Top 10 Wedding Color Combinations With Dark Green

Love the idea of a dark green wedding?

Knowing you love dark green is a good start, but this color comes alive in different ways depending on what other colors you combine it with.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a fall or a spring wedding, or if you like dark, moody colors or lighter, brighter hues, we’ve got the perfect color combo for you.

Without further ado, here are 10 of our favorite wedding colors with dark green!

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Earth and Terracotta

Terracotta color palettes are popular with modern brides and grooms. Terracotta looks beautiful when it is combined with many different colors, which includes dark green!

We especially love this color combination when you add earthy tones to the mix. Decorate tables with terracotta candle holders and vases, and incorporate other earthy materials, like wood, clay, and bricks.

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Maroon and Cranberry

Dark green wedding colors with maroon and cranberry look beautiful in the fall, but this color combo is also a great choice if you’re planning a winter wedding. Its more subdued hues of red will make sure your decorations don’t look too Christmas-y.

Choose seasonal florals to make this color palette come alive. For example, in the fall, you might incorporate dahlias and glossy green leaves into your bouquets, while winter weddings might incorporate cranberries and evergreen boughs.

Black and Gold Wedding Cake Decorated With Greenery: Zest Radar, Gothic Bouquet With Green and Gold Leaves: Green Wedding Shoes, Black and Gold Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Black and Gold

We would go as far as to say that no other color combination looks as sharp and formal as dark green and black. You can make this color combination look even more luxe by adding gold details.

Dark green velvet suits are a great option for adventurous grooms and groomsmen. Dark green and black velvet tablecloths look great on reception tables too. Incorporate gold through the use of gold candlesticks, gold charger plates, and liven up cakes and other décor with gold foil.

Place Settings With Hunter Green Napkins on a White Tablecloth: Every Last Detail, Bride Holding a Bouqet of Greenery and White Roses: Ivory and Beau, Crisp White Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Crisp White

If you love the idea of keeping things simple, choose a color palette of dark green and crisp white. This combination never goes out of style, and it can look just as beautiful at a spring forest wedding as it does inside a winter ballroom.

Green is best incorporated through the use of dark green foliage. Try ferns at a forest wedding or monstera leaves at a tropical fête. White flowers, like roses or daisies, look beautiful when incorporated with greenery. If you don’t like the look of traditional white tablecloths, try white cheesecloth table runners instead.

Dark Green Cake With Gold Foil and Mustard-Colored Flowers: Boho Weddings, Table Setting With a Yellow Napkin, Clear Plates, and Brass Silverware: Ruffled Blog, Mustard and Brass Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Mustard and Brass

Mustard has inspired many color palettes. Combine it with dark green and brass and you’ve got the perfect color palette for a fall wedding or an eco-conscious celebration.

Floral arrangements with glossy green leaves are a must. You can also try combining them with pampas grass and other dried or faux florals instead of fresh blooms. Incorporate brass by decorating with things like brass trumpet vases and dramatic candelabras.

Wedding Cake With a Dark Green and Mint Geode Decoration: Martha Stewart, Mint and Mist Color Palette: Pantone Connect, Bridesmaids Dresses in Shades of Green Hanging With the Bride’s Dress: Rachel Howerton Photography

Mint and Mist

Dark green wedding colors have a tendency to look serious. If you love dark green, but are dreaming of a lighter, brighter wedding, consider a combination of mint and mist.

How cheerful your wedding appears will depend on the balance of dark green to mint you choose. If you want to keep things light, have bridesmaids wear mint dresses and hang minty sage chiffon among dark green leaves on your ceremony arch.

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids Wearing Hunter Green and Navy: Megan Noll Photography, Midnight Blue Color Palette: Pantone Connect, Greenery Table Décor With Dark Glass Bottles and Goblets: Junebug Weddings

Midnight Blue

If instead of light and airy you prefer moody wedding colors with dark green, choose midnight blue. This color palette is especially stunning for celestial and nighttime weddings, as well as Irish weddings.

Play with color and texture to make this color palette interesting. That might mean decorating tables with mismatched blue votive candle holders or setting the table with green velvet napkins.

Potted Succulent Wedding Favors With Brown Tags: Colors Bridesmaid, Groom in a Brown Suit and Tie With a Green Vest: I Take You, Rustic Brown and Sage Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Rustic Brown and Sage

Sage is another popular wedding color that has inspired many color palettes. With dark green and rustic brown, it’s great for a farm or barn wedding. It can also look beautiful at a modern industrial wedding, depending on the materials you decorate with.

For example, bare wooden tables look great at a rustic wedding, while wooden tables with iron legs are a better choice for a warehouse wedding. Groomsmen who wear leather suspenders can give your wedding a relaxed farm feel, while more traditional suits with brown shoes look more formal.

Bride Wearing Green Velvet Heels Holding an Oversized Bouquet of Roses: Hey Wedding Lady, Dark Green and Light Pink Macarons Decorated With a Rose: 100 Layer Cake, Blush and Ivory Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Blush and Ivory

Dark green wedding colors pair well with other masculine hues, but this dark shade of green looks lovely when balanced with a more feminine color, like blush.

This color palette comes together naturally when you incorporate blush and ivory roses with dark green glossy leaves in bouquets and centerpieces. Have fun by incorporating these colors in fun ways, like wearing dark green heels or setting the table with funky pink silverware.

Large Stone Table Number Painted With the Number Two: Style Me Pretty, Bride Holding a Bouquet of Dark Purple Flowers and Greenery: Martha Stewart, Plum and Stone Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Plum and Stone

Purple wedding colors with dark green can look stunning, especially if you go with a darker shade of plum and combine it with stone details.

You can incorporate shades of stone with things like decorative ribbon and attire, but it’s even better if you can take the stone shade more literally. Decorate tables with concrete candlesticks, host your ceremony in a stone courtyard, or create table numbers out of large stones.

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