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10 Beautiful Terracotta Wedding Centerpieces & Ideas

Terracotta is having a real moment in modern weddings, and it’s easy to see why! This earthy material pairs well with many other colors, so brides and grooms can create a stunning wedding day color palette. Not to mention, terracotta itself is a beautiful material for boho and outdoor weddings.

There are tons of terracotta wedding décor ideas out there, but that doesn’t mean coming up with the perfect terracotta wedding centerpieces is easy.

Here at Koyal Wholesale, we know a thing or two about wedding trends, but more than that, we know how to customize them to make them your own.

If you love the look of terracotta, check out our wedding centerpieces and ideas that are perfect for garden weddings, barnyard celebrations, desert nuptials, and everywhere in between.

Reception Table With Small Terracotta Pots and Dried Florals: Weddings and Events by Emily

Combine Terracotta Vases With Dried Florals

Using vases is the easiest way to create beautiful wedding centerpieces. It’s true that fresh flowers look beautiful in terracotta vases, but dried florals look even more stunning. Go all in and use all dried florals, or mix dried elements with fresh blooms. Some of our favorite to incorporate include:

Hanging Floral Arrangement in a Terracotta Pot: The Knot

Hang Terracotta Pots From the Ceiling

Terracotta pots as wedding centerpieces can be lovely! You can always organize potted plants on tables, but if you want to go in a different direction, consider hanging potted arrangements from the ceiling above your reception tables. Fill them with potted plants, or treat them like vases and fill them with fresh floral arrangements.

Centerpiece With Potted Plants: Charm City Wed

Create Potted Terracotta Wedding Favors as Centerpieces

If you don’t like the idea of ending up with a bunch of flowers and decorative centerpieces when your reception is over, consider terracotta wedding favors made out of little pots!

Small pots filled with succulents are popular, but miniature orchids, herbs, or string of pearls look stunning in small pots too. At the end of the night, guests can take home the plants so you’re left with less to clean up after your wedding is over.

Table Setting Featuring Terracotta Candle Holders: The Wedding Playbook

Use Terracotta as Candle Holders

There are a lot of decorative items out there made of terracotta besides vases and pots. Candle holders also make great terracotta wedding decorations!

The key is to choose shallow dishes to use as candle holders. That way the flickering flame isn’t obscured. Tiny terracotta dishes can hold tealight candles, while wider dishes can hold pillar candles.

Place Setting Featuring Terracotta Charger Plates and Potted Plants: 100 Layer Cake

Create Stunning Terracotta Place Settings

One of our favorite terracotta wedding ideas involves using terracotta in your place settings. Charger plates in this trendy material can give your reception tables an earthy vibe, while terracotta napkin rings can complete the look. Place setting can also feature terracotta drinking glasses or mugs that are perfect for coffee after cake is served.

Terracotta Shards Painted With Names: Chic Vintage Brides

Incorporate Terracotta Shards Throughout Your Décor

Some terracotta wedding decorations can be expensive. If you’re looking for more affordable ways to incorporate terracotta into your reception décor, consider decorating with broken shards. All you have to do is buy discount terracotta pots and break them with a hammer!

They can be used as table numbers and they can be used as place cards. With a little creativity, you can even hang shards of terracotta from the ceiling, letting them tink together like a homemade wind chime.

Reception Table Decorated With a Terracotta-Colored Table Runner: Kyrsten Ashlay Photography

Decorate With Terracotta Colors

Creating terracotta wedding centerpieces doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use actual terracotta. As a popular wedding color, you can find many décor items in this hue.

Terracotta table runners made out of gauzy cheesecloth are great for boho and outdoor receptions. You can find napkins and wax candles in this orange-brown color, or you can create menus and paper fans out of terracotta-colored stationary.

Floral Arrangement Featuring Terracotta-Colored Flowers: The Lane

Use Terracotta-Colored Flowers

Whether you choose to go with terracotta vases, pots, or something else, you can always use terracotta-colored flowers. You can find dried flowers in this hue, but fresh flowers, like dusty roses, mums, and dahlias in this color look beautiful when arranged in any kind of vase.

Terracotta artificial wedding flowers can also be arranged in vases as an alternative to fresh flowers. Silk flower petals can also be scattered on tables.

Cookies That Look Like Pieces of Terracotta: Martha Stewart

Serve Treats That Look Like Terracotta

Love the look of food that doubles as décor? Try serving treats that look like terracotta!

Mini cakes can be placed in the center of each table, doubling as terracotta wedding décor, as long as they are decorated to look like dried clay. Cookies make great terracotta wedding decorations when they are put on each place setting to double as wedding favors. Ice each one with your guests’ names and they can double as name cards!

Terracotta-Colored Floral Arrangements Among Copper and Gold Décor: Junebug Weddings

Integrate Other Interesting Materials

Integrating a variety of interesting materials is the best way to make terracotta details at your wedding truly come alive, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Terracotta and copper wedding details are a popular combination, so integrate things like copper charger plates and compote vases into your table décor. Scatter grapewood branches among terracotta details, incorporate velvet, or find ways to include rattan in your centerpiece décor.

There are so many great ways to decorate with terracotta! Whether you love the look of vases or you just like the color, these creative terracotta wedding ideas will allow you to customize this trend for your unique wedding.


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