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Why Are Wedding Signs Important?

Weddings can be expensive. Brides and grooms who are on a budget can save quite a bit of money by cutting certain details from their big day.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with eliminating features and décor that doesn’t have meaning to you and your partner! Just make sure signs aren’t one of the things you cut.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important you use wedding signs, what signs to consider, and ways to create affordable signs that won’t break your budget.

Directional Sign to Dinner and Dancing Wedding Reception: Natalie Franke

They Answer Guest Questions

One of the most important functions of wedding signs is to answer guest questions. Road signs can point guests to your ceremony, a sign can inform guests to put their phones away, and another sign can make sure guests are seated properly at your reception.

The great thing about using signs like these is that you’re less likely to deal with unseemly guest behavior. Guests don’t always mean anything by sitting on the wrong side of the aisle or texting during your ceremony, but their behavior can really put a damper on your day.

These types of signs can also reduce the questions that you, your bridal party, and your parents have to answer when everyone has better things to do on your wedding day. Your parents don’t have to tell great aunt Ethel where to sit and you don’t have to tell your bridal party the sequence of events at your ceremony for the millionth time.

Leather Wedding Sign Hanging From a Tree: Martha Stewart

They Are an Important Element of Your Décor

Wedding signs have come a long way. They are no longer simple pieces of poster board propped up on an easel. With creative designs, they can be integrated into your décor, enhancing the ambiance of your wedding day.

For example, you might scrap the idea of using paper or poster board and choose a different kind of material. Acrylic signs are stunning, especially at a modern, boho, or industrial wedding, while natural materials, like wooden boards and leather hides, are a great choice for rustic or farm weddings. Antique mirrors and neon signs can also make stunning sign displays, while chalkboard signs are great for more relaxed, whimsical weddings.

What is displayed on the sign can also contribute to your décor. Make sure you have signs that answer your guests’ questions, but you can also create heartwarming welcome signs, paint your favorite poem on a sign, and more.

Seating Chart With Metal Hoops and Eucalyptus: Tulle and Chantilly

Types of Wedding Signs to Consider

There’s no need to include every kind of sign at your wedding. Instead, consider which signs are appropriate for your celebration.

A complete list of signs to consider having at your wedding include:

  • Direction signs
  • Welcome sign
  • Ring bearer and flower girl carry signs
  • Cards, gifts, and guestbook signs
  • Choose a seat sign
  • Reserved seating signs
  • Memorial signs
  • Unplugged ceremony sign
  • Order of events sign
  • Cocktail sign


  • Dessert table sign
  • Decorative signs
  • Chair signs for the bride and groom
  • Seating chart sign
  • Table numbers
  • Wedding menu sign
  • Photobooth and hashtag signs
  • Favor signs
  • Grand exit and send off signs

Handwritten Note from Bride and Groom Written on a Mirror: Chic Wedd

Tips for Saving Money on Wedding Signs

Signs shouldn’t feel like another thing you have to spend a fortune on. You can get the signage you want without breaking the bank.

First, narrow down the signs you really need to have at your wedding. For example, direction signs might be necessary at a farm wedding, but not at a hotel reception. Or, you might decide that because you need multiple signs at your ceremony and reception, you want to skip using signs that are purely for decoration.

Second, don’t automatically assume that handmade signs are less expensive than printed signs. This is especially the case if you’re searching for a general sign, like bride and groom signs to hang on the backs of your reception chairs. Make sure you compare prices online before you spend time trying to create a time-consuming sign from scratch.

Finally, choose your material wisely. Acrylic signs can be affordable, but acrylic easels can be costly. An old mirror that is collecting dust in the basement doesn’t cost a thing, but purchasing an oversized mirror isn’t cheap. See what items you already have that can be transformed into a sign and you can avoid spending too much money.

Don’t eliminate wedding signs from your to-do list in an effort to shrink your budget and save time! They are a necessary expense that can be kept affordable when you choose your signs wisely with the tips on this list.

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