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What is the Wedding Pearlcore Trend?

Pearls will always have a place at weddings. A timeless strand of pearls will never go out of style, while a simple pair of pearl earrings will complement any dress.

That’s why we love the pearlcore wedding trend. Unlike past wedding trends that are cool in the moment but look dated decades down the road (like puffy sleeves and cropped wedding dresses), we think the pearlcore trend is one that will continue to look classic, elegant, and timeless, even if this trend wanes in the near future.

The question is, what exactly is the wedding pearlcore trend?

Here’s everything you need to know about pearlcore so you can decide if it’s right for your wedding day.

Bride in a Metallic Dress Wearing a Chunky Pearl Headband: Weddingomania

Updated 80’s

There’s something a little 80’s about the pearl wedding trend, but unlike puffy sleeves and overly frilly lace, there’s something timeless about its style too.

For example, Leah Nicole Langley-McClean of ElleNelle Bridal wears pearls almost every day, but she says, "the more formal the event, the bigger the pearl." Think chunky pearl necklaces and huge pearl studs when it comes to your wedding day look, which are very reminiscent of the oversized style of the 80’s.

Pearl headpieces are getting a modern makeover, as is tulle, which was very popular at 80’s weddings. Chunky pearl headbands are popular among pearlcore brides, tulle veils are dotted with pearls, and pearl-encrusted tulle is even being used to decorate arches, columns, and reception tables.

Bride Holding a Dried Bouquet Wearing Tulle Gloves With Pearls: Carats and Cake

Regency-Era Inspiration

The pearlcore wedding trend is also taking cues from the Recency era, thanks to the popularity of Bridgerton. Many brides and grooms are trying to mimic the look of this popular show for their wedding day, and using pearls is a great way to do it.

Lace is being dotted with dainty pearls, high-waisted bodices are being adorned with dainty pearl strands, and slices of pearl cake are being served to guests at pearlcore weddings.

Bride With a Pearl Handbag Sitting on a Bus Seat: Love My Dress

Make Your Pearl Wedding Your Own

Don’t feel like you have to dip into the 80’s or go back to romanticized England in order to incorporate the pearlcore wedding trend into your big day. There are many modern ways to incorporate pearls into your attire and your décor.

You don’t have to cover everything in pearls either. Instead, look for one or two places to make a statement with this trend.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to use pearls throughout your wedding day, no matter what your personal style.

Ponytail Featuring Multiple Strands of Pearls: Preview

Modern Pearl Jewelry

Having a pearl wedding doesn’t mean you have to feel like an aged socialite when you wear them.

There are many modern options, whether you’re looking for a necklace or earrings. Pearl covered headbands are modern and fun, while pearl engagement rings are making a huge comeback.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider placing strands of pearls in your hair or wearing a pearl shoulder necklace with a strapless gown. Pearl hair pins are especially stunning when scattered in an updo, while pearl butterflies and hair bows are great choices for whimsical brides.

Bride Wearing a Pearl Dotted Cape: Belle the Magazine

Pearl Fashion

Pearls aren’t just for jewelry anymore. They are a true wedding fashion statement.

A pearl wedding veil is a trendy and unique way to incorporate pearls into your wedding day look, while a pearl wedding dress is a little more classic. However, how those pearls are sewn on your dress can mean the difference between modern style or whimsical romance.

Pearls are showing up in even more surprising ways. Bridal capes are being studded with pearls, as are heels. If you love old-world romance, wear pearl dotted gloves. If you are looking for sexy romance, wear an illusion wedding down adorned with pearls.

Chair Tie Back Featuring a Cluster of Pearls: Style Me Pretty

Pearlcore Décor

There are countless pearl wedding decorations to choose from if you want your ceremony or reception space to literally be dripping in pearls.

A few of our favorites include:

  • Strands of pearls draped across the backs of chairs
  • Wedding desserts decorated with edible pearls
  • Pearl dotted napkins and table runners
  • Beaded pearl curtains

Loose pearl vase filler is extremely versatile. It can be poured into vases at a black-tie wedding or empty oyster shells at a beach wedding. Individual pearls can be strung together or stitched onto fabric. They can be hot glued onto picture frames or made into the shape of table numbers and framed.

The wedding pearlcore trend is whatever you make it. Whether you love 80s excess, Regency era romance, or modern sophistication, there’s a way to incorporate pearls into your wedding day that matches your personal style.





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