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2021 Wedding Flower Trends (For Unique Centerpiece Ideas)

Trends are always a great place to start when you’re planning a wedding. You may think you know what you want, but without insider information from wedding industry experts, there are some beautiful colors, designs, and decorations you might miss out on. That’s definitely the case when it comes to the floral trends of 2021!

Whether you’re looking for color inspiration or you’re more interested in how flowers are being used in floral design trends in 2021, these ideas are a great place to get started. First, learn about flower colors and style trends. Then, learn unique ways to apply those trends to your wedding centerpieces.

5 Color and Style Floral Trends for 2021

It’s always a good rule of thumb to choose flowers that are in-season for your wedding, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still have plenty of choices! Instead of focusing so much on the kind of flowers you think you want for your big day, start by following these color and style trends.

Bright and Colorful Centerpiece: MODwedding, Fuchsia and Green Wedding Centerpiece: Burgh Brides, Minimalist Yellow Centerpiece: Elegant Wedding

      1.  Colors That Uplift Your Mood

It should come as no surprise that Pantone’s colors for spring and summer of 2021 include hues that uplift your mood. With the pandemic in 2020, we could all use some bright, cheery colors, so why not add them to your wedding flowers?

Some of our favorite hues include bright yellow, retro green, and combining brights that will give your wedding a very 90's vibe. Follow floral trends for 2021 by choosing blooms like sunflowers, lime green mums, and fuchsia-colored dahlias.

Colorful Wedding Table Setting: Festival Brides, Tropical Centerpiece Featuring Monstera Leaves: A Lowcountry Wedding, Fern and Rose Centerpiece: Mimosa Flower Studio

      2.  Modern, Unconventional, and Fun

Florists' Review is at the forefront of the flower trends forecast in 2020 and 2021, and they are forecasting a few floral trends. Following along the same lines as Pantone, they are recommending Exploration as one of their themes, as it takes its look from the modern, unconventional, and fun.

This trend is perfect for the bride who wants to show up for the ceremony in a classic Ford truck instead of a limo and wants her bridesmaids to carry floral hoops instead of traditional bouquets. Bold, bright hues are essential to this trend, but so are unexpected florals, like oversized ferns, monstera leaves, and the wispy tendrils of air plants.

Unique All Green Flower Arrangement: HGTV, Petit Yellow and Blue Centerpieces: Martha Stewart, Purple and Green Centerpiece: The Knot

      3.  Big City Living and Art Nouveau Inspiration

The Metropolitan floral trends in 2021 from Florists' Review are all about big city living and art nouveau inspiration. This trend is about color contrasts, like combining cool hues with brights, as well as monochromatic arrangements. For example, you might find blue thistle used in flower arrangements at a wedding that is inspired by this aesthetic, as well as monochromatic bouquets of green roses, hanging amaranths, and green tracheliums.

Blush Traditional and Juliet Roses: Fetching Flora, Soft Floral Centerpiece Featuring Pink Velvet: Wedding Chicks, Dusty Cream and Taupe Flowers: Studio Modine

      4.  Timeless Edwardian Era Influence

If you love the look of the Edwardian era with its graceful design elements or the grand and elaborate Beaux-Arts architecture in France, you'll love Florists' Review’s Promenade theme.

Muted colors, like blush, peach, and taupe reign supreme. The rose unsurprisingly takes center stage, but you should look beyond traditional roses and try miniature roses or Juliet roses instead. When considering floral trends in 2021, this one is perfect for brides and grooms who want their wedding to look modern while creating designs that nod to the past at the same time.

Centerpiece Featuring Cabbage: Style Me Pretty, Neutral and Organic Wedding Tablescape: Confetti Daydreams, Grapewood Branch Featuring Sprigs of Thistle: Beth Helmstetter Events

      5.  Nature and Organic Living

Nature and organic themes have been popular throughout the last few years, and they will continue to be among the popular flower trends in 2021. However, Terratory from Florists' Review proves that it can mean much more than using dried naturals and wooden details.

This trend is more about going with the flow of nature. It means creating floral arrangements that look like they could be plucked from the natural world, instead of creating bouquets that look like they were meticulously created by hand. Think arrangements that combine blooms, like orchids, roses, or lilies with sprigs of rosemary, caspia, and even cabbage leaves.

10 Unique Centerpiece Ideas

Have an idea what kind of colors or flowers you’re interested in now that you’ve taken a peek at the flower trends for 2021, but not sure how to make them work in your centerpieces? Check out our 10 unique centerpiece ideas down below that will feature the trendy florals you have chosen perfectly.

Pink Roses and Peonies Under a Cloche Dome: 100 Layer Cake

      1.  Encased Florals

Sure, you could put your flowers in a vase, but why put them in vases when you can encase them instead? One of the coolest floral trends of 2021 includes placing your flowers in clear containers that will give your tables a fairytale, romantic look, making it the perfect option for those after the Florists' Review’s Promenade look at their wedding.

