

Hanging Rattan Lanterns Above a Dance Floor: Carats & Cake

Lamp Shades

One of the most popular ways to use the rattan wedding décor trend is with lamp shades! Because rattan frequently features an open weave, it’s easy to turn baskets into lamps too.

Hang lighting over the alter or the cake table for a unique punch of style. If you have the ability to hang lights anywhere you want, mixtures of different sizes, colors, and weaves of rattan can look beautiful above reception tables.

Rattan Charger Layered With Textured Plates: Koyal Wholesale

Rattan Chargers

Nothing dresses up a table better than charger plates! If you’re into rattan wedding décor, look into rattan chargers that can be mixed and matched with nearly any kind of dinner plate.

Rattan chargers look right at home on the table, but they look striking when incorporated into your décor too. Hang them on the walls or use them to decorate a photo booth backdrop.

Rattan Hand Fans Decorated With Orchids: Bridal Guide

Ceiling and Hand Fans

If you can’t hang lights from the ceiling, don’t fret. You may be able to add ceiling fans to your rattan wedding décor! They don’t actually have to work either. Hanging them from the ceiling will give your fête a tropical vibe, even if they aren’t spinning.

Having your wedding in the summer or heading to a tropical locale? Consider handing out raffia hand fans to your guests before your ceremony.

Alter Decorated With Wicker Chairs and Jute Rugs: Rock My Wedding

Jute Rugs

Don’t get stuck on centerpieces and hanging décor and completely forget about what’s on the floor! Jute rugs can be purchased in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. They look stunning when overlapped and used as an aisle runner or grouped beneath rattan furniture in a lounge area, but they can also be hung up and used as backdrops.

Wedding Lounge Featuring Rattan Room Dividers: Mia Sylvia

Space Dividers

Reception spaces can often seem overwhelming because dinner, dancing, and lounging all take place within the same large, open space. Make things feel a little cozier by using space dividers.

Space dividers can be purchased in a wide variety of materials that will fit right in with your rattan wedding décor. From wicker to grasscloth, any dividers made out of natural materials can section off areas of your reception that are located in a large space.

Woven Gift Bag Featuring Bath Favors: Martha Stewart

Woven Gift Bags

The devil is always in the details. If you’re going for a boho look with plenty of rattan wedding décor, let the aesthetic carry over into everything you do, including your favors.

Gift bags are a great way to care for your guests at a destination wedding. Pass out woven gift bags with flip flops, hand fans, and sunscreen and your guests can turn around and use the bag again at the beach. The bags themselves can be personalized and given to bridal party members, whether or not you choose to put anything inside them.

Wedding Cake Displayed on a Caned Table: Lovestruck Weddings

Bookcases, Bar Carts, and Tables

The more details you add to your wedding, the more immersive your wedding day will be. Make guests feel right at home by decorating with rattan bookcases, bar carts, and tables.

Rattan end tables can be placed next to chairs in lounge areas, wicker bookcases can be used to display wedding photos of parents and grandparents, and bar carts decorated with pampas grass can be used to display sweets on a dessert table.


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