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High or Low Wedding Centerpieces - Which Is Right For You?

There are a lot of questions to answer when you start planning a wedding. One that leaves many brides and grooms stumped is how big should wedding centerpieces be?

Spoiler alert: There isn’t just one answer! Instead, the answer is different for every couple.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how high your centerpieces should be, keep reading to uncover what you should consider that will help you and your beloved zero in on the type of centerpiece that’s right for your big day.

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Consider Your Wedding Day Vibe

One of the first things you should think about when considering the height of your centerpieces is the vibe you want to have at your wedding. The vibe you want may just determine whether you should have high or low wedding centerpieces for you!

For example, if you’re having a low-key farmyard wedding, tall centerpieces are going to look out of place. Likewise, tall centerpieces aren’t a good idea for an outdoor wedding. They can topple easily unless tables are covered with an enclosed tent.

However, if you’re having a grand, elegant reception inside an old mansion, tall centerpieces will fit right in. They are great for formal affairs, and brides who want to completely transform an interior space will appreciate their ability to create a beautiful ambiance in an otherwise boring space.

Think About Your Budget

Every couple wants to know how much wedding centerpieces cost. That’s because most of us aren’t lucky enough to have an unlimited budget. A good strategy when determining what kind of centerpieces are right for you is to sit down and determine two or three things on your wedding to-do list that are the most important to you and your partner. Those are the things you should spend the most money on. You should look for ways to save on everything else.

If reception décor is one of the things on your must-have list, you may want to consider high centerpieces covered in flowers. If instead you’re more interested in having an amazing dress and a fancy cake, you may want to choose low centerpieces that are made out of non-floral materials, like candles and branches to save money.

Rent or Buy

It can also be helpful to consider whether you will be renting or buying your materials. Some items are relatively easy to rent, while others will require you to purchase items for a one-of-a-kind look.

For example, votive candle holders are cheap to buy in bulk, they can be reused after your wedding day, and they are relatively easy to get rid of by donating or selling them. In contrast, tall metal floral centerpiece risers can cost nearly $100 apiece. With multiple tables to decorate, you may find yourself paying over $1,000 just for risers!

If you like the idea of tall centerpieces, see what is available for rent near you. If they don’t have the kind of risers you’re looking for, you may want to consider low centerpieces instead.

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Think Beyond the Tabletop

Tall wedding centerpieces aren’t just for the table. If you love the look of tall floral arrangements, but don’t want to deal with obstructed views and stands that can topple easily, consider elevated wedding centerpieces instead!

From affordable hanging air planters to grand hanging floral arrangements, you may discover that your version of high wedding centerpieces means hanging them above the table. This is a great option for small reception tables that don’t have a lot of room for traditional centerpieces.

Wide Versus Tall

When many brides and grooms ask how big should wedding centerpieces be, they often mean whether or not their centerpieces should be tall or short. If you feel like tall centerpieces are out of your grasp, but you still dream of making a grand statement, consider wide and long centerpieces instead of tall centerpieces.

Low centerpieces aren’t always relegated to a small floral arrangement in the center of the table. Low, long, and flowing floral arrangements can spill off the end of rectangular tables and make just as much of an impact as tall floral arrangements.

Centerpieces That Double as Favors

Love the idea of wedding centerpieces guests can take home? Low is the easiest way to go. Think potted plants, personalized candles, and petit baskets of produce.

If you have your heart set on high centerpieces, but want guests to take them home, consider using a multi-tiered cake stand to display the favors in the center of each table.

Consider Using Both

If you’re still having a hard time deciding between high or low wedding centerpieces, why not do both!

High centerpieces look beautiful when surrounded by floral arrangements and candles down below. It’s especially beautiful if you opt for a hanging centerpiece above with a low centerpiece directly below.

Choosing between high and low wedding centerpieces can be a difficult decision, but it’s not a decision you can get wrong. As long as short centerpieces are 12 inches or shorter and tall centerpieces are 24 inches or taller, they will allow conversations to flow while adding beauty and interest to your reception space.


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