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10 Bridgerton Inspired Wedding Decor Ideas & Trends

Between the romance and the family drama, there’s a lot to love about Bridgerton. However, it’s the beauty of the Regency era that hooks many viewers. That’s especially the case for couples who are planning a wedding!

There are tons of Bridgerton wedding ideas out there that will make you feel like you stepped back in time to the early 1800’s. If you have your eye on an empire waist gown and you know you want to walk down the aisle to the music of a live string quartet, but you aren’t sure about décor, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 10 of our favorite Bridgerton wedding décor ideas that will make your big day look and feel like it’s taking place in Regency England.

Classical Bride Wearing Yellow Holding a Yellow Bouquet: Love My Dress

Juicy, Vibrant Color

Color is an important aspect of the Bridgerton universe, so why not draw your Bridgerton wedding inspiration from the hues that the characters wear in the show?

Penelope is often seen wearing yellow. It was a very fashionable color for members of society to wear during the Regency era. You can also draw inspiration from the entire Featherington family and incorporate orange and pink into your color scheme.

Regency blue is a real color that you can use at your wedding. It’s a color that was frequently worn by Daphne Bridgerton in season one. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a saturated hue that isn’t as bright as yellow or orange.

Stone Water Fountain Decorated With Roses, Ferns, and Wisteria: Style Me Pretty

Romantic Florals

Romantic Bridgerton wedding flowers are a must. Daphne is often seen near roses in the first season, making this bloom a great choice for bouquets and floral arrangements. Greenery is also a great choice, especially if cascades of garden greenery are scattered with roses in muted, pastel hues.

Wisteria hangs in front of the Bridgerton house. Its romance and drama makes it a great choice for floral arrangements and décor at a Bridergton-inspired wedding.

Grand Stone Staircase Lined With Candles: Life in Bloom

Dreamy Lighting

The right lighting can set the perfect tone. On a Bridgerton wedding night, that means plenty of candles arranged in clusters. Use glass votive holders, glass taper candle holders, and candelabras with clear glass shades to create a sparkling effect.

Regency-Style Vignette With Powder Blue Furniture: Style Me Pretty

Carefully Curated Vignettes

Not only will carefully curated vignettes give you that Regency era look, your Bridgerton wedding guests will love it too. It gives them a place to sit, chat, and recreate their favorite scenes from the show. Look for  furniture with:

  • Dark, heavy wood
  • Brass inlays and gilded metal accents
  • Concave-shaped chair legs
  • Paw-shaped feet
  • Carved rosettes
  • Rounded lines

Bride Standing in Front of a Manor House Covered in Ivy: Burnetts Boards

Estate Setting

Choosing the right setting is the best way to feel like you’ve stepped foot onto the Bridgerton set. Opt for a sprawling estate complete with stone façade, gardens, and classical décor. You’ll find plenty of options in the UK, but there are also classical-style estates in the US if you’re searching for Bridgerton wedding venues.

Outdoor Dining Area Decorated With Soft Fabric: WedLuxe

Open Air, Outdoor Dining

You’ll notice when watching the show that much of Bridgerton’s social season takes place outside. Get the same feel by having your reception outdoors. Avoid canopies and incorporate candles and lanterns to light up tables, conversation areas, and the dance floor. If it rains, you can always recreate the romance between Daphne and the Duke of Hastings in the final episode of season one.

Rococo-Inspired Wedding Cake Decorated With Roses and Gilding: Bridestory

Rococo Style Wedding Cake

Although the Rococo era was a little earlier than the Regency period, much of its opulence spilled over into later eras. Gilding and sculpted molding is perfect for a multi-tier confection if you want a Bridgerton wedding cake.

Tea-Inspired Dessert Table: Hitched

Afternoon Tea Dessert and Appetizer Spread

Afternoon tea was part of daily life during the Regency era. Incorporate it into your wedding day by creating a dessert or an appetizer spread complete with multi-tier serving trays and bite-sized eats that guests can grab as they mingle with others.

Table Setting Featuring Antique Plates and Silverware: Ida Rose

Antique Table Settings

Antique china, romantic flowing fabrics, and petite champagne glasses are perfect for a Bridgerton wedding theme. If you don’t have access to antique plates and décor, you can find antique-style items for less. For example, you can find floral acrylic plates that look antique, but they aren’t breakable, and they cost less than the real thing.

Handwritten Wedding Invitation Suite: Write This Way Calligraphy

Handwritten Details

It’s true that many invitations and other documents were printed during the Regency period, but handwriting was still very much the norm. Hire a calligrapher to hand address envelopes and handwrite Bridgerton wedding ceremony signs in curling cursive.

Whether it’s the fashion or the passion you want to recreate on your wedding day, Bridgerton serves as the perfect inspiration for your nuptials. With these décor tips, you’ll create the perfect Regency-era mood full of all the class, beauty, and pomp of that time period.

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