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Top 10 Wedding Decor Ideas for Church Pews

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting married in a grand cathedral or a small chapel, church weddings are always lovely because you are able to take advantage of the natural beauty of the building where you’re getting married. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things you can do to decorate the space!
Church pew decorations are one of the ways you can zhoosh up any house of worship.
The question is how to decorate them?
Here are our top 10 wedding décor ideas for church pews that you can use to make your church wedding even more beautiful.

Leafy Garland Church Pew Decorations with White Roses: Inside Weddings

Leafy Garland
If you want to bring nature into the church, consider decorating church pews with leafy garland. Swag lengths of ivy, evergreen boughs, or eucalyptus. You can integrate berries, baby’s breath, or other elements to add some interest.
Just make sure there is plenty of room for guests to enter pews from the other side so they aren’t tempted to try and step over the garland in order to sit down.

Small Rose Flower Arrangement Hanging From a Pew In a Burlap Cone: Weddings Online

Petite Flower Arrangements
Flowers are classic wedding decorations for church pews. Floral arrangements can be secured directly to the pews themselves, but we especially love the look of petite flower arrangements placed in small vessels and hung from the ends of each row.
Place a small arrangement of roses in miniature buckets, sunflowers in mason jars, or mixed bouquets in floral cones. Not only do they look lovely in the church, they can easily be picked up and reused at the reception too.

Calla Lilies Tied to the End of Church Pews With Ribbon: Blog do Casamento

Single Stems
Church pew wedding décor doesn’t have to be grand. Sometimes, simple decorations can have just as big of an impact. That’s definitely the case when it comes to decorating with single floral stems.
All you have to do is tie one or two floral stems to the ends of church pews. Choose flowers that don’t wilt quickly, like calla lilies, roses, and protea. Not only is it a beautiful way to decorate, it’s also a great way to stretch your flower budget.

Church Pews Decorated With Green Floral Pomanders: Addicfashion

Floral Pomanders
When it comes to wedding décor for church pews with flowers, pomanders are a classic choice.
Constructed of flowers in the shape of a ball, floral pomanders are easy to make ahead of time. They are also extremely easy to hang from pews, which means less stress the day of your wedding.
Floral pomanders can be made out of real flowers, but they can be made out of silk flowers too. If you are crafty, you can make pomanders out of tissue paper.

Baby’s Breath Wreath Tied To a Church Pew With Ribbon: Emma Loves Weddings

If you like the idea of creating floral church pew wedding decorations, but you want to do something a little different, consider decorating with wreaths.
Wreaths can be simple, constructed out of baby’s breath, or complex using a mix of exotic flowers. All-green wreaths can be stunning too. They can be tied to each pew, or they can be hung on the pew itself. Then, they can be removed and used to decorate the reception space.

Buckets Full of Dried Flowers and Pampas Grass Decorating Church Pews: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Dried Florals
If you’re looking for church pew decorations that are a little less traditional, but no less beautiful, consider dried florals.
What kind of dried florals you choose can impact the overall look of the space. For example, light and fluffy pampas grass makes a space look very boho, wheat is great for harvest weddings, and lavender can fill the church with a sweet provincial scent.

Church Pews With Small Flower Arrangements and Hanging Fabric: Blog HigarNovias

Soft Swags of Fabric
Fabric is a classic way to decorate church pews for a wedding. Tulle is a traditional choice, but we encourage you to consider other kinds of fabric.
Soft, flowy fabrics are best. Chiffon can be draped between pews like a garland, cheesecloth can be tied and hung from pews for a more natural look, and velvet can look lovely at a cold weather wedding.

Linen Ribbon and Burlap Bow Church Pew Decoration: Style Me Pretty

Ribbons and Bows
Ribbons and bows are a classic choice for church pew decorations. Many pews have been decorated with large, fluffy bows, but there are other ways to incorporate bows and ribbons into your church décor.
Tie ribbons in different colors, thicknesses, and materials from pews for a playful, eclectic look. Ribbons can be used to tie floral arrangements to pews, or thick ribbon can be draped between pews for a big visual impact.

Church Pews Decorated With Lanterns and Flowers: Marry Me Tampa Bay

Lanterns are often clustered around the base of church pews, but the right lanterns can be hung from church pews as well.
Choose smaller lanterns that can easily be hung on the ends of church pews, or get creative with your lantern choice. Rattan lanterns could be a fun way to decorate if you have a neutral color palette, while Moroccan lanterns are a great choice if you love color. Just make sure you use flameless candles, as lanterns that hang on church pews are easy for guests to bump into.

Wedding Aisle Seating Draped With Strands of Pearls: Vatel Manila

Pearls and Crystals
If you’re on the hunt for wedding décor ideas for church pews that are fancy and feminine, consider decorating them with pearls and crystals. They can be draped on the ends of each aisle, but they can also be draped across the backs of pews for an even more dramatic look. Hang multiple strands together or combine them with flowers.


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