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Things I Wish I Knew Before Planning My Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is when you can finally let your hair down (figuratively, but maybe also literally!). It’s the culmination of all of your hard work and planning. The ceremony is over, you’re officially legal partners, and it’s finally time to eat good food, drink champagne, and dance the night away.

Unfortunately, many brides and grooms end up at the reception and, although they still have a good time, they realize there are things they could have done to make it easier to enjoy themselves.

That’s what this list is all about! Here are the things you should know before planning your wedding reception so you can enjoy a carefree party with your friends and family.

Bride Trying on Her Wedding Dress and Looking in the Mirror: The Well Necessities

Go Through the Motions When Trying on Your Wedding Day Look

Sit down in your dress. Try and go to the bathroom in your dress. Walk on a stone path, in the grass, or on gravel in your shoes.

When you actually live in your wedding day look ahead of your big day, you may discover that it’s impossible to sit in your corseted wedding dress and high heels are a horrible choice for walking in grass.

That doesn’t mean you have to scrap your dream wedding day look! It just might mean having a second, more comfortable, dress for your reception and flats you can change into during cocktail hour.

Bride and Groom Eating Their First Bite of Cake: Black Bride

Know When and How You’re Going to Eat

It’s weirdly easy to not eat at your reception. From catching up with guests to taking pictures, many brides and grooms leave full plates on the head table that get picked up by wait staff, or they are so busy that they don’t make time to enjoy the amazing desert table they curated.

Make a plan ahead of your reception for when you’re going to sit down and eat. That way you get to enjoy the food you spent all that money on, and you have enough energy to party at your reception.

Two Photographers Taking Pictures of the Bride and Groom: CG Photo & Design

Choose Vendors You Like to Be Around

You will spend quite a bit of time around some of your vendors, like your photographer, videographer, and wedding coordinator. Make sure you choose people that you genuinely like to be around. That way you aren’t ruminating about a rude hairdresser at your reception or feel like your photographer is ruining your vibe with their negative attitude.

Designate Someone to Deal With Vendor Questions the Day Of

Vendors have a lot of questions. The DJ wants to confirm your first dance song, the caterer needs to know which tables they can use, and the baker needs to find your cake knife. You don’t want to be the one fielding all of those questions. Either hire a day-of coordinator or ask a friend or family member to take point on answering vendor questions the day of your wedding.

Treat Your Time With the Same Attention as You Do Your Budget

It’s true that many brides and grooms see their wedding day balloon beyond what they initially budgeted, but it’s also true that most couples keep an eye on what they’re spending. How much they spend, and what they spend it on, is very important.

Your time should be equally as important! That might mean skipping some DIY projects. Although you might save money by making your own décor or staying up the night before to bake your own wedding cake, you can enjoy the wedding planning process more if you aren’t stressed out over too many DIY projects.

Wedding Guests Mingling While Getting Food: Cate St Hill

Stress Less About Minor Details and Focus on the Big Picture

You may love the idea of putting antique stamps on your invitations and finding the perfect napkin rings, but trying to perfect tiny details can also make you feel much more overwhelmed than you need to be.

Focus on the big picture and forget about tiny details. Your guests will remember the food, the DJ, and how happy you looked on your wedding day. They aren’t going to remember what their silverware looked like or the color of the ribbon that was on your bouquet.

Approach Favors From Your Guests’ Point of View

You may think that your wedding favor is cool, but will your guests think it’s cool enough to take home?

Don’t get stuck dumping expensive favors in the garbage the day after your wedding. Think about what your guests might actually want or use.

Or, don’t have favors at all. It’s completely acceptable to skip the wedding favors.

Bride and Groom Dancing in Confetti With Guests: Junebug Weddings

Consider All of Your Guests When Choosing Music

Creating a playlist with songs you and your partner love is important for your wedding reception. Just don’t get carried away and insist on playing certain genres and songs to the exclusion of others.

You might love alternative rock, but that doesn’t mean your grandparents do. You may not like wedding dance songs, like the Macarena or Cotton Eye Joe, but they can be a great way to get guests out on the dance floor. Be flexible so all of your guests have a chance to dance to a song they like.

Cars Decorated For a Wedding Parked in a Row: Wedding Bee

Think Carefully About Transportation

How are your guests going to get home after your reception? You might want to provide transportation or have your reception in or near the hotel where guests are staying if you’re planning a destination wedding to ensure everyone gets back to their room safely at the end of the night.

You might want to be mindful of transportation, even if you aren’t having a destination wedding. You can rent a van to drive people home or encourage guests to download a ridesharing app. Even though it’s not your responsibility to make sure everyone gets home safely, you can relax knowing guests have the option of safe transportation if they need it.

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