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Top 10 Wedding Advice and Tips from Celebrity Wedding Planners

You may not have the budget to hire a celebrity wedding planner, but you can still use their tips to plan the perfect ceremony and reception for your big day!

From Sarah Haywood, who provided expertise ahead of the royal wedding in 2011 to Mindy Weiss, who helped plan Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's wedding, celebrity wedding planners know a thing or two about how to create the perfect day. You can follow their professional tips below, regardless of your budget.

     1.  A Wedding Planner Is Worth the Money—Andrea Freeman

For brides and grooms who have a small budget, skipping the wedding planner may sound like a good idea. Andrea Freeman disagrees, “From the standpoint of wanting to enjoy your engagement and spend time with your fiancé, doing things other than planning your wedding, I think [hiring a wedding planner] is a no-brainer.”

She has a point. The average wedding takes about 400 hours to plan! Do yourself a favor and spend the money to hire a wedding planner.

     2. Your Entire Wedding Should Be an Instagram Moment—Bryan Rafanelli

Love the idea of a flower wall or a backdrop at your wedding so guests can post your big day on social media? Bryan Rafanelli believes, “The entire wedding itself should be an Instagram moment!”

He suggests using design elements that can be seen from anywhere in the room, especially above shoulder level, instead of creating one wall. Every corner of your wedding should provide guests with the perfect opportunity to take a beautiful picture.

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     3.  Don't Overdo Table Centerpieces—Jennifer Zabinski

There’s no denying that you can make a statement with beautiful table centerpieces, but be careful not to overdo it. Jennifer Zabinski, who helped Serena Williams wed Alexis Ohanian, hates it when couples create “centerpieces that are too tall or too big for the table.”

Think about whether guests will be able to see others across the table without having to crane their neck. Tall topiaries can keep the line of sight open, as can using low-lying floral stand vases.

     4.  Don't Get Stuck on Trends When Planning Wedding Décor—Preston Bailey

To say Preston Bailey doesn't like wedding trends is an understatement. He says, "We must get rid of the concept of trends—it makes people lazy, just going with the flow of what is popular."

Don't think you have to jump on the barn wedding bandwagon just because it's what's currently all over your Pinterest board, and don't feel like you can't plan your wedding inside a local theater that’s full of taper candle holders because it hasn’t been done before. Push yourself to do something that is uniquely you, regardless of what the latest wedding trends say.

     5.  Give Gifts to Guests They Will Actually Use—Marcy Blum

As a Culinary Institute of America graduate and named one of the best planners in the world by names like Vogue, you can bet Marcy Blum knows a thing or two about how to make guests happy. With her foodie background, it’s no wonder she suggests giving food-based gifts to guests that they will actually use.

Marcy loves the idea of giving guest something like a Bloody Mary mix and a small coffee cake inside stylish gift boxes that can be enjoyed the morning after the wedding.

     6.  Don't Forget Your Wedding Day Survival Kit—Sarah Haywood

Many a bridesmaid has attempted to create a useful wedding day survival kit that includes things like bobby pins, tissues, and lip balm, but Sarah Haywood has some things she would recommend you add to the kit. They include:

  • Soda water to remove minor stains
  • Spare shoes
  • Mini-stationary kit that includes scissors
  • A level for the cake table
  • Labels so things don't get lost

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     7.  Create a Special Space for Guests to Hang Out—Sasha Souza

You may love the idea of dancing the night away, but your guests may think having fun is more about catching up with friends and family with a drink in hand. Do your guests a favor and follow this tip from California wedding planner Sasha Souza.

Create a separate space for guests to relax and hang out during the reception when their feet need a rest. Make the space comfortable with loungy furniture, eye-catching florals, and make sure it’s quiet so guests can have conversations with others easily.

     8.  Think About Style and Not Theme—David Tutera

According to David Tutera, who's known for My Fair Wedding on television, “Theme is the wrong way to think of your wedding. Instead, think in terms of style, and then use it sparingly throughout your event.”

Find ways to elevate your day with sophistication and elegance instead of picking a theme that has the potential to make guests feel like they're at a kid's birthday party.

     9.  Consider an After Party With a Unique Theme—Yifat Oren

Want to party to keep going? Don’t assume that people will stick around in the reception space. Not only can it get a little boring after a few hours, but your space may require you to shut the party down earlier than you would like.

“After parties are really fun—you can create a really good ambiance that is totally different from your wedding and change up the night,” says Yifat Oren. It also gives you a chance to incorporate a crazy theme, like a Tiki party, that wouldn’t be appropriate during the ceremony or reception.

     10.  Consider Temperament When Including Your Pet in Your Wedding—Mindy Weiss

Many couples want to find ways to incorporate their pet into their wedding, but Mindy Weiss suggests you proceed with caution.

“If you’re thinking about incorporating your pup into your wedding, you should consider your pet’s temperament.” She adds that you aren't likely to change your pet's behavior before the big day, so consider having your pet around for a bit during the reception, or include him in your engagement photos if he isn’t likely to walk down the aisle calmly.

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