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Top 10 Sage Green Wedding Color Palette & Decor Ideas

Sage green is a popular wedding color, for good reason. Because it’s in the green family, it’s easy to incorporate florals and greenery into your décor, but this hue can also transform your wedding in many ways that you might not expect.

For example, pairing sage green with one color can give your wedding boho vibes, while another can transform your wedding into a winter wonderland.

The question is, what colors go with sage green for a wedding? Here are a few of our favorite sage green wedding ideas complete with color palettes and décor suggestions.

Place Settings Featuring Emerald Green Napkins and a Sage Centerpiece: The Every Last Detail, Hanging Tropical Leaf Arrangement Above a Sage Green Table: Style Me Pretty, Sage and Emerald Green Color Palette: Pantone

Sage and Emerald Green

A sage and emerald green wedding is perfect for fall and winter celebrations, although, with the right touches, it can look stunning at spring and summer fêtes too.

For example, if you are planning a fall or a winter wedding, incorporate velvet. That might mean using velvet napkins or having your bridesmaids wear velvet. If you’re planning a summer wedding, you might incorporate glossy phoenix palm branches and use chiffon table runners instead of velvet.

White Wedding Cake With Minty Green Details: The Joe Harper Cake Company, Organic Wedding Backdrop Made of Hanging Branches and Rustic Wood: 100 Layer Cake, Rustic Mint and Sage Color Palette: Pantone

Rustic Mint and Sage

Another sage green wedding color palette in the green family includes mint and rustic details, making it perfect for a barn or vineyard celebration.

Combine rustic wood slabs with mint table numbers. A sage green wedding backdrop can look stunning when you use leaves in shades of green tied to natural branches, and coastal weddings look beautiful when decorated with sea glass.

Place Setting Featuring Dark Purple Ribbon and a Rose: Style Me Pretty, Eggplant and Sage-Colored Flower Arrangement: Art of It, Sage and Eggplant Color Palette: Pantone

Sage and Eggplant

If you prefer dark colors over light colors, consider combining eggplant and sage green at your wedding. Dark purple mums are perfect for a fall wedding, black calla lilies can give your wedding a gothic vibe, and purple paper lanterns can make your wedding more whimsical. Decorate with succulents to bring in the sage hue, or opt for plants with sage-colored leaves, like eucalyptus.

Centerpiece Featuring Light Terracotta Pots, Eucalyptus, and Cacti: Jessica Jones Photographs, Sage and Terracotta-Colored Bouquet: Roses and Rings, Light Terracotta and Sprigs of Sage Color Palette: Pantone

Light Terracotta and Sprigs of Sage

Terracotta is taking over the world of weddings! If you love this trend, choose the sage green and light terracotta wedding color palette.

The trick is to choose the lighter shades of terracotta and incorporate sprigs of actual sage into floral arrangements. That might mean decorating tables with terracotta vases and creating sage green wedding bouquets out of nothing but wild sage.

Table Setting Featuring Sage Candles and Mustard Yellow Goblets: Style Me Pretty, Bride and Groom Kissing in Front of a Lighted Window: Rebekah Viola, Sage and Mustard Yellow Color Palette: Pantone

Sage and Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is a popular wedding color, with sage being a top ten hue to pair with this warm, yet vibrant, shade.

A sage green and mustard yellow wedding is at its most beautiful when you find unique ways to incorporate these colors. For example, instead of using white taper candles, you might use sage-colored candles. Set the table with mustard-colored glass goblets, or soak mustard seeds until they sink to the bottom of hurricane vases filled with water.

Bridesmaids Holding Bouquets of Greenery: Samantha Webber Photography, Centerpiece With Purple Roses and Greenery on Wooden Slabs: Happy Wed, Sage Green and Lovely Lilac Color Palette: Pantone

Sage Green and Lovely Lilac

If you have your sights set on a magical spring wedding, consider the sage green and lilac wedding color palette. It lends itself well to using actual lilac blooms and baby greens that are fresh and light, as if they have just poked out of the ground.

This color palette is also beautiful in the summer at an Italian villa or on the grounds of a stately castle. Incorporate sprigs of lavender and decorate with soft chiffon that will flutter in the breeze.

Dusty Blue Bridesmaids and Bride Holding Sage and Blue Bouquets: Kim Christopher Photography, Simple Place Setting With Dusty Blue Napkin and Eucalyptus Leaves: 48 Fields, Sage and Dusty Blue Color Palette: Pantone

Sage and Dusty Blue

Dusty blue is another popular wedding color that pairs perfectly with sage green. Light blue cheesecloth table runners look stunning on wooden tables, while the same fabric can dress up the backs of boring chairs at your ceremony.

Sage green wedding ideas that pair well with this blue hue include incorporating succulents into your décor or printing the reception menu on sage-colored paper.

Bouquet of Blush Flowers, Succulents, and Greenery: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, Wedding Aisle Decorated With Pink Rose Petals and Greenery: Style Me Pretty, Blushing Sage Color Palette: Pantone

Blushing Sage

A palette of light pink and sage green at your wedding is perfect if you want to add a feminine touch to your nuptials. This color palette can also be as playful or as subdued as you want, depending on the details you choose.

For example, pink mercury glass charger plates are perfect for slightly girly, lighthearted weddings, decorating with blush tulle can give your wedding an ethereal feel, while pink bunny tails can make your big day feel a little bit more bohemian.

Wedding Cake With Silver Bands and Ruffled Green Frosting: Belle the Magazine, Dusty Miller Bridal Bouquet: Sweet Violet Bride, Cloudy Silver and Sage Color Palette: Pantone

Cloudy Silver and Sage

If you are leaning towards the neutral end of the color spectrum, but you want to add a little interest to an otherwise grey palette, go with the cloud silver and sage green wedding color combo.

Taper candle holders are an easy way to incorporate silver, while disco balls will give your wedding a party vibe. Incorporating lamb’s ears is perfect at a spring wedding, while dusty miller is the perfect choice for a winter wedding.

Champagne-Colored Reception Tables Decorated with Floral Centerpieces: Natalie J Weddings, Cake Stand Featuring Lucite Boxes Filled With Off-White Tulips: Martha Stewart, Clear Acrylic, Champagne, and Sage Color Palette: Pantone

Clear Acrylic, Champagne, and Sage

Champagne and sage green wedding color combinations are fairly popular, but we wanted to incorporate clear acrylic for a different take on this palette.

You can place a sage green acrylic wedding sign outside the entrance to your ceremony, you can place an acrylic cake topper on your wedding cake, and you can display floral arrangements on clear acrylic stands.

Whether you gravitate towards neutrals, you love jewel tones, or you’re going for the coveted boho look, there’s a sage green wedding color combination that is perfect for your big day.



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