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What to Look for in Wedding Supplies and Decorations

Wedding supply decorations are as varied as they are numerous. Many details are involved in planning the perfect day, and each small aspect of decorating has variables to choose from. Whether you’re a wedding planner or a bride, you’ll need to make some decisions about the most important aspects of the wedding. Do you want it to be cost-effective? Trendy? Traditional? DIY? All of these decisions will play into how you design the wedding and which supply choices you make!

Start With the Essentials

With everything riding on you for the wedding to go off perfectly, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Rather than giving too much thought to checking off every item on the list in any random order, you should find a solid foundation to slowly add extravagance to. By doing this, you will be able to visualize your final product as you go. When considering this, it is best to start with the essentials.

A Solid Foundation

A good question to ask yourself when beginning the plan for your decor is “what would I do if 80% of my budget were slashed right now?” If you had to make a wedding happen with only tables, china, flatware, and invitations available, you’d likely be taking some pretty creative steps and utilizing the best wedding decor store to make the essentials function on their own.

When thinking about the aesthetic of your wedding, find essential wedding supplies and decorations that can embody the aesthetic simply and subtly on their own.

Color Choices

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is the color palette. Even though you likely have a color scheme in mind, it is still important to make sure that you have some flexibility with the colors.

For example, if you’ve chosen a pastel palette for your wedding, you may want to stretch beyond one or two colors to have more variety when selecting your supplies. Even if you go for a more classic theme of black and white, you’d be surprised how easily muted colors and other neutrals can fit in. The perfect wedding supplies and decorations will not always be available in every color. So flexibility will be absolutely key.

Personality in Invitations

If one part of the wedding needs to be unique, it’s this. Wedding invitations are one of the only areas that you can truly let your imagination soar. Blank invitations are just that: a blank slate for you to customize with all the important details of your wedding.

Whether you choose a blank invite or a custom design, the most important aspect of designing your wedding invitations is that they wow your potential guests. To leave a lasting impression, add a personal touch to your invite (like your initials or photos from your engagement), and choose high-quality invites from a reputable wedding decor store.

Wedding Aesthetic

Even if you don’t have any idea of what you want your theme to be or how you want your wedding to look, there’s likely a feeling that you’re trying to embody at your wedding. This is the aesthetic and it is the starting point for all the wedding supplies and decorations you choose.

Your wedding is your own and it’s important to make sure you remember that throughout the process. Whether you’re planning a trendy or a traditional wedding, you can insert your personal style into everything you plan so that it has a unique perspective on it. All of these things will add up to create the perfect wedding aesthetic.

flower centerpiece for a wedding

Table Decor

The centerpiece is what guests will be idly looking at all night (after the big ceremony, of course). The table can absolutely set the mood for the rest of the wedding!

So many wedding supplies and decorations can go into this. Candles and holders, vases, flowers, and anything else you can think of to match the theme of the wedding will all play a part. In a way, putting together the centerpiece is much like creating a pitch for your wedding in a miniature display. While flowers are certainly the most traditional option, you can go a long way with more modern lantern centerpieces when trying to create an atmosphere of intimacy. Whatever you do, your centerpieces will set the entire mood for your reception.

Inspired Locations

When a couple decides to tie the knot, location inspiration usually strikes. No real decisions can be made until you lock down and have a chance to explore your venue. The seemingly small details of the location can have a big impact on the decor you can use. You’ll need to make sure that all of your wedding supplies and decorations complement your location and work with the space that you have available.

Decor Considerations

There might be certain locations that allow you to skip on certain areas of decor, allowing you to splurge on others. Lighting is important for outdoor weddings, but the decorations should receive the same attention to detail. For many outdoor weddings, you will need to find simple elegance in your wedding supplies and decorations, so they can compete with nature itself.

DIY Wholesale Wedding Supplies and Decorations
In the past, learning about wedding trends required reviewing all the bridal magazines and extensive talks with party planners. Now, social media has replaced almost every facet of those magazines and meetings. We have Pinterest boards to give us all sorts of ideas and inspiration, blog posts to learn about the trends, and influencers who set the stage for wedding style. Some might argue that this gives us unrealistic expectations, and perhaps it does make us want something better. More than this, however, it makes us want to do it ourselves.
Fantastic weddings that are on-trend and well-designed are more accessible than ever because the knowledge is out there, but knowledge can only go so far. When you’re looking for wedding supplies and decorations, you’ll only find so much in a typical wedding supply store, you need a wholesale DIY wedding decor store that can supply trendy and cost-effective wedding supplies.
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