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Top 10 2021 Winter Wedding Color Trends

Think all winter weddings are red and green? Although these two hues are common winter wedding colors, they are used in some unique ways. Not to mention, they aren’t your only choices!

Here at Koyal Wholesale, we love slightly unexpected wedding colors that are beautiful and seasonally appropriate. Whether you’re getting married around Christmas, you dream of dancing the night away on New Year’s Eve, or you’re saving your nuptials for after the first of the year, these are our top 10 2021 winter wedding colors:

  • Silver and dusty blue
  • Evergreen and black
  • Navy and gold
  • Brown
  • White and cream
  • Rustic red
  • Neutrals with burgundy and mauve
  • Sage and cranberry
  • Berry and blush
  • Charcoal and apricot

Dusty Blue Floral Arrangement Among Silver Candle Holders: Elegant Wedding Invites

Silver and Dusty Blue

Dusty blue is a popular all-around wedding color, and it can really shine at a winter wedding too. We especially love it when it’s paired with silver in the winter, although gray also works. Dress your bridesmaids in dusty blue, arrange silver mercury glass candle holders on tables, and include artemisia in your wedding bouquet.

Black, White, and Green Poppy Bouquet: The Coordinated Bride

Evergreen and Black

Skip the traditional Christmas green and go for a deeper shade of evergreen at your winter wedding. It can naturally be incorporated with boughs of evergreen branches throughout your décor, and it looks particularly classy when it’s paired with black. Think dark green suits, black velvet tablecloths, and moody floral arrangements with black poppies and plenty of dark greenery.

Navy and Gold Table Setting: Moja Svadba

Navy and Gold

Navy and gold is a great choice for fall wedding colors, but it’s also one of our favorite combinations for winter weddings in 2021. Grooms always look handsome in a navy suit, while glittering gold can elevate any winter fête. Choose an inky shade that’s almost black for a New Year’s wedding, while a more traditional shade of navy is a great choice for wedding celebrations throughout the season.

Brown and White Bouquet Featuring Pinecones: Buzzfeed


Brown has a beauty all its own when executed properly. The trick is to choose your favorite shade and then compliment it with other winter wedding colors in different hues. For example, you may lean towards dark brown and include Malaysian driftwood branches throughout your décor, but also include shades of taupe and caramel to make this color scheme come alive.

White and Cream Reception Table Decorations: Style Me Pretty

White and Cream

White is a classic winter wedding color, but it can fall flat and end up looking cheap. Combine it with other shades of white, like cream, beige, and champagne. Go for an off-white wedding gown, cover your ceremony arch in ivory tulle, and incorporate dried florals into your floral arrangements. Let the only shade of white be the snow outside and your color palette will really pop.

Wine Barrel Decorated With Red Roses: Southern Bride

Rustic Red

Red will forever be among the most popular winter wedding colors as it’s festive during this season. If you’re worried about it looking cheap, skip the red sash around your wedding dress and go for a rustic theme instead. Decorate your ceremony space with red roses and rustic wooden benches, host your reception in a heated barn, and incorporate wooden barrels and baskets among other red details.

Cranberry and Sage Colored Bouquets: Top Wedding Sites

Sage and Cranberry

If you have your heart set on red and green at your winter wedding, try sage and cranberry to keep things festive and classy. Leafy sage is a great way to decorate arches, tables, and the backs of chairs, while using actual cranberries is a great way to inject red without your décor looking like it came from the dollar store.

Mauve and Burgundy Floral Arrangement: Flora Wedding and Event Flowers

Neutrals With Burgundy and Mauve

Neutrals are another popular wedding color, and they can work as winter wedding colors too when they are paired with the right hues. For example, burgundy is another popular winter wedding color, while mauve can give your wedding a boho feel. Decorate a classic wedding cake with mauve details and let your bridesmaids choose different shades of burgundy and mauve dresses.

Berry and Blush Wedding Cake Decorated With Flowers: Keith and Melissa Photography and Videography

Berry and Blush

Blush is usually associated with spring and summer weddings, but when it’s paired with berry, you’ve got a palette of winter wedding colors that will surprise your guests. Keep things classic with soft pink roses combined with florals in various berry shades. Go for a bold berry lip color, decorate with ribbons in shades of blush, and serve red wine and rosé.

Place Setting Featuring Gray and Shades of Orange: Wedding Sparrow

Charcoal and Apricot

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—we love the combination of charcoal and apricot at a winter wedding!

Charcoal is perfect for a winter wedding because this dark, moody hue is right at home after the sun goes down, and it goes down early in the winter, while choosing apricot gives you the chance to use orange in a seasonally-appropriate way. Incorporate terracotta vases, moody gray attire, and serve hors d'oeuvre that are made out of dried apricots.

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