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How To Choose (And Use) 2021 Wedding Colors

A lot of elements go into planning a wedding. You simply can’t have one without stunning bridal attire, a few rings, and a ceremony location, but it also means paying attention to the details to ensure they coordinate, they provide your day with the perfect backdrop, and they say a little bit about who you and your partner are as a couple.

That means choosing the perfect 2021 wedding colors.

Whether you’re curious about the wedding colour of the year in 2021 or you’re simply looking for unique, trendy, and timeless ideas, look no further than these colors and tips on how to use them.

2021 Wedding Colors for Spring

It’s true that any of the 2021 wedding colors on this list can be incorporated into any wedding throughout the year, but some of these colors are suggestive of certain seasons. Here are a few color ideas that will look right at home at a spring wedding.

Bridal Bouquet with Blue Thistle and Grape Hyacinths: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Light Blue

Shades of light blue are perfect as March wedding colors in 2021. Think Pantone’s soft Cerulean blue, powder blue, and baby blue. They look especially stunning with light shades of green, and if you're looking for a neutral, take a slightly different approach with a dusty gray.

Choose interesting blue flowers for your spring bouquet. Include blue thistle, grape hyacinths, or blue lilac for unique flower arrangements.

Table Setting With Mint Green Glassware: Magnolia Rouge

Mint Green

Green is among the most popular wedding colour trends in 2021, which means you’ll find shades of this color throughout this list. If you want to incorporate this hue in the spring, go with mint green.

This color makes it easy to create flower arrangements, since green is a natural color in any arrangement, but have you can have more fun with this color by choosing mint colored glass candle holders and glassware.

Raspberry and Chocolate Desserts: Martha Stewart


If you’re looking for 2021 wedding color trends with a little more vibrancy for your upcoming spring wedding, turn to raspberry. It’s a bit unexpected, but it’s absolutely beautiful!

You can take this idea literally by serving desserts that feature raspberries, but it can be used in flower arrangements, it can be incorporated into stunning table settings, and don’t forget a dash of raspberry tint on the bride’s lips!

Peach Cocktails in Mason Jars: Want That Wedding


Blush has been a popular wedding color for years, but 2021 wedding colors have given this hue an update by focusing on peach hues instead.

Peach can look beautiful with neutrals, like cream and blush, but it can also look stunning with pops of yellow, raspberry, and even light blue. Serve peach-colored drinks, have a little fun with peach-colored heels, and choose blush with peachy-pink undertones.

2021 Wedding Colors for Summer

After a dull and depressing 2020, we can expect bright and colorful 2021 wedding colors this summer! Here are just a few ideas that will create a bright, happy, and warm atmosphere at your upcoming summer wedding.

Bright Yellow Flower Arrangement Without Sunflowers: Woman Getting Married

Bright Yellow

No other color is happier than yellow! Bright yellow in a shade called Illuminating from Pantone’s 2021 color collection will be popular this upcoming summer, but if you’re looking for a hue that’s a bit more understated, shades of ochre are also expected to be quite popular.

Surprisingly, yellow looks beautiful with nearly any color. It can be paired with other brights, the other colors on this list, or it can stand alone among neutrals. Don’t think it means you have to use sunflowers at your summer wedding either! Try more interesting yellow flowers, like yellow pincushion protea, yellow craspedia, and yellow yarrow.

Simple Peach Tablescape: Boho Weddings


Coral is right at home among 2021 wedding colors this summer. It’s a no-brainer at a beach or coastal wedding, but when paired with unexpected colors, like purple and gray, it can look stunning at any inland summer fête.

Coral looks great at a tropical-themed wedding when this hue is paired with details like raffia fans and palm leaf stems. If you don’t want a tropical spin on this trend, place single stems of coral roses, peonies, and carnations in glass bottles or pair this hue with sparkly gold details.

Green Wedding Cake: Style Me Pretty

Retro Green

Vintage and retro themes are making their way into weddings this year, which means 2021 wedding color palettes will include hues that many of us haven’t paid much attention to in years. Think retro green in hues like avocado, olive, and even lime.

If you want to keep with the retro feel, decorate with potted plants and macramé hangers. If you’re looking for more modern decorations, incorporate pops of the green of your choice in the cake, the drinks, and table settings.

