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2024 Summer Wedding Color Ideas

The summer is a popular time to have a wedding, and for good reason. The temperature is warm, and it’s a little less likely that the weather will completely ruin your big day.
The question is, which colors should you choose?
The answer depends on whether you want a classic-looking wedding, if you want to follow the latest wedding trends, and of course, which colors you just happen to like the best!
Dark or light, modern or timeless, we’ve got you covered with 10 of the best summer wedding colors in 2024.

Place Setting With a Colorful Menu and a Blue Napkin: Bridal Guide, Wedding Shoes and a Bouquet of Colorful Flowers on a Chair: Kati Rosado, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Red Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Red
We’re going to see more and more brides and grooms go bold with their wedding colors in every season, but there is nothing better than bright summer wedding colors in 2024! We think these summer wedding colors from 2023 fit in with the trend for bold, bright colors.

The more cheerful your décor, the better. Decorate your ceremony with a bold, colorful balloon arch, or host a festival-themed wedding with ribbons and watercolor details on invitations and menus. Bright sunflowers, pom pom dahlias, juicy blueberries, and refreshing oranges are perfect for a whimsical blue, orange, yellow, and red wedding.

Wedding Invitiation Suite Decorated With Sliced Lemons and Limes: 100 Layer Cake, Bride and Groom Speaking at a Microphone Wearing Yellow and Lime Green: The Knot, Lemon, Lime, and Aqua Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Lemon, Lime, and Aqua
From the beach to the prairie, one of our favorite summer wedding color ideas includes the combination of lemon, lime, and aqua.

Incorporating lemons and limes into your décor is a no-brainer. Incorporate these flavors into your wedding with things like tequila shots complete with a lime slice and lemon-inspired desserts. Have fun with these colors and incorporate them into your attire, pass out colorful yellow parasols to keep guests cool at an outdoor wedding, and set reception tables with blue glassware.

Peach and Green Reception Table With Patterned Tablecloth: Over the Moon, Long-Stemmed Peach Roses Hanging Among Greenery: Eddie Zaratsian, Tropical Peach Fuzz Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Tropical Peach Fuzz
There are many wedding color combinations that use Pantone’s color of the year, but when it comes to the summer, we love a tropical Peach Fuzz celebration the best.

As its name implies, this color combo is perfect for weddings in the tropics, but it’s also a great choice for groovy couples who decorate their Palm Springs wedding with monstera leaf charger plates and disco balls. It’s also a fun summer wedding color palette for storybook forest weddings with covered moss walls and hanging long-stem roses. No matter what your theme, make sure there’s plenty of greenery to go around and have fun incorporating pops of peach.

Table Setting With Red and Pink Tablecloths and a Red and White Floral Arrangement: Wedding Wire, Two Brides Holding Bouquets of Red and Pink Flowers: Rock My Wedding, Crisp White, Red, and Pink Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Crisp White, Red, and Pink
The combination of crisp white, red, and pink seems like it belongs on a list of Valentine’s wedding colors and not on a list of summer wedding color ideas, but we beg to differ. When executed the right way, this combo is the perfect inspiration for a romantic summer wedding.
True red is having a real moment at weddings this year, and so are monochromatic palettes. Because pink is technically part of the red family, it goes well with red. It also ensures your nuptials look upscale, as red can end up looking cheap if it isn’t combined with other colors. Choose pops of red wisely and use it unexpected places, like a red wedding veil or red anthurium in bouquets combined with white orchids and pink carnations.

Celestial Themed Reception Table With Blue Goblets and Crystals: Green Wedding Shoes, Blue Constellation Plate With Cake Server and Moon-Shaped Place Cards: The Knot, Celestial Blues Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Celestial Blues
There’s no better time of year to look up at the night sky than the summertime, which is what makes celestial blues the perfect combination of summer wedding colors in 2024.

