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What Wedding Decor Can Be Made With Cricut?

How much does wedding décor cost? It can be expensive! Some brides and grooms shell out thousands of dollars to create the perfect ambiance on their special day, but that doesn’t mean you have to. It doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your décor either. It just means you have to get creative!

Instead of buying wedding decorations brand new, consider creating wedding decorations with a Cricut machine. There are many wonderful ideas that will bring your wedding day vision to life:

  • Wedding morning details
  • Cake topper
  • Table numbers
  • Place cards
  • Personalized gifts
  • Programs and menus
  • Photo booth props
  • Glass and mirror signs
  • Paper flowers
  • Custom wedding bunting

Wedding Dress Hanging on a Custom Hanger: Beba Vowels

Wedding Morning Details

Love the look of labeled hangers? Want to drink mimosas out of personalized champagne glasses? Grab some self-adhesive vinyl sheets in your color of choice and send it through your Cricut machine. You can label the perfect hanger for the bride, affix names to champagne glasses, and more.

Acrylic Cake Topper on a White Wedding Cake: Koyal Wholesale

Cake Topper

Wedding decorations are never complete without a cake topper! There are tons of customizable options out there, but they can be very expensive. Instead of buying a topper or having one made, grab the right sheets of blank clear acrylic and make your own. Basic squares cut out of large acrylic sheets can be decorated with letters and designs, while thinner vinyl can be cut directly in your Cricut to create a topper of cutout letters.

Cutout Paper Table Number in a Small Pot of Grass: Lia Griffith

Table Numbers

One of the simplest wedding decorations with Cricut you can create is numbers for your tables. They can be created out of heavy cardstock, acrylic, thin sheets of wood, and anything else your Cricut can handle. Flourishes, flowers, and other decorations can be customized and accompany each number. You can even get creative by using things like recycled bottles, crystals, and more.

Simple Place Setting With a Custom Place Card: The Budget Savvy Bride

Place Cards

If you’re creating table numbers with your Cricut, why not create place cards with your Cricut too? You can cut your own cards, or purchase pre-cut cards and use your Cricut to cut out images, letters, and more. Then, affix them to the card for a three-dimensional look.

Custom Bride and Bridesmaid Fanny Packs: Tidewater and Tulle

Personalized Gifts

Want to make your favors extra special? Personalize them with your Cricut machine! A few ideas include personalized:

  • Beer steins for the groomsmen
  • Acrylic cups for the bridesmaids
  • Fanny packs for the entire bridal party
  • Mini jars filled with candy for guests
  • Small burlap baggies filled with potpourri as wedding favors

The options are endless! Nearly any kind of container can be personalized with vinyl letters!

Lacy Cutout Menu Made With the Cricut: Cricut Blog

Programs and Menus

Ordering programs and menus can be expensive, especially if you want a cutout, professional look. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to order programs and menus, use your Cricut and make them yourself. You can affix letters to basic cardstock, but you can also create lacy cutout designs for an upscale look.

Fancy Mirror Wedding Sign: Style Me Pretty

Glass and Mirror Signs

Glass and mirror signs are popular wedding décor because they are so beautiful. They are also a great way to reuse old windows, while decorative panes of glass can decorate your home after the big day. Cut cursive letters out of vinyl sticker sheets to affix to glass and mirror panels to welcome guests to your ceremony, show guests what’s on the menu at the reception, and more.

Bride Holding a Bouquet of Paper Flowers: Hello Creative Family

Paper Flowers

Flowers are the most popular wedding decorations, but they can get expensive fast. Not to mention, preventing them from getting smooshed or wilting can be a lot of work. Use your Cricut machine to make paper flowers instead! They can be used to create bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and more.

DIY Amor Paper Bunting: Green Wedding Shoes

Custom Wedding Bunting

Going for a fun, festive feel at your wedding? Looking for a more relaxed vibe? Bunting is the perfect whimsical wedding décor, especially if you use your Cricut to make your own. Customize panels with phrases, names, and letters—whatever you want!

Bride and Groom Using Props in a DIY Photo Booth: Martha Stewart

Photo Booth Props

One of the most fun ways to do wedding decorations with Cricut is to create photo booth props. Cut funny glasses, oversized lips, little top hats, and more out of cardstock and affix them to long sticks. Then, wedding guests can choose which accessories to wear in the photo booth.

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