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Top 10 Neutral Wedding Color Palette Earth Tones

Bright, colorful weddings can be quite beautiful, but that doesn’t mean shades of cheery red, bright yellow, and bold blue are right for you. If not, you’re in good company. Earth tones are having a real moment in weddings!

Worried that choosing a neutral wedding color palette is going to be boring? We’re here to show you it isn’t! Here are 10 of our favorite neutral wedding color palette ideas in a variety of earth tones that are beautiful, memorable, and will last the test of time.

Mauve Desert Ceremony Arches Decorated With Flowers: Good Seed Floral

Into the Desert

Desert weddings are one of the most popular wedding trends that utilize a neutral wedding color palette. Think shades of dusty cholla wood, sandy brown, and every shade of white you can imagine. Shades of mauve are right at home with this palette and can add a little bit of color without losing the desert touch. This color palette is especially popular with boho brides who want to wear flower crowns, wide brimmed hats, and whimsical, no-fuss wedding dresses.

Centerpieces Featuring Plants Potted in Terracotta: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Southwest Terracotta

Terracotta is a popular wedding trend that’s perfect for brides and grooms who are searching for neutral wedding colors with a little life and history. Rusty terracotta hues can be used everywhere from the bridesmaids dresses to table cloths, terracotta pots stuffed with succulents make perfect wedding favors, and terracotta flower vases on reception tables can hold buds in shades of white, tan, and mauve. This color palette is great for desert weddings, but it’s also great for mountain weddings and dusky sunset ceremonies.

Wedding Invitation Suite Featuring Ochre Yellow: 100 Layer Cake

Mustard Yellow and Sand

A neutral wedding color palette doesn’t have to mean you only use neutrals. When you use the right shades of brighter colors, you can achieve a neutral look while injecting a bit of color into your wedding day scheme.

Mustard yellow and even deeper shades, such as ochre and hazelnut, are great choices, especially when paired with sandy shades like oyster, sand dollar, and cornsilk. This color palette is perfect for brides who love the look of pampas grass, worn table linens, and rustic, yet trendy wedding details.

Bride and Groom Standing in Front of a Classic Car: French Wedding Style

Sepia Photograph Come to Life 

If you have a soft spot for old sepia photographs and would love for your wedding to look like it was torn out of an old photo album, choose a neutral wedding color palette that features your favorite sepia tones. With tones in reddish-brown, deep coffee, taupe, cream, and everything in between, this color combo is perfect for brides who love the idea of a bouquet full of dried wedding flowers, vintage gowns, and antique décor.

Brown Wedding Cake and Mushroom Cupcakes: Rustic Wedding Chic

Rustic Brown

If you truly love the color brown, don’t feel like you have to include other hues. The key is to choose a few shades of brown that play well together. Let a deep shade of hickory steal the day, but make this shade stand out by pairing it with shades of peanut and caramel. This combination of earth tones is perfect for outdoor weddings, especially forest fêtes and barn ceremonies. Let rustic wood take center stage with décor that features birch slabs and Malaysian driftwood.

Groom Wearing a Grey Suit and a Blush Bowtie: Something Turquoise

Blushing Bride - or Groom! 

If you’re going for a neutral wedding color palette that feels a bit lighter, stick with airy shades of white and cream, but keep things interesting with soft shades of blush. Although traditionally feminine, when combined with shades of grey, it can also have a masculine edge. This color combo is especially popular at beach and garden weddings, but it can be just as beautiful at an art gallery or warehouse wedding when you use dried naturals in blush tones.

Neutral Boutonnieres With Sprigs of Lavender: Brides

Dusty Blue and Hazy Purple 

When you choose the right shades, some colors can become neutral wedding colors! That’s the case with dusty blue and hazy purple. Choose muted shades of either or both of these colors, then pair them with other neutrals like tan, sandy brown, and grey. Keep the use of these colors to a minimum to keep things as neutral as possible. For example, keep the tablescape neutral except for a cheesecloth table runner in dusty blue, or choose neutral bouquets for bridesmaids that are wearing hazy purple.

Bride With an All-Green Bouquet and Leafy Crown: A&Bé Bridal Shop

Splash of Green 

Green isn’t technically a neutral, but don’t tell that to mother nature! If you’re into earth tones, you shouldn’t discount using splashes of green throughout your wedding décor.

The trick is to use naturally occurring greens, which means decorating with actual greenery. Let green take center stage with eucalyptus garlands on reception tables, carry an all-green bouquet, or wear a leafy green crown that looks like it was plucked from mother nature’s closet.

Wedding Centerpiece Featuring Tarnished Silver and Worn Brass: Style Me Pretty


If you’re looking for a different way to use a neutral wedding color palette, consider metallics! Gold and brass are a great way to get a classic neutral look at a summer or fall wedding, while silver is perfect for winter and spring weddings. If you love the look of boho weddings and desert receptions, but want to do something a little different, consider brass charger plates and antique-style tapered candle holders for a shimmering look.

Bridesmaids Wearing White Jumpsuits: Martha Stewart

Traditional Neutrals With a Twist 

We have to mention traditional neutral wedding colors, like black and white, because they are gaining in popularity at weddings once again. They are just showing up in creative ways. For example, some grooms are opting to wear white, while bold brides are donning black. Bridesmaids wearing white dresses is an especially crisp way to try out this neutral trend. You can even have the mother of the bride wear white!

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