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Top 5 Wedding Decoration Ideas to Wow Your Attendees

For most people, planning the details of their wedding and designing the entire atmosphere of their special day is something special to look forward to. There are so many options to choose from for decorating a wedding ceremony like modern, vintage, woodland, beach, or country themes. The types of decorations you choose will complement your theme and make your ceremony and reception something for guests to remember. Simple wedding decoration ideas can add that extra touch that impresses and looks fabulous in your wedding photos. Here are some of our top picks!

Hang Flowers and Candle Holders Up High

A popular trend for decorating a wedding ceremony recently is to suspend flower vases and candle holders from the ceilings, or from a tent for outdoor weddings. Guests will immediately see a wonderful display that catches the eyes. Candles create a nice ambiance, especially for weddings that will last into the night. You can use candle holders that protect the flames of real candles from the wind, or opt for battery-operated candles to be sure they will never blow out. And as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally knocking it over!

Chalkboard sign at an outdoor wedding

Use Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are a simple way to dress up cocktail bars, menus, gift tables, appetizer tables, and any other stations you plan to have at your wedding. You can choose chalkboards in fancy frames for decorating a wedding ceremony, or go with simple ones that can be accented with flowers, balloons, garland, or other affordable decor items. Find someone with excellent handwriting or artistic talent and let them get creative with the design. Chalkboard signs can also be reused for occasions down the road like birthdays, baby showers, and other special events.

Create a Family Photo Display

Using family photos for decorating a wedding ceremony is a great way to make it personal and include loved ones. Ask family members for pictures from their own weddings and any they may have from relatives who have passed. Be sure to include pictures from both sides of the family. You can hang them in frames with descriptions, or create a sort of family tree on a large poster board.

Make a Photoshoot Station

Creating a specific spot for guests to take photos with their plus one or significant other is a good way to ensure you have a meaningful picture for everyone who attended the wedding. Guests will appreciate this when you give out digital copies of the wedding and ceremony. You can instruct your photographer to take pictures of guests at the station throughout the wedding, or guests can use it themselves with their own cell phones and an extra hand from another attendee. You can go simple with balloon and streamer backdrops, or get creative with wedding arches, flowers, draperies, and string lights.

Table Terrariums

Going natural when decorating for a wedding ceremony is another popular theme these days. Instead of placing typical flowers on every table, consider swapping them out for tiny terrariums that are filled with small plant-like succulents. This type of decor is perfect for woodland, country, or modern themed weddings. After the wedding, you can take your terrariums home and place them around the house to remind you of your special day.

Save on Style — Buy in Bulk

Designing the perfect wedding ceremony and reception decorations doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. These simple ideas for decorating a wedding ceremony won’t break the bank and will let you spend more of your budget on food, drink, and location options. Browse Koyal Wholesale for affordably priced vases, candle holders, tableware, and other wedding supplies.

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