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10 Spring & Summer Wedding Flower Chandelier Installation Ideas

Flower chandeliers are popular at weddings all year round. Flower chandeliers that use branches and dried naturals can be gorgeous at a fall wedding, while winter weddings may feature chandeliers decorated with evergreen boughs and pinecones.

Even though flower chandeliers are beautiful during the fall and winter, nothing compares to the beauty of a chandelier covered in blooms at a spring or summer wedding!

Whether you want to decorate your ceremony or reception space, or whether you want one dramatic chandelier above the dance floor or small ones above your reception tables, this list is the perfect place to get some great ideas.

Chandelier Decorated With Tulips: Happy Chantilly

Let In-Season Blooms Shine

From bridal bouquets to centerpieces, boutonnieres, and floral chandeliers, it’s always a good idea to use blooms that are in-season. You have an endless array of choices during the spring and summer!

Tulips, daffodils, and lily of the valley are beautiful when arranged on a wreath in the spring, while lavender, dahlias, and hydrangeas can look gorgeous when arranged in a round chandelier at a summer wedding.

Wisteria Chandelier: Kristen Weaver

Romantic Hanging Wisteria

Although you can make all in-season blooms work in a chandelier, wisteria deserves a special spot on the list. Nothing looks more romantic than cascades of wisteria above your dance floor or your ceremony space. Hang wisps of wisteria from a wire rack for a grand look.

Monochromatic Pink Flower Chandelier With White Orchids: Nouba

Go Monochromatic

With so many spring and summer blooms to choose from, choosing the right ones can feel overwhelming. Keep things simple by choosing a monochromatic color palette.

That might mean covering a rectangular frame in white roses or pink hydrangeas, but it might also mean sticking with one color, but using different blooms. For example, pink roses, carnations, and anthurium come in a variety of rosy hues that can be combined for a gorgeous look. Sprigs of green and white can be added to add even more interest.

Simple Monstera Leaf and Greenery Chandelier: Broadsheet

Think Green

No floral chandelier is complete without beautiful blooms, but don’t forget about greenery!

In the summer, it’s all about moss and soft green leaves. If you’re going for a unique look, consider decorating your chandelier with sprigs of long green grass.

Stems of Roses Hung From a Hoop Chandelier: Honestly WTF

Hang Full Stems of Flowers

Arranging a traditional floral chandelier is usually best left to the experts. If you are looking for a DIY-friendly chandelier, or you’re simply looking for something a little different, hang full stems of flowers instead. They can be hung from metal hoops, wire racks, and even fishing wire!

Floral Chandelier With Fairy Lights: Ruffled Blog

Include Lighting

If your wedding is going from day to night, or you’re just looking for a way to make your floral chandeliers a little more romantic, consider adding lighting. Lanterns and light bulbs can be hung from your chandelier, but fairy lights woven into the flowers look especially striking at an outdoor wedding or a garden party.

Flower and Ribbon Chandelier: Shabby Fufu

Chandeliers Decorated With Ribbon

Going for a festival vibe at your wedding? Or maybe you like the look of shabby-chic? With so many different colors and styles, ribbon can be a great way to get the look you want!

Long flowing ribbon in different colors can give your chandelier a fun, playful vibe, while bits of white lacy ribbon would look great when decorating a rustic wedding.

Beaded Chandelier Decorated With Roses: Brides Today

Enhance an Existing Chandelier With Flowers

Many floral chandeliers are created using hoops and racks, but who says you have to create something brand-new? Take an existing chandelier and enhance it with flowers!

Nearly any kind of chandelier will do. Buy a wooden chandelier and cover it with wildflowers found from a nearby field, decorate a vintage chandelier with baby’s breath, or cover a beaded chandelier in roses.

Test Tube Chandelier Featuring Single Blooms: Koyal Wholesale

Place Single Blooms in Test Tubes

Test tube vases are definitely having a moment at weddings. When arranged in the shape of a chandelier, they look right at home at a romantic wedding, as well as a modern, art gallery wedding.

The best part about this idea is the fact that it’s so easy! You can purchase a pre-made test tube chandelier, then simply place single blooms in each one.

Floral Chandelier Made Out of a Wooden Crate: Intimate Weddings

Decorate a Wooden Crate

With a little creativity, you can use nearly anything to make a chandelier, but when it comes to spring and summer weddings, we especially love using a wooden crate as a base. They can be dressed up and covered in fancy blooms, or you can hang blooms from the crate at a barn wedding.


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