This color palette really comes together when you incorporate soft, soothing shades of blue with bold, electric blue wedding colors. Don’t shy away from incorporating crystals and stones into your décor either. Geode table number holders are a creative way to decorate tables, electric blue agates make stunning coasters, and cloudy quartz points make great guest favors.

Gold Cane Chair Decorated With Purple Fabric and Roses: WedLuxe, Flower Arrangement With Flowers in Shades of Purple and White: 7799 Wedding, Purple Romance Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Purple Romance
Purple is a lovely color for a summer wedding, especially if you want to turn up the romance. It’s popular among brides and grooms who want a Bridgerton-inspired wedding, as well as those who want to create an indoor garden at their reception.

Incorporate a variety of shades into your décor by going wild with flowers. Hanging floral chandeliers filled with blooms, cascading tendrils of wisteria, and bunches of fragrant lavender can help you create an enchanted garden feel on your big day. Gold accents can bring out the regal nature of this color, while lighter shades with silver can give you a more classic bridal feel.

Cocktail Menu With Copper Champagne Buckets, Candles, and Water Decanter: Brides, Burnished Brown Color Palette: Pantone Connect, Bride and Groom Walking Hand-in-Hand in the Desert: Junebug Weddings

Burnished Brown
If you have a hard time settling on your 2024 summer wedding colors because they all seem so girly, consider this surprising color palette from our list of the top 10 desert rose wedding colors. Although it technically includes the color pink, it is perfectly balanced with shades of burnished brown.

This color palette really comes alive when you include textural elements in your décor. Hammered copper charger plates, leather place cards, and wooden, earthy details, like old leatherbound books and cigars, take this color palette over the top. Tone down the use of the desert rose hue, but make sure it still gets noticed by wrapping your bouquet in pink ribbon and incorporating pink roses into flower arrangements.

Bridesmaids Wearing Floral Navy Dresses Standing With the Bride: Mrs to Be, Unique Bouquet of Pink Astible Wrapped With a Navy Ribbon: Wedding Chicks, Navy And Blush Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Navy and Blush
If you’re on the hunt for a timeless classic, look no further than the combination of navy and blush. Be willing to give this summer color combo a refreshing twist and you’ll get the perfect balance of old and new.

For example, skip the blush bridesmaids dresses and navy suits. Try patterned navy dresses for the girls and pink suits for the guys. Skip the roses in floral arrangements and use flowers like protea, ranunculus, and sweet peas instead. Make a late-night reception more moody with navy glass candle holders or lighten things up with two-toned, gauzy pink table runners.

Wedding Aisle Lined With Oversized Arrangements of Pampas Grass: Over the Moon, Champagne Tower With Wedding Guests Holding Sparklers in the Background: Martha Stewart, Champagne and Beige Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Champagne and Beige
Summer wedding colors in 2024 aren’t just about bold, bright hues. Neutrals will always have a place at weddings, especially when it comes to the fresh, bridal tones of champagne and beige.

This color palette has the potential to be the classiest of them all when you choose opulent details, like silk bridesmaids dresses, bubbly champagne towers, and sepia-toned flowers. Take your inspiration from nature if you want your decorations to appear more grounded and earthy. Create floral arrangements that include pampas grass, make place settings pop with water hyacinth placemats, and have fun with shapes, like a round or triangular altar backdrop.

Bridal Bouquet with Black Calla Lilies and White Poppies: Martha Stewart, Two-Tier Black Wedding Cake With White Flowers: Southbound Bride, Modern Black and White Color Palette: Pantone Connect

Modern Black and White
Nothing beats black and white when it comes to formal wedding colors, but this pairing has the potential to be a little less formal too, which is perfect if you’re on the lookout for modern summer wedding color ideas.

This color palette lends itself well to a guest dress code, but flip guest expectations on their head and ask men to wear white and women to wear black. Have fun with florals by using unique blooms, like white poppies, and use shades of black and white in unexpected ways. Try a black wedding cake or set tables with white hobnail goblets.

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