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What Are 2022 Wedding Color Trends?

Are you wondering, “What are the wedding colors for 2022 going to be?” Us too! Nothing provides more inspiration to brides and grooms to get the planning process started than researching color combinations you love, whether those combinations are fresh and new or tried and true.

Pantone is always at the forefront of color trends. Many brides and grooms, as well as the fashion industry, home décor industry, and others have been looking for their guidance on what’s going to be popular and trendy since 2000. The question is, exactly how does the Pantone team determine which colors to choose, and how can brides and grooms use these hues to help them determine their 2022 wedding colors?

How Pantone Determines its Colors of the Year

The Pantone Color Institute is comprised of a team of people who look for recurring patterns in daily life. This process takes nine months or more. When the list is completed, it is provided ahead of fashion weeks that take place in New York and London. These colors provide inspiration for clothing designers, but they also inform other designers, which is why these colors show up inside interior spaces as well.

Of course, these colors aren’t just hues that are popular. They reflect the sign of the times. Because each hue invokes a certain feeling or emotion, color stories are developed that dig deeper into how humanity is feeling, what we value, and what we hope for the future. Based on these broader color stories, a color of the year is chosen.

For example, 2020 was a difficult year for the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. Colors were chosen in late 2019 to reflect the importance of personalized self-expression, but ultimately two hues were chosen as the color of the year. Illuminating Yellow was chosen to remind us that better times are always ahead, while Ultimate Gray offers feelings of strength and stability to overcome the challenges that are facing the world.

How Pantone Influences 2022 Wedding Color Trends

Wedding colors are a very personal choice. Many brides have known what wedding colors they wanted to use long before they were engaged, some couples look to the season for inspiration, while others choose a combination of their favorite hues.

Striking a balance between what’s trendy, what’s classic, and what feels personal can be difficult, which is why so many brides and grooms look for inspiration from the list of Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report. Not only does Pantone’s list include trendy colors, it also includes a core classics section that appeals to brides and grooms with more traditional tastes. The list offers couples the ability to stay on trend, no matter how adventurous or safe you want to be when choosing your wedding colors.

Choosing Your 2022 Wedding Colors From Pantone’s Color Report

Choosing Pantone’s color of the year is the easiest way to choose your wedding colors. For example, many brides chose wedding colors in 2021 that included both Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray. However, that doesn’t mean only those two colors were used. Many brides and grooms combined these two colors with other hues to make their wedding day all their own.

Pantone has yet to announce their color of the year for 2022, but you can still find daring color combinations, as well as tried-and-true combos that are all trendy when you browse their list. You may also be inspired by one color to create a unique color story that includes hues that aren’t included in Pantone’s report.

Planning a fall or winter wedding? These colors can help inform your wedding in the second half of 2022 as well. Let the season guide you when choosing your colors. For example, Dahlia and Innuendo are summery and fresh when paired together, but Dahlia takes on a fall feel when paired with another jewel tone, like Skydiver.

Ready to create your 2022 wedding color story based on Pantone’s picks, but not sure where to get started? Learn more about the inspiration behind these color picks and see some of our favorite color combinations below.

2022 Wedding Colors Inspired By Pantone’s Spring and Summer Collection

Pantone's New York Fashion Week spring and summer colors in 2022 are all about balance. Colors like Coca Mocha and Harbor Blue were chosen based on our need for comfort and security. Bright colors, like Spun Sugar, Innuendo, and Poinciana, help provide balance by offering colors that are free-spirited and optimistic.

London's fashion week colors take a similar yin and yang approach, where some hues are chosen for their simplicity, like Coffee Quarts, while others, like Fragile Sprout, are chosen for their spontaneity. Colors reflect our deep connection to nature, while airy pastels and brights are an expression of the fullness of life.

Spring and summer 2022 wedding trends colors provide brides and grooms with the opportunity to create some unique color combinations, with plenty of opportunities for ways to use more traditional combinations in both expected and unexpected ways.

Here are a few of our favorite color combinations to inspire you to create the perfect color story at your wedding in 2022.

