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Top 10 2023 Bachelorette Party Themes

Hopefully, you’re planning your dream wedding with a theme and a color palette to match. But, planning a wedding is a team effort. You have to consider your partner’s interests, tastes, and preferences when ironing out every detail of your wedding.

That’s not the case when you’re planning your bachelorette party. You and your bridesmaids can plan the exact party you want.

Here are 10 of our favorite bachelorette party themes for 2023 that can be planned and designed with only the bride in mind.

Bridesmaids Wearing Pink Toasting With Pink Goblets: Bethany Paige Photography


When it comes to over-the-top girly details and the color pink, there’s no better bachelorette party theme than Barbiecore!

Although using a lot of pink is an important part of every Barbiecore party, there are many different versions of Barbie you can use as inspiration. Go 80's active wear with colorful leggings, wear shimmery slip dresses at a 90’s glam Barbiecore party, or inject black and white details into the décor to pay homage to the original Barbie from 1959.

Bridesmaids Having a Pillow Fight Surrounded by Purple and Pink Balloons: Studio DIY

Slumber Party

Don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money on a destination bachelorette party. There are plenty of bachelorette party ideas at home. One of our favorites is having a slumber party.

Wear comfy robes and fluffy slippers all night long as you watch rom-coms and play classic slumber party games, like Pretty Pretty Princess. Plan brunch for the next morning to make your slumber party extra special.

Dessert Table at a Secret Garden Themed Bachelorette Party: Kara’s Party Ideas

Secret Garden

If you’re envisioning magical bachelorette party themes, create a secret garden ambiance for dinner and drinks.

Plenty of flowers, moss, and natural branch décor are a must for this theme. Fancy teacups, cloches, and long, flowing, romantic dresses are perfect for this theme too. Give the bachelorette party a Bridgerton spin with hanging wisteria, or go for a whimsical fairytale vibe with butterflies and playful streamers.

Decorated Tent With a Bed and Decorative Pillows Inside: Punchbowl


If fluffy dresses and pink rainbows aren’t really your thing, head out into nature and plan a camping bachelorette party!

Go for a cozy campfire theme by handing out personalized mugs, roasting marshmallows, and telling scary stories with plenty of flashlights to go around. If you prefer glamping to roughing it, rent a cabin. If you want to give your camping trip a festival feel, decorate the camp site with ribbons and set out lawn games.

Tea Set on a Table With Three Tiers of Finger Food: 31 Daily

Tea Time

If you have your sights set on formal, classy bachelorette party themes, schedule tea time with the bride and bridal party.

This theme really comes alive when you get specific about what kind of tea you want to sit down and enjoy. Munch on towers of mini sandwiches, petits-fours, and scones at an English tea party, sit down to a formal chaji tea gathering, or sip on Moroccan mint tea at a Moroccan tea ceremony.

Bridesmaids Wearing Colorful 80’s Outfits Posing for a Picture: Talking With Tami

Over-the-Top 80’s

Traditional bachelorette party theme ideas are all about partying, and there’s no better party than one from the 80’s!

Take things over the top with teased hair, shoulder pads, and high-cut leotards paired with leg warmers and oversized fanny packs. Keep to your theme with 80’s inspired drink pouches, fringe party curtains, and jelly purses filled with goodies for everyone in attendance. If you really want to go wild, have an 80’s roller skate party!

Scrabble Board Game Being Played on a Blanket: Style Me Pretty

Game Night

Do you love those cheesy bachelorette party games? Or maybe the bride loves board games, or video games? A game night is the perfect choice for a bachelorette party!

Aim for a mix of classic games everyone likes to play, like a toilet paper dress competition, board games like Sorry!, and video games, like Mario Kart, but sprinkle in new games the bridal party is unfamiliar with too. As the night wears on, you can transition to drinking games.

Bridesmaids Floating in a Pool on Pastel-Colored Floaties: January Hart

Palm Springs Pool Party

The pool is the perfect location for bachelorette party themes in the summer. Although a standard pool party will do, you can take things to another level when you plan a Palm Springs pool party.

You don’t have to head to Palm Springs to get the perfect vibe at your bachelorette party! When you decorate with tropical plants, incorporate pink lawn flamingos, make sure the pool is filled with fun floaties, and serve drinks with little cocktail stirrers, you can host your Palm Springs pool party anywhere.

Woman Conducting a Sound Bath Ritual: Pexels

Wellness Weekend

Wellness weekends are popular with brides and bridal parties, but you don’t have to focus on facials, manicures, and yoga if you want to do something a little different.

Plan a wellness weekend that focuses on spiritual, emotional, and intellectual health instead of physical health. That might mean attending a sound bath class or taking a personality quiz. It can also be fun to incorporate divination services, like Tarot reading, if that’s something you and your girls are into.

A Hand Pouring Wine into Tasting Glasses: Beijos Events

Wine, Beer, or Mocktail Tasting

A wine tasting bachelorette party is a classic way to celebrate the impending nuptials, but wine isn’t for everyone. Does the bride prefer craft beers? Do a tasting at a local brewery instead!

A really unique bachelorette party theme is mocktail tasting. It’s great for brides who don’t want to drink alcohol, as well as bridal parties with members who are underage. It can be a great way for the bride to taste mocktail options that she wants to serve at the wedding too.

The bachelorette party is all about letting loose and having fun ahead of the wedding. With one of these bachelorette party themes, you can guarantee that everyone will have a great time!

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