2023 Summer Wedding Color Combinations

The summer is a popular time to have a wedding. Because you don’t have to worry about cold temperatures and snow storms, it’s the perfect season for brides and grooms who want to spend at least some of their day outside.

But what colors should you choose?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in love with neutrals or you have your heart set on a more cheerful color palette. Our list of 2023 summer wedding color combinations includes hues you’re sure to love.

Blue Brushstroke Wedding Cake Covered in Magenta Roses and Orchids: A Wedding Cake Blog, Floral Arrangement With Hanging Magenta Flowers and Blue Thistle: Rock My Wedding, Moody Blue and Viva Magenta Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Moody Blue and Viva Magenta

We love the ways brides and grooms are using Pantone's color of the year in their 2023 weddings, but our favorite combination for summer is moody blues and Viva Magenta.

This color palette is perfect for understated July 4th celebrations, but because it doesn’t include lots of white, it can look elegant all summer long. Decorate with vintage blue candle holders and incorporate unique florals. Amaranth is a great choice for country chic weddings, while pink orchids are perfect for tropical celebrations.

Place Setting With a Colorful Menu and a Blue Napkin: Bridal Guide, Wedding Shoes and a Bouquet of Colorful Flowers on a Chair: Kati Rosado, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Red Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Red

If you’re looking for wedding color help that will wow your guests, look no further than the striking color combination of blue, orange, yellow, and red.

This color palette lends itself well to playful details, like hanging ribbons and hand-painted watercolor menus. Hang bright sunflowers and red roses among blue paper lanterns and have fun with fruit by serving skewers of orange slices, blueberries, and pineapple during cocktail hour.

Bridal Bouquet With Broccoli, Berries, and an Artichoke: The Knot, Place Setting With Fresh Bread, Beets, and Artichokes: Style Me Pretty, Farm Fresh Abundance Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Farm Fresh Abundance

One of our favorite wedding themes for 2023 is farm fresh abundance. Because it focuses on the bounty all around us, it’s green—both literally and figuratively. It also happens to be a great choice for foodies who want to share a farm-fresh meal with friends and family.

This color palette is about making fruit and vegetables the center of your celebration, which means your color palette may change, depending on the food you’re featuring. For example, leafy greens might accompany the orange of carrots, the deep red of tomatoes, or the yellow of bell peppers, depending on the vegetables you want to use throughout your décor.

Stylized Photo of a Wedding Ring Box, Save the Date, and Accessories: Ruffled Blog, Black Bride Standing in a Vintage-Style Dress Holding a Bouquet of Flowers: Love My Dress, Porcelain, Tarnished Silver, and Antique Brown Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Porcelain, Tarnished Silver, and Antique Brown

If you’re searching for romantic wedding color combinations, choose a combination of porcelain, tarnished silver, and antique brown.

This color palette is the perfect combination of modern, melanin-inspired hues while romanticizing the past. Think vintage dresses, tortoiseshell décor, and mother of pearl accessories. Use brown glass bottles as bud vases and create the perfect ambiance with silver candelabras.

Stone Water Fountain Decorated With Roses, Ferns, and Wisteria: Style Me Pretty, Blue Wedding Heels With Gold Leaf Details: Love My Dress, Bridgerton Blue and Lavender Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Bridgerton Blue and Lavender

If you really want to up the romance, wedding colors for summer don’t get any better than Bridgerton blue and lavender.

Don’t think your celebration has to be an obvious homage to the hit Netflix show. You can tastefully incorporate hanging blooms, showstopping water fountains, gold details, and abundant flowers without anyone knowing the inspiration behind it all.

Place Setting With Pink Flowers and Yellow Candles: Carats and Cake, Berry Wedding Cake Covered in Yellow Icing, Strawberries, and Cherry Blossoms: Add 1 TBSP, Pink Mustard Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Pink Mustard

Mustard is a popular modern wedding color that doesn’t always look appropriate in the summer. That is, until you combine it with berry wedding colors!

Shades of pink look stunning with shades of mustard, especially when you combine different textures and flavors. Soft chiffon and velvet create a tactile experience for your guests, while blackberry desserts, compote bowls filled with raspberries, and hors d'oeuvres that incorporate spicy brown mustard ensure your wedding is as tasty as it is beautiful.

Reception Table Decorated With Gray Plates and Greenery: Wedding Forward, Lotus Candle Holders on Moss: The Knot, Emerald, White Jade, and Charcoal Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Emerald, White Jade, and Charcoal

If you’re on the hunt for examples of wedding colors that are perfect for a woodland celebration, consider a palette that includes emerald, white jade, and charcoal.

Incorporating gray through attire, charger plates, and napkins elevates your wedding and makes it a little more formal. Plenty of greenery is a must, while white jade jewelry and creamy lotus decorations keep things light and bright.

White Reception Table Decorated With Neutral Colors: Mae and Co. Creative, Boho Table Setting in the Desert With Hints of Mauve: Junebug Weddings, Into the Desert Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Into the Desert

Not all summer weddings take place in the woods or at the beach. Some take place in the desert as the hot summer sun gives way to cooler temperatures and a star-filled sky.

This color palette is all about creating decor that melts into the natural beauty of the desert. With pampas grass, water hyacinth placemats, and dusty mauve candles, this color palette is perfect for boho brides and grooms.

Champagne-Colored Reception Tables Decorated with Floral Centerpieces: Natalie J Weddings, Cake Stand Featuring Lucite Boxes Filled With Off-White Tulips: Martha Stewart, Clear Acrylic, Champagne, and Sage Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Clear Acrylic, Champagne, and Sage

Sage remains one of the most popular wedding colors. There are many sage combinations to choose from, but when it comes to wedding colors in June, July, and August, it’s all about a combination of clear acrylic, champagne, and sage.

Bride Standing With Her Bridesmaids Wearing Mint, Pink, and Burgundy Dresses: Junebug Weddings, Burgundy, Mint, and Pink Color Palette: Pantone Connect, Antique Velvet Couch Decorated With a Floral Arrangement: The Wedding Playbook

Burgundy, Mint, and Pink

When you’re thinking up 2023 summer wedding color combinations, burgundy isn’t likely to come to mind. Although it’s true that this deep shade of red is more popular in the fall and winter, it can look stunning when paired with shades of mint and pink in the summer.

Burgundy roses are an obvious choice, but don’t be afraid to try different florals, like dahlias, gypsophila, and hypericum. Have fun with vignettes by bringing indoor furniture outside and decorate tables with minty green apothecary bottles and vintage mercury glass candle holders.

Soft green leaves, like actual sage, eucalyptus, and lambs ear look lovely with this crisp, clean color palette, while acrylic details give it a luxe feel. Display florals on acrylic pedestals, create stunning menus out of clear acrylic sheets, and top your cake with a custom acrylic cake topper.

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