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Top 10 2022 Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

Asking your significant other to marry you isn’t the only question you’re going to ask in preparation for your wedding. You want your closest friends to be there for you on the biggest day of your life, which means planning the perfect groomsmen proposal!

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Many guys wonder how to propose to groomsmen. It can seem a lot harder than proposing to bridesmaids, but planning a groomsmen proposal can be just as much fun, just as meaningful, and just as well-received when you plan your proposal carefully.

Check out the first five ideas on this list if you want to buy your groomsmen gifts, and check out the last five ideas on this list if you want to share an experience with the guys. No matter what you choose, your friends will be excited to say “Yes!”

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Groomsmen Proposal Box Ideas

A proposal box is one of the most popular ways to ask your friends to become your groomsmen. But, you’re probably wondering what to put in a groomsmen proposal box.

A few of our favorite ideas include a:

  • Pocket knife that is personalized with their name and your upcoming wedding date
  • Custom bottle opener that is engraved or hand painted
  • Cigar box full of their favorite cigars complete with a lighter

Groomsmen Proposal Cards

If your group of friends isn’t into fancy things or long, drawn-out speeches, consider groomsmen proposal cards. You can find heartfelt cards and funny cards that you can personalize with your own message. Keep things low-key by handing them the card the next time you get together or send it in the mail if your friend lives far away.

Alcohol-Themed Gifts

Alcohol-themed gifts are popular with many guys, especially if you skip the low-quality glass beer mug and give your guys something a little more upscale. Go for an insulated wooden mug or a stainless steel beer stein instead.

Groomsmen proposal flasks are popular, especially if they are customized, as are groomsmen proposal beer labels affixed to bottles of your friends’ favorite brew. Labels can also be created for whiskey bottles, wine bottles, and other alcohol, so you can ask your friends as they pick up their favorite drink.

Wedding Day Attire

If you’re looking for a groomsmen proposal that is non-alcoholic, gift them with fancy wedding day attire.

Some ideas you can consider include:

  • Socks that match the personality of each of your groomsmen
  • Tie and pocket square
  • Suspenders, belt, or a belt buckle
  • Tie clip
  • Cufflinks
  • Engraved pocket watch
  • Matching hats

Grooming Gifts

Grooming items are among the top groomsmen proposal gift ideas. Go all out with a shaving kit that includes a razor, a shaving brush, and shaving cream that will elevate their routine in the bathroom.

You can include other grooming items too, like beard balm, handmade soap, a nail clipper kit, and any other grooming items that you think your friends will appreciate.

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Buy Tickets to a Game

If you like the idea of sharing an experience with your groomsmen instead of getting them a gift, buy tickets to a game! Just make sure you choose tickets to a game you know all of the guys will enjoy.

You can make the experience even more exciting by giving the guys a groomsmen proposal baseball with tickets to the game, a groomsmen proposal box with golf balls and tees ahead of a day spent at the golf club, or see if you can get your proposal on the jumbotron at a football game.

Get Away For the Weekend

Taking the guys away for the weekend is the perfect opportunity to ask them to join your squad of groomsmen. If you’re on a budget, you can plan your groomsmen proposal a little closer to home, staying overnight in a hotel just a few hours away. Take the guys out to dinner, buy a round of drinks, or consider a shared experience, like going to a concert or a pinball arcade.

If you have the money, you can consider a far-flung trip. Las Vegas is a popular group destination, as is Miami, Florida and Austin, Texas.

Hit the Barber Shop Together

Getting pampered isn’t just for the girls! Although the guys might not be that excited if you schedule manicures and pedicures, they are sure to love personalized appointments at a trendy barbershop.

Treat the guys to haircuts before you hit them with your groomsmen proposal, or let your friends experience a straight razor shave for the first time. They will feel pampered and rejuvenated, but in the manliest way possible.

Get Out Into Nature

If you and your guys like to spend more time outside than inside, take them out into nature for your groomsmen proposal. You can keep things simple with a hike or you can bring the fishing gear and spend the day out on the water.

Camping can be a fun way to spend time together. Rent an RV if you want the experience to be extra special, or have the guys set up tents and ask them to join you on your wedding day over the campfire.

Host a Game Night

You don’t necessarily have to go anywhere to have a great time! Invite the guys over for a game night as your groomsmen proposal activity.

You can have a casino night where you play poker and blackjack, or you can have a board game night. If the guys are into sports, split everyone into two teams and play flag football, or play drinking games, like beer pong. If you want to be creative, consider hiding your proposal on the bottom of a beer pong cup or shuffle a custom proposal card into the deck ahead of a game of cards.

Your guys deserve a special proposal too! Whether you have gifts or an experience in mind, the ideas on this list will make sure your groomsmen proposal is something they will never forget.

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