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TRENDING: Top 10 Terracotta Wedding Décor Ideas

Terracotta is a huge trend in home décor, so it should be no surprise that it’s a huge trend for weddings too! However, it can be a little more difficult than other trends to incorporate into your big day.

Whether you love the color or the clay pots, these terracotta wedding décor tips will help you make the most of this trendy theme.

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Utilize a Terracotta Wedding Palette

Actual terracotta can be integrated into your big day, and we’ll get to some of those ideas a little further down on the list, but décor for this theme means more than just terracotta pots—it means choosing a terracotta wedding palette.

Use shades of dull copper, rust, and matte brown throughout your décor. Have your bridesmaids wear terracotta-colored dresses, decorate with light tan and brown taper candles on tables, and wear copper-colored heels underneath your wedding dress.

Combine Terracotta Elements With Another Theme

Although terracotta can technically stand alone as its own theme, it really comes alive when combined with other themes.

For example, dried palm fans can look stunning when combined with terracotta wedding décor at a boho wedding, while your regular, run-of-the-mill flower pots are a great addition to a farmhouse wedding. Terracotta details can also look quite stunning when paired with another wedding trend—terrazzo.

Terracotta Wedding Invitation Suite and Other Paper Products

The best way to give guests a taste of what’s to come at your wedding is to include your theme on your wedding invitations. That means including rusty colors on your terracotta wedding invitation suite, or even including images of terracotta pots on your stationary.

Don’t forget to include the look of terracotta on other paper products! Use the same design when printing ceremony programs, menus, signs, and more!

Centerpieces Featuring Terracotta Flower Pots and Vases

The most intuitive way to include terracotta into your wedding day is to use pots. The good news is that terracotta pots come in many more designs than what you’re used to seeing at your local garden center!

From geometric shapes painted in neutral colors to organic shapes and miniature sizes, there are many different kinds of terracotta pots and vases that can be used to display flowers on your reception tables.

Don’t think you’re stuck displaying flowers! Beautiful vases can become their own decoration with no need to display anything inside them.

Line the Aisle With Terracotta

Although terracotta flower pots and vases are more easily incorporated into your reception décor, with a little creativity, they can also look quite striking at your ceremony.

Line the aisle with large terracotta vases or use two large pots to flank the beginning and the end of the aisle. Flowers that match your terracotta wedding décor can be placed in the vases, succulents look striking at a southwestern fête, or vessels can be left empty for a modern, sculptural look.

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Decorate With Rusty Terracotta-Hued Flowers

Not only can you get the look of terracotta with actual pots and vases, you can further the look with terracotta wedding flowers that reflect the earthy tones of this popular material. Rust-colored mums look gorgeous at a fall wedding, while brown, creamsicle, and terracotta-colored roses look right at home at weddings all year round.

Don’t think your flowers have to be alive! This hue lends itself well to dried flowers and naturals, like pampas grass, wheat, and dyed baby’s breath.

Terracotta Cake Stand

It’s relatively obvious that terracotta hues can be used in an endless array of creative ways when creating a terracotta wedding cake, but you can really make your confections stick out if they are displayed on terracotta cake stands.

Place your wedding cake on a terracotta cake stand or arrange cupcakes in groups on stands that cover a dessert table. It’s a great way to get the look of terracotta without using more flower pots and vases.

Terracotta Place Settings

You aren’t going to eat dinner with terracotta cutlery, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be incorporated in other ways on the table! Consider authentic stoneware plates and bowls, or use unglazed terracotta chargers under place settings as decoration.

Don’t forget the napkin rings! Not only can you buy them, but they are relatively easy to make too.

Potted Wedding Favor Place Cards

Why not incorporate the terracotta look on your reception tables and give your guests something to take home at the same time!

Flowers can be planted in mini pots and placed at each setting to show guests where to sit. When they go home for the night, they can take their pots home with them, making them the perfect terracotta wedding favors.

If you’re looking for a classier alternative to traditional flower pots, decorate each spot with a vase that is painted with each guest’s name.

Soften the Look With Linens

If you aren’t careful, terracotta wedding décor can take on a cold, hard, and drab appearance. The easiest way to liven things up is with linens.

Layer a terracotta-colored table runner over a crisp white table cloth before arranging vases and candles, hang flowing strands of gauzy fabric from your ceremony arch, and decorate chairs with rust-colored tie backs to breathe some life and movement into your wedding day.



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