Light Blue and Pink Bridal Bouquet: Elegant Wedding Invites

Spun Sugar, Gossamer Pink, and Northern Droplet

Soft pastels will always have a place at spring weddings, so it’s no surprise that this combination is among our favorite 2022 wedding colors. Sweet Spun Sugar and tender Gossamer Pink are perfect when paired with a neutral like Northern Droplet.

Dainty spray roses in light pink are perfect for a spring garden wedding, while gray suits are always timeless attire for the groom and groomsmen. Have a little bit of gender bending fun and let your bridesmaids wear dresses in shades of Spun Sugar while the guys wear Gossamer Pink ties.

Bunch of Bridesmaids Bouquets Featuring Lavender and Bright Green: Style Me Pretty

Orchid Bloom and Fragile Sprout

Orchid Bloom and Fragile Sprout is the perfect combination for brides and grooms who love the duality of pairing the expected with the unexpected, and the comfortable with the adventurous. Although most guests might expect to see a color like Orchid Bloom at a spring or summer wedding, they will likely be surprised to see a retro color like Fragile Sprout make an appearance.

Although this combination is lovely at a summer wedding, we especially love them as April 2022 wedding colors because they are Easter-y without being too obvious. Decorate with green Billy balls, green hydrangea, wisteria, and lilacs.

Decorated Arch Featuring Pink and White Roses: Wedding Chicks

Bubblegum, Potpourri, and White Alyssum

If you’re getting married on the cusp of summer and are looking for June 2022 wedding colors, consider this feminine palette. Bubblegum is all about playfulness and positivity, Potpourri is all about being carefree, and White Alyssum is a classic bridal color that ties it all together with effortless simplicity.

Dressing the groom and bridal party appropriately is important at any June wedding, especially if you have a group of guys that may be hesitant to embrace this color palette. Keep things crisp and less intimidating with linen suits, or allow the guys to wear light khaki pants with crisp white button-up shirts, sans ties. There’s no need for pink ties if you’re planning an informal affair!

Blue Floral Cupcakes in Shades of Teal: Taylor Made Cake Courses

Harbor Blue and Coca Mocha

When you think of 2022 wedding colors, you probably think of pastels in the spring and bright and cheery colors in the summer. You’ll find both of these options on this list, but 2022 is all about liberating ourselves from the constraints of 2020 and 2021, which is what makes this color palette so refreshing. Although, this color palette would also look striking at a winter wedding.

Dark and earthy, Harbor Blue and Coca Mocha are perfect for the bride and groom who want to put a moody spin on their summer nuptials. Think dark wooden details, surprising teal mosaic charger plates, and Harbor Blue Floral Cupcakes baked in brown cupcake wrappers.

Yellow and Orange Cala Lilly Bouquet Wrapped in Burlap: One Wed

Coral Rose, Popcorn, and Humus

Coral Rose, Popcorn, and Humus are perfect for beach weddings, but don’t be afraid to mix things up and feature these energizing and cheery, yet comforting colors at your wedding, whether you’re getting married in the sand, in a barn, or in the backyard. These colors are perfect for summer and fall weddings, especially if your nuptials are right on the cusp between the seasons.

Burlap is one of our favorite ways to incorporate Hummus at a summer or a fall wedding. Go rustic with stuffed burlap sacks as seating at your ceremony, or get classy with burlap bows behind reception chairs. Cheery blooms in Coral Rose and Popcorn are perfect on reception tables, while Indian brides will love incorporating these vibrant shades into their wedding-day look.

Lux Table Setting Featuring a Bright Floral Arrangement: Weddings by the Breakers

Innuendo, Dahlia, and Poinciana

Love bright, cheery colors? Us too, which is why we are so excited that these vibrant hues are included in the 2022 wedding color trend report! Children of the 90’s will especially appreciate this color palette because it’s very reminiscent of the hues used in Lisa Frank designs that were popular at the end of the 20th Century.

If you aren’t afraid of being bold, have bridesmaids wear dresses covered in floral prints, have groomsmen wear wild prints under their jackets, and choose shoes in one of these vibrant shades to wear down the aisle. If you want a more toned down look that’s no less bright, have groomsmen wear brightly colored socks and have your bridesmaids don floral crowns in shades of Innuendo, Dahlia, and Poinciana.

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