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Top 10 Ways To Use Dried Florals In Your Boho Wedding Decor

If you’re looking for boho wedding ideas, it doesn’t get any better than dried flowers! Not only do they have that bohemian look, they can provide you with a more affordable way to decorate your wedding with flowers, and they can be easier to manage. When you use dried flowers, you can arrange bouquets ahead of time, and because they don’t require water, you don’t have to worry about them tipping over or drying out.

Dried flowers can be used throughout your wedding in the bridal bouquet, beauty, and favors for guests, but using them in the décor can be a bit more difficult. Whether you are planning a beach wedding, a forest wedding, or a rustic wedding, these ideas will help you elevate your wedding look with dried flowers.

Pampas Grass Aisle Décor: Alicia & Co

Add Pampas Grass To Any Boho Wedding

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add dried flowers to your wedding, look no further than pampas grass. It’s hugely popular in weddings as well as home décor, and it can be added to bouquets, centerpieces, arches, and more. It comes in a wide range of sizes and shades, further allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Petite Dried Flower Bouquet: First Day of Home

Dry Your Own Flowers

Dried flowers are popular among brides because they are easy to preserve after the wedding, but you can give your arrangements and décor even more meaning on your big day by drying your own flowers.

Consider drying the bouquet your fiancé handed you when he proposed and use some of those blooms in your bouquet, or consider growing some of your favorite blooms and flash drying them to create the perfect boho wedding flowers.

Dried and Fresh Flower Bouquet With Thistles and Roses: Martha Stewart

Mix Dried Flowers With Other Flowers

Bouquets and arrangements made entirely of dried flowers are popular, but you can get a unique look if you mix other flowers into your arrangements too.

Live flowers can look quite striking when mixed with bunny tails and billy balls, but faux flowers look great too. For example, you may want to add a little green at a beach wedding with artificial palm leaves or incorporate fern leaves at a forest wedding.

Driftwood and Floral Centerpiece: The Perfect Palette

Mix Dried Flowers With Other Items

Dried flowers look great with other types of flowers, but they look great with other items as well! For example, dried florals are perfect for a desert wedding, but you can really take it over the top by incorporating driftwood branches in your dried flower décor. Candles and old novels can be incorporated into a storybook garden wedding, while sea shells and starfish are perfect for a beach wedding.

Colorful Dried Floral Chandelier: Essence

Choose Dried Flower Décor With Some Color

Dried flower décor often includes shades of tans, browns, and creams, which are perfect for a boho or desert wedding, but don’t think you can’t add some color if you want to!

Add blue with dried echinops, incorporate yellow with billy balls, or die your own bunny tails in any color of the rainbow.

Hanging Florals From the Ceiling: Love My Dress

Hang Dried Flowers From the Ceiling

Hanging flowers from the ceiling can be difficult, but it gets a little easier when you use dried flowers! Bunches can be hung with string, giving the appearance that they are being dried at your wedding.

They are also easy to arrange using chandelier frames. Place a few sprigs of dried florals in a test tube chandelier above the head table or create bunched arrangements for a wire floral chandelier.

Mini Dried Wreath Place Cards: A Fabulous Fete

Include Dried Flowers in Place Settings

It’s relatively obvious that you can incorporate dried flowers in centerpieces, but consider getting more creative and incorporate them in your place settings. Slide a few dried blooms in galvanized metal napkin rings at a rustic wedding or create mini bouquet corsages that can be worn by guests after they find their seats.

Wedding Aisle and Altar Featuring Dried Blooms: Junebug Weddings

Create Focal Points With Dried Blooms

Focal points, like the ceremony aisle, the alter, and photo backdrops are perfect places to incorporate dried flowers. Create an arch out of pampas grass on the beach, line the aisle with oversized palm leaves at a tropical themed wedding, or hang blooms from branches for a quick and easy photo or cake table backdrop.

Dried Flower Cloche: Blumigo

Frame and Encase Dried Florals

Decorating with flowers usually means arranging them in bouquets, but dried flower décor should make you think outside the box. Consider encasing florals before using them to decorate tables, walls, and the ceremony space.

For example, encased flower frames can be hung in the windows of your ceremony space, while clusters of dried blooms can be arranged under glass cloches on reception tables.

Cocktail With a Sprig of Dried Lavender: Caitlin Confidential

Add Petals To Sweets and Drinks

Did you know many flowers are edible? When dried, they can add a surprising crunch to sweets, like cookies and cupcakes, as well as cocktails. Inedible dried flowers can be screwed with a toothpick and used as a decoration, while a sprig of lavender makes the perfect swizzle stick.




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