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Our Top 10 Favorite Wedding Expert Tips for April (& Easter Day) Weddings

A spring wedding can be beautiful, but it can also be risky, and the earlier in the spring you plan your wedding, the riskier it gets. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan an April wedding! An April wedding can be beautiful and fun when planned properly.

Whether you love the idea of celebrating a new beginning with your spouse as the first blooms pop out of the ground or you want to make Easter part of your wedding day celebrations, these expert tips will make sure you get the most out of your April wedding.

Bridesmaids Dressed In Pastel Colors: Moni Lynn Images

Consider a Pastel Color Pallet

Pastel colors are a great choice when it comes to spring weddings, especially when you’re planning your nuptials so close to Easter. Choose just a few colors or let pastels rule the day with bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and décor in every color of the pastel rainbow.

Not a big fan of pastel colors? Geomyra Lewis of Geomyra Lewis Weddings & Events says you shouldn't feel like you have to stick with the obvious colors of each season. Pick whatever colors feel most organic to you, even if it means going with bright cheery daffodils and dark purple tulips.

Bridal Bouquet Featuring Peonies and Ruffled Tulips: Cavin Elizabeth Wedding Photography

Flowers Are a Must

There are many ways you can avoid using real blooms at your wedding, but an April wedding is not the occasion to skip using flowers. Spring is when mother nature wakes up and the world turns green again. It’s what most people look forward to after a snowy winter, so you should incorporate real flowers into your wedding day somehow.

Don’t want to make a big fuss over flowers? Amy Child Marella of The Hidden Garden Floral Designs suggests giving your florist control. Allow them to pick the most affordable, freshest flowers that are available the week of your wedding and you're sure to get season-appropriate flowers that look beautiful. Incorporate them with branches and naturals to help bring the outdoors inside.

Air plants and greenery walls are also an option, if you want more natural, earthy wedding décor.

Decorative Baskets at a Wedding Ceremony: Rock My Wedding

Use Baskets Throughout Your Ceremony and Reception

Baskets aren’t just for the flower girl! They look right at home at any April or Easter wedding!

Mix and match Easter baskets and find unique ways to use them throughout your wedding day. Use them to display ceremony programs, fill them with treats on a dessert table, or use them to create eclectic table centerpieces.

Bride Holding a Baby Goat: Ruffled Blog

Invite Some Furry or Feathered Friends

Spring is a time for blooming flowers, but it’s also a time for baby animals. Have a little fun and invite some furry or feathered friends to your wedding. Not only will guests have fun interacting with goats, chicks, and other barnyard creatures, you’ll get some great pictures too!

Lina Orsino-Allen of Magpie Weddings recommends choosing a venue that already has connections to animals, like a farm, so that you aren't stuck taking care of the animals on your wedding day.

Centerpiece Featuring Flowers and Fresh Carrots: The Wedding of My Dreams

Think Beyond the Bunny

Bunny décor is an obvious choice if you’re planning an Easter wedding, but if you aren’t careful, all those decorative bunnies can end up looking a little childish. Think beyond the bunny for an Easter wedding that isn’t overwhelmingly about this holiday.

For example, incorporate fresh carrots in your floral arrangements or decorate with eggs. If you’re determined to have a bunny, consider having a real bunny make an appearance at your wedding.

Wedding Reception Featuring Hanging Umbrellas: Rock N Roll Bride

Let the Rain Inspire Your Day

April showers! You can’t avoid them at an Easter wedding. Make them part of your day!

Decorate with rain boots, hang umbrellas from the ceiling, and sprinkle raindrop beads on tables. Let it inspire you to take some great shots too. Shannon Cain of Shannon Cain Photography says, "I always encourage my couples to enjoy the rain and be brave, they need to live the moment." Let the rain inspire your day and you’ll be less likely to be frustrated when it shows up.

Grand Cathedral Wedding Ceremony: Constance Zahn

Incorporate Religion, but Only if It’s Important to You

Easter is a religious holiday, and if religion is important to you, consider having your nuptials inside a grand cathedral or tastefully incorporate crosses into your décor.

Don’t think you have to be religious to get married on Easter! However, The Knot recommends considering whether you can find an officiant and how your religious family members might feel. To avoid issues, you may want to consider having your wedding the weekend before or after this holiday.

Tented Wedding Ceremony With Flowing Drapes: Green Wedding Shoes

Have a Plan for Bad Weather

The weather will literally do anything in April. Depending on where you’re having your wedding, it could be hot, rainy, or even snowy! Make sure you plan ahead for bad weather so it doesn’t ruin your day.

Tova Syrowicz at Martha Stewart Weddings recommends securing a specific rain location ahead of your big day if you plan on having your wedding outdoors. That means having an indoor space or renting a tent that can be used in case of bad weather.

Giant Jenga in the Grass: Wedding Wire

Activities for the Kids Are Fun for Adults Too

An Easter wedding provides you with the perfect opportunity to host more activities for your guests than just dinner and dancing. Get outdoors and play some yard games or create an egg dying station inside your reception space. These activities will keep the kids occupied, but they are a lot of fun for adults too!

Fresh Egg Wedding Favors: Wedding Chicks

Have Fun With Favors

An April wedding with an Easter theme is the perfect excuse to have fun with your favors. Consider passing out something useful, like umbrellas, so all of your guests stay dry during a garden wedding. Fresh eggs or flowers are perfect favors for spring weddings, fill favor boxes with candy eggs, or wrap macarons in mini egg cartons.

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