Wedding Brights Featuring Yellow and Shades of Pink: Green Wedding Shoes


The trend of taking inspiration from the past continues with some couples choosing brights this summer. June wedding colors in 2021 include bright shades of pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple. This trend is straight from the 90s with inspiration being drawn from Lisa Frank and fashion from Nickelodeon’s heyday.

These hues are best utilized in eye-popping ways. Think pink suits, blue Chuck Taylors, and bright, funky wedding nails.

2021 Wedding Colors for Fall

2021 wedding colors become a bit more subdued this fall, but don’t think that means there aren’t plenty of beautiful colors to choose from! Here are some of the colors that will be the most popular during the fall of 2021.

Neutral Wedding Arch With Wood: Friar Tux


Neutrals look great at any wedding throughout the year, but they can look especially striking in the fall. White, cream, and beige are especially popular wedding colors, but there are some interesting combinations that are surfacing as wedding color trends for 2021.

Rust and wood touches are popular with fall brides and grooms, especially when metallic elements in copper are used throughout the day. Gray is a great neutral that looks beautiful with muddy shades of purple and green.

Groom and Bridesmaids In Dark Navy Attire: Carats and Cake

Colorful Black

Black is always a popular wedding color, especially later in the year when the weather starts to cool off and it gets dark earlier and earlier in the evening. If you love the idea of a black tie affair, give it an update by pairing it with another color.

Traditional fall shades include burgundy, dark green, and navy. When paired with black, you can plan a classy affair without it looking too stuffy, especially if you skip the colored ties and have your groom and groomsmen wear colorful suits instead.

Reception Table Featuring a Dusty Purple Tablecloth: Tidewater and Tulle

Dusty Purple

Don’t think 2021 fall wedding colors are all about neutrals. Some surprising shades are showing up in the trends list, and dusty purple is one of those shades.

This shade of purple looks beautiful at vintage weddings, and it lends itself well to flowing chiffon and velvet fabric details. It pairs well with gray, but it also looks beautiful with blush, silver, and light blue.


Leafy Men’s Boutonnieres: My Wedding

Sage Green

Every season has its own shade of green. When it comes to 2021 wedding colors for fall, sage green is going to be all the rage. This hue can stand alone, and it looks great at eco-friendly weddings as eucalyptus, sage leaves, and other greenery can dominate the décor without the need for flowers. If you do want to pair sage hues with other colors, consider silver, gray, and dusty rose.

2021 Wedding Colors for Winter

There are many unique wedding color palettes that can create a beautiful wedding atmosphere. Trends for 2021 winter wedding colors include burgundy, forest green, metallics, and brown.

Deep Red Roses and Evergreen Branch Table Décor: Wedding Forward


Burgundy will likely always be among popular winter wedding colors, especially if you’re looking for 2021 wedding colors around the holiday season as it’s a classier, more timeless color than the bright red Christmas is known for.

Shades of deep red can show up in bridesmaids dresses, boutonnieres, and ceremony arches that feature burgundy blooms and fir branches. It looks great with another winter wedding color—brown—as well as metallics.

Forest Green

Dark green is another popular winter wedding color, but when it comes to wedding 2021 colors, this hue really takes on a forest theme. That means deep shades of this hue that are paired with branches and birch disks on reception tables.

If you’re planning a formal affair, choose black as a complementary color. More laid back celebrations can utilize shades of tan, brown, and beige.

Mixed Metallic Rings: Lisa Marie Katchey Design


After such a stressful 2020, many couples are looking for the perfect lucky color for their wedding in 2021. Although shades like purple, blue, and gray are considered lucky this year by the Chinese calendar, so are metallics, like silver and gold.

Any and all metallics look beautiful at a wedding this winter, but it’s going to be especially popular to mix different metallic hues together. That might mean mixing gold taper candle holders with silver charger plates or pairing your white gold engagement ring with rose gold and rhodium stackers.

Hot Cocoa Drink With a Cinnamon Stick: DIY Network


Brown sounds like such a dull color, but it is anything but dull at a winter wedding. It’s perfect for the natural or boho bride, as well as the bride who is looking for a rustic theme for her wedding day.

Backdrops and ceremony arches made of wood are popular additions to a brown-themed wedding, as are branches, pinecones, and cinnamon. Hot cocoa, decadent chocolate cake, and rum are perfect menu items if brown is taking center stage on your wedding day.

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