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10 Wedding Décor Ideas & Tips for DIY Small Backyard Weddings (On A Budget)

A wedding doesn’t have to take place in a grand cathedral, in a fancy mansion, or on the beach in order for it to be beautiful. A DIY small backyard wedding can be just as gorgeous! The trick is to choose creative wedding décor that has a high visual impact but a low impact on your wallet.

Not sure where to get started? Check out our small backyard wedding ideas below that prove you can have a Pinterest-worthy wedding on a budget.

Intimate Outdoor Wedding Venue: Alicia & Co.

Don’t Discount Renting a Venue

When you think of hosting a small backyard wedding, you probably assume that the backyard is yours or a family member’s. Although that’s definitely an option, don’t discount the possibility of looking into small backyard wedding venues.

Many traditional venues offer outside spaces for weddings, and because you aren’t using the indoor space, you can rent it for a steal. Many venues have décor you can use, and they already have permits for things like alcohol and open flames, which can make things easier.

Wedding Ceremony in Front of a Willow Tree: The Knot

Take Advantage of an Existing Focal Point

Whether you rent a venue or you host your wedding at home, one of the best small backyard wedding ideas on a budget is to use an existing focal point for your ceremony.

Is there a big tree on the property? Can you close the doors to the barn and use it as a backdrop? Maybe there’s a small pond or water feature? When you choose an existing focal point, you can worry less about spending money on fancy ceremony décor.

Landscaped Backyard With Seating Areas: Googo Décor

Do Some Landscaping

If you’re having your wedding in your own backyard, doing some landscaping is an easy way to beautify the outdoors for guests. Have the grass professionally treated, add some annuals to the yard, or complete that patio you’ve been meaning to get to. It will look beautiful for your small backyard wedding, but it will also make your yard lovely long after you say your I do’s.

All Pink Peony Bouquet: Wedding Ideas Mag

Source Plants and Flowers From the Yard

If you’re on the lookout for DIY backyard wedding ideas and you’re on a budget, consider heading out into the yard ahead of your big day to source plants and flowers.

Think ahead and plant some gladiolas that you can use in your summer bouquet, cut some peonies and irises for your spring bouquet, or cut branches from trees and shrubs to use as centerpieces. Other elements, like pampas grass and dried palm leaves, can easily be incorporated to add more interest to things you found in the yard.

Old Window Hung as Décor Behind the Head Table: Intimate Weddings

Decorate With Things You Already Have

There’s no need to head to the store or spend tons of money ordering new items for your small backyard wedding online. Chances are, there are tons of things you already have lying around that would make great decorations!

Just a few ideas include:

  • Hanging photographs from clotheslines
  • Using an aisle rug at your ceremony
  • Using old doors and windows as partitions
  • Fabric that can be hung from tree branches

Wine Bottle Table Number Centerpiece: Style Me Pretty

Scour the Recycling Bin for Bottles and Jars

When you’re looking around the house for small backyard wedding decorations, don’t forget to make a stop by your recycling bin!

Bottles and jars are extremely versatile at a backyard wedding. Sprigs of greenery can be placed in wine bottles and used to decorate tables, labels can be removed from pickle jars and used to hold candy on a dessert table, while flameless tealight candles can be placed in jars of all shapes and sizes to provide your wedding night with a soft, safe glow.

Simple Wedding Arch With Fabric Draped Over a Tree Branch: Diana Ascarrunz Photography

Go Rustic With Your Wedding Arch

If you have your heart set on a wedding arch at your backyard wedding ceremony, don’t think you have to buy new materials if you don’t want to. Scour the yard for branches that can be turned into an arch, hang fabric from the branches of a tree, or create a simple metal frame that is decorated with hanging ribbons. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!

Wedding Reception Dinner Under String Lights: 100 Layer Cake

Hang String Lights

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to elevate the look of a small backyard wedding is to hang string lights.

It doesn’t matter if you use fairy lights, if you use porch lights, or if you use white Christmas lights. They can be hung above a patio space, they can be strewn from trees above the reception space, or they can be hung inside a tent. No matter how they are used, they will make your wedding look beautiful and romantic for very little money.

Simple Banquet Table Draped in Green Velvet: Tie the Knot Santorini

Elevate Banquet Tables

Don’t think you have to have fancy tables in order for your backyard wedding reception to be fancy. Many people have one or two banquet tables laying around or know someone who does. If you don’t, they can be rented for cheap. Either way, they can easily be elevated by decorating them.

Cover them in crushed velvet tablecloths, layer plain tablecloths with cheesecloth table runners, or let flowers and greenery cascade down the side of each table and no one will know what kind of table is lurking underneath.

Backyard Wedding Lounge Featuring Antique Furniture: Paisley and Jade

Create a Lounge

Backyard weddings aren’t always comfortable, but that’s usually because guests don’t know what to do except stand around. Separate your space into zones with tables for eating, a place for dancing, and a lounge for chatting.

Eclectic lounges with mismatched furniture and pillows look great in the backyard, which means you can use furniture you already have in the house. It’s even better if you can use small backyard wedding tents to create a secret hideaway for guests to catch up with family and friends.



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