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Top 10 Sage Green & Black Wedding Color Ideas

If you’re searching for a trendy, yet classic wedding day color, sage is a great choice. There are many combinations of beautiful colors that can enhance this dusty green hue.

Adding black can make your big day feel more formal, but there’s more to it than that. You can get a totally different vibe on your wedding day, depending on the colors you add to this combination.

Here are our favorite color additions to a sage green and black wedding so you can inject more personality into your big day.

Tablescape Featuring Potted Plants and Black Napkins: Junebug Weddings, Bouquet of Terracotta-Colored Flowers and Greenery: Ruffled, Boho Terracotta Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Boho Terracotta

A boho terracotta wedding with black and sage green is a beautiful option for desert weddings, beach weddings, and even industrial warehouse weddings.

Combine terracotta-colored flowers with dusty greens, but you should also incorporate actual terracotta into your décor. From candle holders to vases, terracotta details can be added to both your ceremony and reception space.

Bouquet of Deep Purple Anemones, Black and White Poppies, and Succulents: Colors Wedding, Table Seting With Dark Details, Greenery, and Purple Napkins: Wedding Forward, Pretty Plum Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Pretty Plum

If you love deeply colored hues, consider adding plum to your sage green and black wedding color palette.

A classic décor choice at a fall or winter wedding would be covering tables with velvet table runners. With the use of purple blooms, like tulips in the spring or dahlias in the summer, this color palette can look beautiful any time of the year.

Bouquet of Black and White Poppies, Dusty Miller, and Roses: Pollen Floral Design, Wedding Cake With Blue, Sage, and Dark Details: Colors Wedding, Slate Blue Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Slate Blue

A sage green and slate blue wedding combined with classy black is a beautiful way to inject color into your big day without overwhelming your palette.

Keep things light by dressing your bridal party in shades of sage green and slate blue, or make things a little more formal with black suits and dresses. Adding pops of black in unexpected places, like the centers of poppies or your wedding cake, will make your wedding unique.

Groom in a Green Velvet Suit With White and Sage Boutonniere: Carats and Cake, Light Green and White Flower Arrangement on a Table Set With Green Velvet: Style Me Pretty , Emerald Green Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Emerald Green

A sage green and emerald wedding with black details is right at home at wedding celebrations throughout the year.

Glossy green palm leaves can bring this color palette to the beach, while using green agates in your décor can give your wedding a boho vibe. Four leaf clovers can be incorporated if you’re celebrating your nuptials in March, while lush walls of greenery are perfect for a spring garden wedding.

Silvery Sage Centerpiece With Pops of Black: Wedding Forward, Sparkling Silver Color Palette: Pantone Connect, Silver Washed Wooden Backdrop With Hanging Greenery: Elegant Wedding Invites

Sparkling Silver

Sage and silver is a gorgeous combination, especially if you’re planning a frosty wedding in the winter or you’re hosting your nuptials in the mountains.

Silver geometric candle holders can give your wedding a modern feel, while silver candelabras can give your wedding an old-world vibe.

Table Setting Featuring a Sprig of Green, a Sage Napkin, and a Gold Charger Plate: Alice Shoots People, Sage and Gold Wedding Cake With Dark Thistles: Fab Mood, Antique Gold Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Antique Gold

If you love the idea of using metallics, but you’re looking for a warmer feel at your sage green and black wedding, opt for antique gold details.

Gold frosting dripping down a sage green wedding cake, vintage charger plates with gold edges, and antique gold candlesticks will make you feel like royalty on your wedding day.

Tablescape With Greenery and Wooden Chairs, Table, and Background: Burgh Brides, Mahogany Color Palette: Pantone Connect, Simple Place Setting Featuring Rosemary, Wooden Charger Plate, and Seating Tag: Elegant Wedding Invites


Deep browns are lovely when combined with sage green and black wedding colors, but we especially love incorporating these chocolatey shades through the use of wood.

Build an arch out of stained wood, leave wooden tables bare at the reception, or set the tables with wood charger plates.

Bride Holding a Bouquet of White Flowers and Eucalyptus: Green Wedding Shoes, Table Setting With White Candles, Black Goblets, and Greenery Garland: Style Me Pretty, Bridal White Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Bridal White

Bridal white will never go out of style. It looks especially beautiful at a sage and black wedding, whether you’re celebrating with your friends and family in the Italian countryside, you’re in a hotel ballroom, or you’re hosting your nuptials inside an art gallery.

Go Gothic with black velvet table runners or keep things light and airy at a spring wedding with white tulle. No matter what kind of wedding you’re planning, you can always incorporate sprigs of eucalyptus throughout your floral arrangements.

Dusty Rose Place Setting With Sage Vases and Black Candlesticks: Roses and Rings, Head Table With a Rose and Black Background: 100 Layer Cake, Rainy Day Rose Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Rainy Day Rose

We love the idea of adding dusty rose to a color palette of sage green and black at a spring wedding, as it looks especially striking on a cloudy day. It is also beautiful for morning weddings when the mist rolls in, as well as foggy mountain weddings.

Decorate with soft fabrics, like velvet and chiffon. Pink roses are an obvious choice for floral arrangements, while pink gypsophila and bunny tails are perfect for dried flower arrangements.

Mustard and Sage Tablescape in a Dark Setting: The Rustic Wedding Company, Mustard Table Setting With Black Chairs and Flower Arrangements With Greenery: 100 Layer Cake, Spicy Mustard Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Spicy Mustard

Mustard is another popular wedding color with many combinations to choose from. Although it isn’t uncommon to see it paired with sage, it is definitely unique when it’s combined with both sage green and black.

There are many ways you can include black details, but we love doing it through the use of lighting. Night nuptials, dark reception spaces, and midnight field receptions are the perfect ways to make mustard-colored goblets, napkins, and table cloths pop.

Wedding color palettes are enlivened when you choose more than just two hues. That’s especially true when it comes to sage green and black wedding color palettes. Choose one of the colors on this list and you’ll truly plan a one-of-a-kind wedding that you and your guests will never forget.


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