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Top 10 Gender-Neutral Wedding Decor Ideas

Weddings are for everyone. They are for the couple getting married, but they are also for all the guests you invite. Unfortunately, not all weddings feel welcoming to all.

If you’re worried that your wedding might feel a little too feminine or a little too masculine, you can choose more gender neutral décor to make sure everyone feels welcome.

Here are our top 10 gender neutral alternatives so you can create décor that is balanced and beautiful. 

Neutral Wedding Centerpiece With Pops of Blush and Mustard: 100 Layer Cake

Avoid Traditionally Gendered Colors

Neutral wedding color palettes are the easiest way to keep things from getting too girly or manly at your wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid color altogether. Just avoid colors like pink and purple to create more neutral wedding décor.

Colors like shades of green, yellow, and red are less gendered. If you do want to use a shade like pink, make it a supporting color and incorporate softer hues. For example, blush pink is more understated while baby pink is more gendered.

Two Brides Holding Bouquets of Greenery: Love Inc.

Tone Down the Use of Roses

Roses are a staple at weddings, but they can also feel a little too girly. There’s no need to use them if you don’t want to when you have so many other options!

Choosing greenery in lieu of lots of blooms is always a great idea. Dried florals are popular among gender neutral couples, as are rare and unexpected blooms, like protea. 

Have your heart set on roses in your décor? Make sure you combine them with more masculine elements for a more balanced look.

Wedding Centerpiece Featuring a Stack of Books: Martha Stewart

Get Inspired By What Brought You Together

Getting the flowers right at a gender neutral wedding can be stressful. Instead of fussing over floral centerpieces, get inspired by what brought you together when planning your décor.

Did you meet in a bookstore? Decorate the tables with copies of your favorite books.

Love traveling? Incorporate luggage tags and mementos from your travels.

The more you decorate with things that are meaningful to you as a couple, the more personal and less gendered your wedding will feel.

Table Covered in Honey Jar Wedding Favors: Style Me Pretty

Thoughtful Food Favors

Wedding favors can be surprisingly gendered, even if they may not seem that way on the surface. For example, soap can feel a little too feminine, while whiskey wedding favors can feel a little too masculine.

There are multiple options when it comes to gender neutral wedding favors, but one of our favorites is thoughtful food. Homemade items, like jam, as well as items like honey, maple syrup, and caramel apples are almost always a hit, no matter what the age or gender of your guests.

White Table Settings With Colorful Mismatched Goblets: Nashville Bride Guide

Keep Table Settings Simple

Table settings can take on a life of their own if you aren’t careful. With so many details involved, it’s easy to choose everything separately and realize the final look isn’t what you wanted when you put it all together.

Go with a minimalist vibe and keep the table setting at your gender neutral wedding as simple as possible. Choose white charger plates and basic white table linens. Then, add in details so they aren’t overwhelming. For example, you might incorporate a velvet table runner or fancy drinking goblets.

Two Grooms Standing Back-to-Back under Geometric Arches: Love Inc.

Play With Geometric Patterns

Patterns can add depth to your wedding day. They are a great option if you’re less of a minimalist and more of a maximalist.

A few of our favorite geometric wedding details include:

Place Cards Displayed on Wooden Logs: Glamour and Grace

Incorporate Natural Materials

Natural materials are also a great addition to your gender neutral wedding. Plants are an obvious choice, but some other materials you can incorporate include:

Pillar Candles Displayed on Cement Blocks: Ruffled Blog

Simplify Candlelight Displays

Candles are a wedding day staple, but displays can easily become overcomplicated and overwhelmingly feminine. If you want your wedding to look less like a princess’s fairytale and more like a gender neutral adventure, simplify your candlelight displays.

For example, you might place white pillar candles on trays instead of placing them in glass hurricane vases. You should also choose simple votive candle holders over sparkling or mix-and-match designs.

Light Orange Cake With an Acrylic Cake Topper: Koyal Wholesale

Cake Toppers With Messages

You aren’t stuck with the traditional man and woman figurines on your wedding cake. There are plenty of gender neutral cake toppers out there. Our favorites are toppers with messages.

Try a laser cut wood cake topper that says, "Happily Ever After." You could also choose an acrylic cake topper that features your names and your wedding date.

Gender Neutral Porta Potty Decorated For a Wedding: Honey Bucket

Don’t Differentiate Between Men and Women

Weddings have a way of separating men and women. That includes brides and grooms, the wedding party, and the guests. Avoid differentiating the genders for a non-binary-friendly wedding.

For example:

  • Choose gender neutral bathrooms and/or porta potties, when possible
  • Skip the Mr. and Mrs. signs on tables and the backs of chairs
  • Don’t decorate the head table to separate bridesmaids from groomsmen

A wedding is a celebration where everyone should feel comfortable. These tips will make sure your wedding is the perfect ungendered expression of the love you have for each other, your friends, and your family.

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