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Top 10 Red & Black Wedding Theme Decor Ideas

Red and black weddings aren’t just for gothic couples and Halloween weddings. This color combination has the potential to look stunning any time of the year—no black wedding dress required.

Don’t believe us? Skip the red roses and check out our top 10 red and black wedding theme décor ideas.

Wedding Ceremony Space Draped in Red Tulle: Green Wedding Shoes

Use Red Tulle for an Ethereal Look

Red and black wedding decorations have a reputation for looking heavy. That’s especially the case if you choose fabrics like satin and charmeuse. If you want to lighten things up a bit, use red tulle.

Red tulle can create an ethereal look when incorporated into ceremony arches, draped over the backs of chairs, or layered on reception tables. Create a striking backdrop by hanging it from the ceiling, or swag it between church pews.

Groom Carrying a Bouquet of Red, Black, and White Flowers: Wedding Vault

Incorporate Unique Florals

If you’ve got your mind set on a red and black wedding, you have probably seen your fair share of floral arrangements that feature red roses and black calla lilies. These flowers are timeless at a red and black wedding, but we invite you to incorporate unique florals into your arrangements.

Try red and black wedding flowers like:

  • Ranunculus
  • Dahlias
  • Tulips
  • Carnations
  • Burning hearts
  • Poppies
  • Freesia
  • Protea pincushion
  • Anthurium

Head Table Decorated With Black Lace and Greenery: WedLuxe



Don’t Shy Away From Using Greenery

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that focusing on red and black details at your wedding means greenery will look at out of place. Your floral arrangements and décor will look more layered and inviting when you incorporate sprigs of green.

The types of greenery you include are up to you! Many brides like the look of eucalyptus, while others prefer the look of grasses and ferns. Glossy monstera leaves look beautiful at a beach wedding, while evergreen branches look striking at a winter wedding.

Wedding Reception Featuring Black Chairs and an Altar With Red Flowers: Green Wedding Shoes

Set Up Black and Red Furniture

In order to complete your red and black wedding theme, you have to go above and beyond when it comes to the details. Don’t just use brown folding chairs or cover chairs with fabric. Black and red weddings really look the part when you take the time to source specialty furniture.

Think black chairs at the ceremony and red upholstered chairs at the head table. Create a vignette that features red and black upholstered furniture surrounded by heavy curtains to create a moody conversation space.

Black and Red Table Setting Featuring a Gold Charger Plate and Silverware: Elegant Wedding

Include Splashes of Gold

If you’re worried that your color palette is falling a little flat, try adding metallic accents. A red, black, and gold wedding is especially striking. The trick is to choose gold accents that don’t overwhelm the black and red theme you have planned. Try splashes of gold through the use of gold charger plates, gold taper candle holders, and gold leaf details on the cake.

White and Black Wedding Cake With White and Red Flowers: Wedding Vault

Don’t Be Afraid of White

Don’t think you can’t choose white if you’re going for a red and black wedding theme! It’s the perfect color to add to your palette if you’re planning a red and black beach wedding, or if you want to lighten up your wedding colors for a spring or summer fête.

With this color palette, you can wear the white dress and order the white wedding cake you have always dreamed of, but it also means you can incorporate other white details. For example, you can place white poppies in your floral arrangements and use white table linens.

Wooden Palette Wall Behind a Head Table Decorated With Black and Red: Boho Weddings

Incorporate Natural Details

Red and black wedding décor doesn’t have to be so dark and serious. You can make your wedding feel a little less gothic and a little more boho by incorporating natural details.

Some ideas include:

  • Using wooden tables at the reception
  • Decorating with rattan chandeliers
  • Hanging a macrame backdrop at the ceremony
  • Incorporating jute place mats at every place setting

Wedding Aisle Decorated With a Lace Aisle Runner and a Lace Umbrella: Events by Heather Ham

Decorate With Lace

If you’re going for a romantic, sexy vibe at your wedding, lace looks absolutely stunning when incorporated into your black and red decorations.

Try layering lace over a red table cloth or black lace over a white table cloth. Red and black lace table runners can look stunning on reception tables, while lace trim can be used to decorate everything from the candles to the cake.

Black and Red Sweetheart Table Lighted By Candles: Inside Weddings

Keep the Lights Low

Lighting is a huge, but often overlooked, element at weddings. When it comes to red and black weddings, it’s all about keeping the lights low.

Rely on candlelight after the sun goes down by using taper, hurricane, and tealight candles. Dim the lights and replace the light bulbs in lamps with bulbs that emit a soft yellow light. Uplighting can be extremely effective, as can the use of chandeliers.

Velvet Skull and Antler Wedding Centerpiece: Bespoke Bride

Incorporate Interesting Textures

One of our favorite black and red wedding ideas is to incorporate interesting textures. It will prevent your color palette from falling flat, and it will immerse your wedding guests in the theme of your big day.

That might mean using velvet table runners, incorporating sprigs of black feathers into flower arrangements, or decorating with other touchable details, like animal antlers and velvet skulls.

Just because you choose a red and black wedding theme doesn’t mean you have to have a gothic wedding and your bouquet has to be full of red roses. The tips on this list will help you use red and black details in ways that will surprise and delight your guests.


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