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Should All Wedding Centerpieces Be The Same?

The Koyal blog is no stranger to helping you answer questions about your wedding centerpieces. We’ve discussed whether you should use high or low wedding centerpieces, how big your wedding centerpieces should be, and of course, we've got multiple blogs that address trends, decorating without flowers, and much more!

Today, we’re answering the question, “Should all wedding centerpieces be the same?”

The good news is that there is no right or wrong answer! It is a personal decision. Just make sure you consider the pros, cons, and options down below so you make the right choice for your big day.

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Pros and Cons of Having the Exact Same Centerpieces on Every Table




  • Only one design to create
  • A single problem can ruin every table
  • Setting up is easy
  • Other people can help
  • It can make tables look boring
  • You can save by buying in bulk



Traditionally, wedding centerpieces were exactly the same on every table. It makes sense intuitively, as the tables at your reception are likely the same shape and size, but there are other pros to keeping your centerpieces the same on every table.

Figuring out how to choose wedding centerpieces can be hard. If you keep the centerpieces exactly the same, you only have one choice to make. Once you have styled the centerpieces exactly how you want, all you have to do is repeat the design on every table.

It can make setting up easier too, especially if you’re DIYing your centerpieces and giving your bridal party or family members the task of setting up the centerpieces. You can model what 

you want the centerpiece to look like, then all they have to do is repeat the look on every table.

Keeping your centerpieces the same also gives you the opportunity to buy in bulk. For example, when you buy glass votive holders in bulk, you’ll save a lot of money compared to buying votive holders and vases individually.

Having the same centerpieces on every table also comes with cons. If something goes wrong with your centerpiece, you can bet that the same thing will go wrong with the other centerpieces too. For example, if the flower arrangement on one table keeps toppling over, chances are, the flower arrangements on the other tables will topple over too.

In addition, the same centerpieces on every table can provide your reception space with a cohesive look, but it can also make your reception space appear flat, boring, and one-dimensional.

Differently Styled Centerpieces Featuring Books: Buzzfeed

Pros and Cons of Having Different Wedding Centerpieces on Every Table




  • More interactive for guests
  • Materials can be expensive
  • Easier for guests to find their seats
  • Increased texture and interest
  • It’s easy for DIY setup to go wrong
  • Can incorporate all the designs you like



Brides and grooms are getting creative and designing tables with different wedding centerpieces. This enhances the experience for your guests, as they are more likely to walk around your entire reception space, looking at the unique details of every centerpiece.

It can be a great idea for large weddings with assigned seating too. With hundreds of guests, it’s much easier for everyone to find their spot at the right table when they know what centerpiece to look for.

In addition, having different centerpieces at your wedding can add texture and interest to your reception space, elevating your décor. Not to mention, if you love creating and designing tablescapes, it’s a great way to incorporate all the designs you like without having to settle on just one.

Cost can be one of the biggest cons of having different wedding centerpieces on every table. Unless you thrift items and you’re flexible with the materials you use, it can get expensive to mix and match individual centerpieces. For example, tall centerpiece stands can cost nearly $100 apiece, while matching smaller pedestal vases can cost $30 or more apiece. The finished look is beautiful, but expensive!

Cost can also be higher because this type of décor is best left to professional florists and wedding designers. Asking your bridesmaids or family members to help you set up each table differently will likely lead to feelings of disappointment, as they are unlikely to get your vision right for each table. Professionals are more likely to do it right, but it means having a bigger budget for décor.

Low and High Reception Centerpieces With the Same Flowers: Mil Besos Costarica

Centerpieces That Are the Same, But Different

If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not all of your wedding centerpieces should be the same or not, there is another option—centerpieces that are the same and different.

With this option, you’re still able to use the same supplies, but you use them in different ways on each table. For example, you may use bunny tails in flower arrangements on each table, but the flowers you incorporate with the bunny tails might be different. You might use a variety of vases you thrifted from second hand stores, but keep the flower arrangement exactly the same in each one.

This provides a sense of continuity between your centerpieces, while enabling you to create interesting displays on each table at the same time.

Centerpiece Featuring Potted Succulent Favors: Ruffled Blog

Centerpieces That Double as Guest Favors

Another option you can try if you aren’t really sure how to approach your wedding centerpieces is to create displays that double as guest favors. There are a lot of great wedding centerpiece giveaway ideas to choose from!

For example, consider scattering tables with different bud vase centerpieces that contain dainty blooms. They enable you to get a look that’s consistent across all of the tables, but the tablescapes change as the night goes on and guests begin taking the vases home.

Should all wedding centerpieces be the same? The good and the bad news is that there is no right or wrong answer! It's all about weighing the pros and cons, getting creative, and choosing the best tablescape for the vibe you want at your wedding.

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