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Top 20 Winter Wedding Do's and Don’ts

If you’re on the hunt for winter wedding ideas, it’s important to look at inspiration for all the things you should do, but it’s also important to be mindful of winter wedding mistakes. After all, it’s often the things we don’t do that can make or break the day!

No matter what winter wedding theme or color scheme you choose for your nuptials, follow our winter wedding advice below to uncover the do’s and don’ts of the season.

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      1.  Do Make Sure You Dress for the Weather

The best winter wedding ideas make sure that you keep warm. Winter wedding dresses that feature lacy sleeves, heavy fabrics, or showcase accessories, like fur shawls, will keep you warm, while strapless, sleeveless, and peekaboo fabrics are certain to make you cold all day long.

      2.  Don’t Forget to Make the Dress Code Very Clear

Guests are often at the bottom of the list of winter wedding ideas. Prioritize their comfort by making your dress code very clear. That includes style, but it also includes recommended winter wedding guest dresses and attire for an outdoor ceremony or reception.

      3.  Do Make Sure You Have Appropriate Shoes

You might be dreaming of sparkling heels, but winter wedding shoes should be comfortable and keep your feet warm. Wear boots or tennis shoes and only change into heels when you head indoors.

      4.  Don’t Forget the Coat Check

One of the worst winter wedding mistakes you can make is to forget the coat check! Don’t make guests keep track of their own coats. Provide them with a dedicated space to hang up their own coats, or hire an attendant to check coats.

      5.  Do Experiment With Textures

Our favorite winter wedding ideas for brides and grooms celebrating during this season involve experimenting with textures. Think velvet table runners, plaid table cloths, and wool accessories for the bridal party.

      6.  Don’t Avoid Color

Winter wedding colors often include icy hues like white, gray, and silver. Just don’t think you’re stuck with these winter wedding ideas! Join in the holiday spirit with deep shades of red or green, or branch out and try French blue or dusty purple.

      7.  Do Make Sure You Let the Season Drive Your Decisions

It’s important to make sure the season drives your decisions when planning winter wedding decorations. Traditional spring flowers, like peonies, and bright summery colors are going to look out of place at a winter wedding. Instead, turn to things like pine cones, cranberries, and bare branches.

      8.  Don’t Plan Your Reception in the Middle of Nowhere

You may be dreaming of a winter barn wedding, but that may not be in the best interest of your guests. If your reception is in the middle of nowhere, guests will have a hard time driving home, and getting to and from your location can be nearly impossible if it snows.

      9.  Do Consider On-Site Lodging

Getting home at the end of the night is a lot easier if you offer on-site lodging. It’s among the best winter wedding ideas because guests can party to their heart’s content without having to drive home in the dark.

      10.  Don’t Overheat the Reception Space

Another one of the biggest winter wedding mistakes is assuming you need to crank up the heat in your reception space because it’s cold outside. Once everyone starts dancing, they’ll appreciate it if you turn down the thermostat or crack the windows.

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      11.  Do Allow Extra Time for Transportation

There’s a lot to include in your wedding day timeline. Make sure you include extra time for transportation. Getting around in the winter can make you late for your own wedding, especially if you opt for a carriage!

      12.  Don’t Assume Your Venue Is Prepared for Snow

Winter wedding venues aren’t always as prepared as you might think. Ask them how they deal with snow removal, and make sure you have a backup in case they don’t get the parking lot plowed before your event.

      13.  Do Have a Backup Plan for Inclement Weather

Make sure you have a plan for inclement weather. That might include winter wedding ideas like having an indoor option for your ceremony, arranging local car services if it snows, or even postponing your wedding in case of a big storm.

      14.  Don’t Leave Winter Must-Haves Out of Your Emergency Kit

There are things you must include in your winter wedding emergency kit. For example, winter wedding makeup should include powder to help cover pink cheeks, and your kit should include hand warmers and tissues for a runny nose.

      15.  Do Have Useful Favors Ready for Guests

Wedding favors aren’t always popular with guests. Make sure your guests love your winter wedding favors by giving them something useful. Blankets, hand warmers, gloves, and socks can keep your guests warm.

      16.  Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Among the most annoying winter wedding mistakes is forgetting to moisturize! That includes making sure you’re moisturized, but it also includes one of our favorite winter wedding ideas, which is to provide moisturization stations with hand lotion and lip balm for guests.

      17.  Do Plan Pictures Carefully

There is endless winter wedding advice when it comes to pictures, and for good reason. Make sure you have plenty of time to take pictures during the daytime so you can take advantage of the sunlight, bring a coat to stay warm between pictures, and bring old shoes just in case it’s muddy.

      18.  Don’t Hit the Tanning Salon

This is the perfect time to let your natural skin color shine! If going to the tanning salon is one of the winter wedding mistakes you make, you’re likely to look back at your wedding pictures and wonder what you were thinking.

      19.  Do Remember Flowers May Not Be an Option

Winter wedding flowers can be tricky because there isn’t much that’s in season. It’s better to follow winter wedding ideas that encourage creative replacements. Consider winter centerpieces that feature dried naturals, candles, and branches with bouquets that feature things like cotton buds, Christmas ornaments, and pine cones.

      20.  Don’t Assume Your Wedding Will Automatically Cost Less

Winter weddings can be cheaper, but don’t automatically assume that’s the case. Many winter wedding ideas can help you find affordable venues in the off-season, but plane tickets can be expensive around the holidays. Extra accessories, like boots and shawls, can also add up, as can fresh blooms, car services, and getting married in popular winter destinations, like Arizona or Florida.


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