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2022 Wedding Proposal Ideas & Tips

Making the decision to propose is a big one. It’s one you want to get just right. After all, the day you propose is one you will remember for a lifetime!

Wondering how to do a modern wedding proposal? There are some ideas and tips you probably already know, like asking her family ahead of your proposal and saving for a ring. The tips on this list are different. Here you’ll find tips you may not have considered that will ensure you plan the perfect proposal in 2022.

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You Don’t Necessarily Have to Propose With a Ring

Traditionally, proposals included a ring, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a ring. If you think your partner would appreciate the ability to design or pick their own bling, you may want to propose without it. Just make sure you propose with something else instead.

A few wedding proposal ideas that don’t involve a ring include:

  • A keepsake ring box, like a geode
  • A memento from your relationship, like a love letter
  • A charm bracelet complete with its first proposal charm
  • Tickets to a concert or an event
  • Plane tickets
  • A heartfelt speech or letter

If You Do Propose With a Ring, Insure it Ahead of Time

If you are proposing with a ring, seriously consider having it insured ahead of time. We have all heard the horror stories of men losing the ring before, during, or immediately after the proposal in the ocean, down a grate, or off a cliff. It could get stolen, a stone could go missing, or it could get chipped. Getting it insured can help you recoup at least some of the cost if something terrible happens.

Choose a Meaningful Place

A wedding proposal on the beach is popular, as are dinner proposals and vacation proposals. There’s nothing wrong with these ideas, but you may want to consider choosing a more meaningful or memorable place.

A few ideas include:

  • Where you went on your first date
  • Where you first met
  • On a hike
  • During a picnic
  • On a boat
  • On a rooftop

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Set the Stage

Choosing a meaningful place doesn’t mean you have to go around the world. Proposals at home or at a restaurant can be memorable too, as long as you set the stage and do some decorating ahead of time.

Some wedding proposal tips for décor include things like:

  • Creating flower arrangements with pampas grass that can be reused in the bridal bouquet
  • Designing an outdoor vignette complete with rattan lanterns hanging from the trees
  • Scattering the floor with rose petals and lighting candles
  • Filling an indoor space with balloons
  • Incorporating live music

Involve Family and Friends

A wedding proposal with family and friends could mean proposing at a family event, like a holiday celebration or on a vacation, but it’s even more fun if you clue them in to your proposal ahead of time.

For example, you could enlist your partner’s parents to keep them busy while you set up to pop the question. A child could hold up a sign that says, “Marry Me”, or a friend could be standing by to set off fireworks or throw confetti.

Involve a Pet

Not only can you find creative ways to include your friends and family, you can also consider including your pets too!

A wedding proposal with a dog is popular with many couples, but cats and even birds can help you propose! A few ideas include:

  • Have your pet wear a bandana or a sign that says, “Will You Marry Me?”
  • Get a new puppy or kitten with a tag that says, “Will You Marry Me?”
  • Tie the ring to your pet’s collar
  • Dress up your pet for the occasion

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Document the Moment

Your proposal is a moment you’ll want to remember forever. Not to mention, it’s a moment all your friends and family will want to hear about! That’s why one of our favorite wedding proposal ideas involves documenting the moment.

You could secretly record the proposal, but you can also consider hiring help. A friend or family member could be standing by to take pictures, or you can hire a professional photographer or videographer. You’ll get great shots of the ring, you’ll cement the moment in your memories forever, and images can be used on engagement announcements and save the dates.

Be Careful What You Wear

Be mindful of what you’re wearing, especially if you’re hiring a professional photographer or videographer, but it also means figuring out how to convince your soon-to-be-fiancé to look her best without telling her what you’re up to. Consider incorporating a nice dinner into your proposal to make sure she’s dressed nicely, and treat her to a manicure a few days before.

It might also mean not being too obvious. If you’re wearing a suit to go for a walk on the beach, your partner is going to know something is up. Wear something you might normally wear, but make sure you look put together so you don’t cringe when you look back at your engagement photos years down the road.

Proposing Doesn’t Have to Be Up to Him!

It wasn’t all that long ago that the idea of a woman proposing to her boyfriend would mortify most people, but this is 2022. Proposing no longer has to be up to him. If Lindsey Vonn can do it, so can you!

If you’re considering a wedding proposal for your boyfriend, you might want to do things a little different like:

  • Be honest about your motives—only propose when you’re both truly ready to be married
  • Consider how your partner would feel being proposed to
  • Consider proposing with something besides a ring, like matching necklaces
  • Give him the opportunity to propose back with a ring at a later time

A wedding proposal means more than getting down on one knee and presenting a ring. From the location to the ambiance, involving family to making sure her nails are Instagram-ready, the wedding proposal ideas on this list will make sure your proposal is romantic, heartwarming, and memorable.

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