Place floral arrangements underneath domed cloches, place them inside glass museum cases, or use acrylic boxes. In addition to being a unique way to display traditional floral arrangements, they are also a great way to display mossy décor that features succulents and air plants.

All Green Wedding Centerpieces: Elle Decor

      2.  Greenery, Sans Blooms

One of the biggest cut flower trends for 2020 was greenery without any blooms at all, and that’s going to continue when it comes to the floral trends of 2021. It plays really well into the trends outlined by Florists' Review, and without fussy blooms to maintain, it’s also the perfect choice for minimalist brides who want a jaw dropping floral look that is as natural as it is beautiful.

Any kind of greenery will work, but you can let the season guide you. For example, use fir and spruce branches at a winter wedding, monstera leaves at a summer wedding, and lambs ears at a fall wedding.

Spray Painted Floral Arrangement: Wedding Wire

      3.  Painted Flowers

One of the biggest floral trends of 2021 involves cakes. Painted flowers are among the most popular wedding cake trends for 2021, but the concept of painted flowers can go far beyond the dessert table.

Hand painted flowers can add a personal touch to your centerpieces, but don’t forget that many flowers, like roses and carnations, can easily change color depending on the color of the liquid surrounding their stems. If you’re looking for a quick and fun trend that’s right at home at a fun and funky Exploration wedding, try bundles of blooms that have been spray painted.

Mini Flower Arrangements That Double as Guest Favors: B.Loved Blog

      4.  Centerpieces to Go

What do you do with your centerpieces when your wedding is over? A popular trend in recent years has been to donate your arrangements to local hospitals and retirement communities, but new flower trends in 2021 are emerging, which includes giving centerpieces as wedding gifts.

Instead of creating one large arrangement in the middle of the table, consider clustering smaller vases on the table. Not only can they show everyone where they are supposed to sit when they are labeled with the names of your guests, everyone can also take the flower arrangements home when it’s time to leave at the end of the night.

Small Flower Arrangement Featuring a Single Bloom: Wedding Chicks

      5.  Smaller Arrangements

One of the biggest wedding bouquet trends of 2020 that is slated to continue into 2021 is the smaller bridal bouquet. However, that trend is going to expand to include table arrangements as well.

Centerpieces do not have to be huge and include hundreds of blooms in order to be beautiful and eye catching. Consider a small arrangement of bud vases that each feature a single bloom, use concrete rectangle vases at a modern wedding, or place a single terrarium full of the plants of your choice in the middle of every table.

Dramatic Candle Centerpiece With Floral Accents: The Riverwood Mansion

      6.  Florals as Accents

Florals are often the star of the show when it comes to wedding centerpieces, but according to the floral trends in 2021, they don’t have to be. Instead, florals will be used as accents with other features on the table. Think candles in decorative votive holders scattered amongst blooms on each table, flowers peeking out of hollow grapewood branches, or tiny vases combined with vintage perfume bottles.

Hanging Floral Centerpiece: Country House Wedding-Venues

       7.  Hanging Centerpieces

One of our favorite floral trends for 2021 involves getting rid of the traditional centerpiece altogether. Instead of placing it on the table, consider hanging it from the ceiling!

Floral wreaths are a quick and easy way to get in on this trend, but you can also hang lanterns, faux flowers, geometric planters, and more. The great thing about this trend is that you don’t have to worry about arrangements accidentally getting knocked over, and you can create stunning arrangements that still allow guests to speak to each other across the table.

Simple Citrus Floral Arrangement: Country Living

      8.  Edible Floral Centerpieces

Edible flowers are another popular 2021 wedding cake trend, but the concept of edible decorations is also among the floral trends in 2021. Scattered in amongst greenery and the blooms of your choice, you can incorporate things like grapes, figs, pears, and other fruits that guests can munch on, which is perfect for weddings that are inspired by nature and organic living.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Artichokes, cabbages, and avocados aren't going to be eaten by guests, but they can look stunning as part of a table arrangement, as can tulips arranged in a clear glass vase full sliced lemons, or apples hollowed out to hold tealight candles and single blooms.

Sweetheart Table Draped in Flowers, Greenery, and Candles: Martha Stewart

         9.  Centerpieces That Go Beyond the Table

Just as you should look above the table and consider hanging centerpieces from the ceiling, so too should you think about the area around the table. One of the most visually stunning flower trends of 2021 involves scattering flower arrangements on top of the table, as well as down and around the table.

This trend works the best for head tables. If budget is a concern, but you love this idea, choose to decorate a sweetheart table for you and your new spouse that is opulently decorated, while other tables feature more subdued floral arrangements.

Rustic Lavender Centerpiece: The Barn at Cott Farm

      10.  Flowers With Meaning

Brides and grooms have always looked for ways to personalize their day, but in 2021, it’s all about paying attention to details that were previously overlooked.

Floral trends for 2021 go beyond certain flowers or certain looks and instead include flowers that are personal to the bride and groom. Whether that means choosing sunflowers to honor a late grandparent or choosing lavender to represent getting engaged in France, couples will be choosing flowers that have special meaning to them.



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