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Our Top 10 Favorite Wedding Expert Tips for May Weddings

It’s true that all weddings have certain things in common, but as you begin to plan your May wedding, you will quickly discover that there are many differences between a May wedding and a fall or a winter wedding.

Whether you’re stuck on choosing a color palette, you aren’t sure what to serve, or you’re just looking for a way to make your nuptials memorable, the expert ideas on this list will help you host the perfect spring wedding in May.

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Plan Early                                                     

It’s always a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to plan your wedding, but it’s especially important in May, as it’s the beginning of the wedding season. The Real Wedding Study from The Knot found that 73-percent of all weddings take place between May and October. Competition for venues and vendors will be steep, especially the closer your wedding is to June, so planning six months, or even as far in advance as two years, is a good idea.

Don’t Think You Have to Plan a Pastel-Hued Fête

Don’t assume you have to go with a pastel color palette! The folks at the Wedding Gown Preservation Company want to see more brides and grooms use brighter colors at their May wedding. “There’s nothing wrong with a lovely peach or a light pink, a sky blue or a lovely shade of lavender, but we also think that spring is the perfect time for vibrant beauty in the form of bold colors.” They suggest trying fuchsia, sunshine yellow, sapphire blue, or tangerine.

Incorporate Nature

Everyone wants to get outside as the temperature warms up and the grass starts to grow. Give guests what they want by incorporating plenty of nature into your big day.

Flowers are a good start, but decorations can include potted plants as well as bouquets and flower arrangements. If you really want to showcase nature, host your ceremony, reception, or both outdoors. A wildflower field, a budding forest, or a green mountaintop are all perfect places for a spring wedding.

Consider Faux Flowers

Real blooms should be incorporated into your May wedding, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be real. A flower wall made out of silk hydrangeas is much more affordable than a wall made out of real flowers. In addition, The Knot suggests crafting realistic blooms from rice paper. It’s a good idea for items that are likely to wilt without water, like boutonnieres and cake decorations.

Be Prepared For Rain

April showers may bring May flowers, but there’s plenty of rain in May too! Anne Chertoff, a trend expert at WeddingWire, suggests talking to the venue about how they handle rain. “Does the venue have umbrellas the valets can use to get guests in and out of cars without getting soaked? Find out if there is a bridal suite for the bride to get dressed in so she doesn't have to worry about rain getting on her as she arrives, and check to make sure there's an area for guests to gather in case they have to wait out passing showers."

Bride in a Ruffled Jumpsuit: Martha Stewart, White Sangria Garnished With Lemon and Raspberries: Baking the Goods, Bride and Grooms Sitting on Mismatched Ceremony Chairs: Pat Furey Photography

Keep the Food Fresh and Light

Although it’s true that you don’t really have to follow any rules when it comes to choosing food for your wedding, it’s a good idea to go with something light and refreshing. It makes partying in warm weather much more comfortable.

Consider cold soups, fresh greens, and lemon cake, but make sure you have fun with drinks as well. The Knot says, “With temperatures rising, a pre-dinner cocktail hour with crisp, refreshing drinks are a great way to keep guests fueled and the party vibes fresh.”

Consider a white sangria garnished with lemon, mango martinis, or watermelon flavored beverages.

Have Fun With Attire

A May wedding is the perfect place to have a little fun with your attire! Lyra Vega Bridal predicts the bridal jumpsuit will be a huge trend, and we think a bride in a jumpsuit is perfect for a spring celebration.

Your bridal party can have a lot of fun with their attire too! Allow bridesmaids to pick their own dresses for a mismatched look, while the groom and groomsmen can have a little fun with bright floral ties.

Consider Something Unexpected

There are certain things guests expect at a wedding, like sitting down for the ceremony and dancing at the reception, but why not make things more interesting by planning something unexpected too?

"Think outside the box for your wedding-weekend events and create one-of-a-kind experiences for you and your loved ones,” says Allyson Joseph of Bob Gail Events. “Plan for a laid-back barbecue, a colorful welcome fiesta, or a sexy jazz night in lieu of a sit-down rehearsal dinner, or consider a themed pool party rather than a standard day-after brunch."

Pay Attention to the Details

Paying attention to the details is a great way to freshen up your spring wedding. Jerry Smolar of Chameleon Chair Collection has a suggestion, “When it comes to springtime weddings, freshening up your celebration with the smallest subtleties can be as easy as selecting the color of your chairs. Instead of settling for a standard neutral palette, add a fresh pop of color with light pink, mint green, powder blue, or even orange!"

Choose funky mermaid napkin rings, use jewel tone vintage glass candle holders, or have a calligrapher hand-write place cards. The possibilities are endless!

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