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10 Easy DIY Fall Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming. You have to be careful when you’re planning, especially when it comes to fall wedding decorations and centerpieces. You don’t want them to cost too much money, and you don’t want to spend a ton of time creating and setting everything up when you should be focusing on makeup, hair, and getting dressed for your big day!

If you’re planning your wedding this fall and you’re looking for seasonable fall wedding ideas that are affordable and easy to make, check out the ideas on this list.

Pumpkin Centerpiece: Willowdale Estate

      1.  Fall Centerpieces With Pumpkins

Nothing says fall like pumpkins! They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, which enables you to create fall centerpieces with pumpkins that can be customized just for your wedding day.

If using pumpkins seems a little plain, consider jazzing them up with a stencil and a little paint. Your monogram, lacy patterns, and solid colors can add interest to these otherwise boring gourds.

Table Runner With Grapes, Flowers, and Figs: Wedding Wire

      2.  Apples, Gourds, and Grapes—Oh My!

Pumpkins aren’t the only fruit that is associated with the fall. Many other types of fruit are ready to be harvested in the fall that your guests will automatically associate with the season. Apples are perfect for  a harvest celebration, squash is a great alternative to pumpkins, and grapes are perfect for a vineyard-themed fête.

These fruits can also inspire the fall wedding favors you hand out to guests. Candied apples and homemade grape jelly can be passed out before everyone goes home.

Simple Fall Floral Arrangement: Emma Mullins Photography

      3.  Use Seasonal Flowers

You can’t go wrong with flower centerpieces! Just make sure you choose fall wedding flowers that are in season. Stay away from spring blooms, like lily of the valley and tulips, and instead choose dahlias, sunflowers, and calla lilies.

Centerpieces don’t have to be grand if you want to DIY them yourself. For example, small metallic vases are beautiful and only hold a few blooms, so they can be assembled quickly.

Potted Mum Wrapped in Burlap: Southern Living

      4.  Use Potted Plants

Feeling a little intimidated by purchasing and arranging your own flowers on your wedding day? Don’t think you have to scrap flowers altogether. Make things easier by creating fall wedding centerpieces using potted plants.

A single large pot of mums would look striking on every dining table, while an arrangement of smaller potted plants can look great and provide guests with a gift they can take home when your wedding is over.

Simple Pampas Grass Centerpieces: Hey Wedding Lady

      5.  Use Branches and Naturals

Flowers can be fussy. If you don’t want to have to worry about keeping flowers watered or how you’re going to transport potted plants without any damage, consider using branches and naturals in your DIY fall wedding centerpieces instead.

Branches can be arranged in the center of the table, wooden disks can be used as pedestals to display mini pumpkins and candles, and pampas grass can be used to mimic the look of flowers without all the fuss.

The great thing about using branches and naturals is that they can easily be used to decorate other areas of your wedding, like a fall wedding arch, to provide your décor with a consistent look.

Macramé Vase Cover: Paper and Lace

      6.  Go Boho

The boho trend is popular with brides and grooms who are planning weddings throughout the year, but it is the most at home at fall weddings. From macramé tablecloths to geometric terrariums, the best fall wedding ideas often include boho touches.

The great thing about going boho is that it’s a relaxed, easygoing style that can easily be DIYed. Place a few pebbles and rocks in a terrarium or learn how to make a simple macramé table runner or vase covering to decorate the tables.

Mason Jar Place Setting: Country Living

      7.  Get Creative With Mason Jars

A rustic fall wedding is popular with brides who want their wedding day to look elegant and romantic, but they don’t want to deal with a lot of fuss in order to achieve a gorgeous look. When it comes to rustic ideas, there is no option that is more popular than mason jars.

Mason jars can be used as flower vases and candle holders, but you can do so much more with them! Use them to hold silverware at each place setting, use them to display vintage-style photos, or place a potted plant inside each one.

Wooden Box Centerpiece With Candles and Flowers: Mod Wedding, Candelabra Centerpiece: Burgh Brides, Candle Centerpiece With Greenery: Courtney Inghram

      8.  Use Candles

Candles are often included in wedding centerpieces, but they can also be the star of the show. Skip all the flowers, fruit, and plants, and create a centerpiece entirely out of candles.

When it comes to easy fall centerpieces to make, it doesn’t get any better than candles. That’s because they can easily be arranged by friends and family so you can focus on other things the morning of your wedding day.

Keep things simple with candelabras, use a variety of mercury glass holders to display tea lights, or create a single focal point on rectangular tables with a long centerpiece box.

Lantern Centerpiece With Eucalyptus: Maddie Peschong

      9.  Use Lanterns

Lanterns are great fall wedding decorations too! They can also help you streamline your DIY centerpieces by providing you with a single accessory to decorate instead of sprinkling vases, candles, and other décor on the table.

Lanterns can be used to display flowers, fairy lights, candles, and anything else you can imagine. Lanterns can be decorated and assembled ahead of time too, so all you have to do is place one on each table before your reception begins.

Floral Chandelier Made Out of a Hula Hoop: Miss Plan It

      10.  Let the Dollar Store Inspire You

If your budget is your biggest concern, look no further than DIY dollar store fall centerpieces. There are some surprisingly elegant accessories to choose from, as long as you can see their potential!

Vases are an obvious choice, but doilies can be scattered on tables, bottles can be painted and arranged creatively, and hula hoops can be transformed into floral chandeliers.

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