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What Wedding Decor Can Be Reused for Ceremony & Reception?

If you’re asking yourself how much wedding décor costs and you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed, you may be asking yourself the wrong question. Try asking yourself, “How much wedding décor do I need?” instead.

Narrow down what you really need, and then look for ways you can reuse the decorations you did buy throughout your wedding day. You can save a lot of money when you reuse your ceremony decorations in your reception space!

Exactly how does that work, though? Here at Koyal Wholesale, we’re all about saving as much money as you can on your wedding day. We have rounded up some of our favorite ideas for reusing ceremony and reception décor at your wedding, with additional tips for saving even more money along the way.

Bridesmaids Bouquets in Glass Vases on a Mantle: Villa Florale

Bouquets and Flower Arrangements

Flowers can be very expensive. You can stretch your money if you find ways to reuse the same flowers instead of buying more flowers for each space.

Our favorite way to do this is to reuse bouquets as table arrangements. After the ceremony, bridesmaids bouquets can be placed in vases on reception tables, while the bridal bouquet can be used as décor on the head table.

Other types of arrangements can be reused too. Floral arrangements that flank the aisle at the ceremony can be placed on the guest book table or in front of your wedding gift table. Pomanders that hang from the backs of ceremony chairs can be hung from the ceiling at a reception, as long as you have enough time between the ceremony and the reception for someone to hang them.

Looking for wedding décor without flowers? Any kinds of bouquets can be reused in the ways we have described! Whether you use pampas grass or dried palm spears, gypsophila or bunny tails, you can save money on dried arrangements, especially if you find ways to reuse them throughout your ceremony and reception spaces.

Ceremony Arch Decorated With Flowers and a Hanging Cake: The Knot

Ceremony Arches

A lot goes into constructing a beautiful ceremony arch. Don’t just use it for your ceremony. It can look stunning behind your cake table too!

The ceremony arch can be used in other ways. It can look stunning behind a sweetheart table, it can look great as part of a vignette, and it can add interest to a photo booth.

You may have to think outside the box a bit when it comes to ceremony arches because they aren’t among the most affordable wedding decorations. Costs can especially get out of hand if you have to pay a florist to transport the arch and set it up at another location. If you can’t figure out how to transport the arch yourself, or you’re looking for a less stressful way to reuse your arch, consider deconstructing it.

Floral garlands can be reused as table centerpieces, as décor for the backs of chairs, and they can be wound around pillars in the ceremony space. Buds can be plucked from the arch and placed in floating tealight candle holders, while flowers that are affixed to an arch in bunches can be removed and used to create floral chandeliers.

Flower Wall Made Out of Hanging Easter Lily Garlands: Martha Stewart

Flower Walls

Flower walls can be stunning at a wedding ceremony, but they can be extremely expensive. The trick is to create your wall out of panels that can be deconstructed easily so you can reuse the wall more than once. Use a floor stand that can easily be laid down in the back of a van. Then, they can be reassembled as the backdrop to a cake table, the sweetheart table, or a photo booth.

Living flower walls can be a nightmare to transport. Petals get bruised and fall off during the process, while some flowers may become completely dislodged and fall off. Consider faux flowers instead. You can buy faux hydrangea that comes in easy-to-deconstruct panels, as well all-green walls that mimic the look of boxwood. Not only are they easy to transport and reassemble, they can also be sold after your wedding day is over.

If you really want to make it easy, construct your flower wall out of hanging garland. It can easily be packed up in the back of a car and taken to your reception space.

Sweetheart Table Decorated With Candles and Greenery Garland: Weddingomania

Aisle Décor to Reception Décor

There are a million different ways to decorate a ceremony aisle, and they all make great reusable wedding decorations! You just have to be a little creative and think outside the box.

A few of our favorite aisle to reception décor ideas include:

  • Lanterns can be used on and around reception tables
  • Candles can be reused on reception tables and in front of a sweetheart table
  • Potted plants and vases can be used to decorate the entrance to your ceremony space
  • Ribbon can be tied to the backs of reception chairs or hung from the ceiling
  • An aisle runner can be used outside to keep guests from stepping in mud or on gravel
  • Vases can be filled with flower petals

Rose Flower Wall With a Neon Sign: New Jersey Bride

Other Ways to Reuse Your Wedding Décor

If you really want to make your money stretch as far as possible, find ways to reuse your wedding décor beyond the ceremony and reception.

Consider using the same floral arrangements at a rehearsal dinner and the reception. A silk flower wall can be used at a bachelorette party and as a ceremony backdrop. Candle holders can be used to decorate tables at a bridal shower and reused as aisle décor.

Don’t want everything to look the same? Find ways to make each version of your décor a little different. For example, a flower wall could be enhanced with a neon sign at your bachelorette party and other silk flowers added to it when you’re ready to use it as your ceremony backdrop.

Your decorations don’t have to take over your wedding budget! When you find creative ways to reuse your decorations, you can reduce your spending without compromising on the look you want for your wedding day.




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